MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Southern Minnesota couple who chained their five year old son to his crib have lost their parental rights.

Brian and Charity Miller of rural Dexter spent six months in jail after pleading guilty to chaining their 5-year-old to his crib every night.

The couple was also accused of giving that boy and his 8-year-old brother very little food and keeping both of them from the bathroom.

Now a Mower County judge has ruled those two boys will never live with their parents again.

The boys are now with a foster family.

Comments (31)
  1. Dave says:

    Drown these people

    1. CP says:

      kids desrved it…..

  2. Cheers says:

    you meant “animals” and not people I hope

    1. GinnyAnn says:

      most non-human animals take better care of their offspring.

  3. Sam I am says:

    At least the judge did what was right by the kids

    1. tan pup says:

      Finally. I didn’t see anything about mandatory sterilization; and don’t tell me I’m out of line on this one. Everything should be done to keep these two from matting with anyone ever again!

    2. Lilohme says:

      Which is rare!! The judge thinks the kids should always stay with mom when ever possible. The poor kids usually end up dead before anything is ever done, IF it is ever done. Usually these kids just learn how to keep family secrets better.

  4. JIMMYP says:


    1. goodgrief says:

      nah…;pot doesn’t turn people into animals…actually makes one more humble and humane!

    2. Zeke says:

      Fitswell, you really are the “TOOL OF THE MONTH”>

  5. John Frykman says:

    Cold as yesterday’s leftovers. I hope they were chained to their beds and fed rhubarb gruel in cells without bathroom facilities while they were in jail. Even that would be too good for them, since they would know they would get out in six months. Depriving them of their children is no punishment at all. They certainly treated those kids worse than dogs.

  6. Larry says:

    These two are the most disgusting dispicable animals!! poorest excuse for parents, they should be chained to a bed, no food and left to rot in a jail cell for life. and for sure there needs to be sterilization so they can never do this to any child again. mistreating and abusing their kids like that…boy what i wouldn’t do if i got a hold of them.

  7. l says:

    dont offend the animals, animals take better care of their offspring. i agree, sterilize both of them, mandatory. only six months jail time? how long did those boys suffer? and other family members didnt they see any of this abuse? total failure

  8. Tom says:

    They should force this woman to get fixed!

    1. gawrence says:

      Fix the all too many males that are of NO redeeming value. That’s were you start.

  9. Married my sister says:

    They look related. maybe that is the problem.

  10. jackactionhero says:

    Where are all the people who think it’s ok to beat their kids to get them to listen?

  11. alice says:

    i have to
    sy the same alice whim

  12. Just an observation says:

    They’ll just pop out more

  13. Guest says:

    Every race has its trash!

    1. trash says:

      and this couple is 1st class trash, should be shot!!!

  14. gotacomment says:

    Spay and neuter them both and don’t ever let them have anything to do with children or animals. They’re not fit to live, but under the laws governing our country, they will. At least bar them from reproducing.

  15. Helen Hevener says:

    In my opinion they should be in jaiil one year for every nite they chained their son to his crib!!!! Some people should never be parents and this is a good example of two of them!!!

  16. Mary says:

    I believe that the judge did the right thing in terminating the rights of those parents. Those children are better off not being near those children ever again. I just pray those two never have mmore children or take care of anyone elses children in the futurel. I had followed the story on my local news and I agree with what the judge has for a verdict. Sickos!

  17. teremist says:

    There are monsters among us, and they should be sterilized.

  18. b says:

    Treat the monsters the same way. Make me sick
    Put them away

  19. William Richard Coyle IV says:

    This is one of the most vile autracities to perform on your own five year old child. I hope this couple rots in hell for the rest of their lives. I hope you agree with me in this matter.

  20. Mik says:

    Are they sure these two aren’t siblings? They sure look like it! Yuck!

  21. Willow says:

    Some people just should not be allowed to be parents.

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