Everyone knows this is the month of madness for sports fans. This is when we spend hours sitting in front of our computers, TV’s and guidebooks. This month determines how the next half-year plays out…in fantasyland.

It’s also the month where I annually write one post about Fantasy Baseball, because according to my mental calculation Fantasy Sports is a multi-billion dollar business. That’s King Albert and Megatron money. Big time.

This will be the fifth season I’ve played Fantasy Baseball. That makes me a seasoned newbie. I didn’t consider myself that until I joined a new league this year. Not actually a new league. But I’m the proud new owner of an expansion team in a 5-year-old keeper league, and I feel like I just entered into a baseball edition of the TV show “The League.” I’m surrounded by spread sheets, depth charts and value guides.

It all started with an expansion draft and a $300 auction budget. The expansion draft consisted of keepers of the two departing managers, free agents and the unwanted. We both filled ten roster spots.

Then the whole league, consisting of fourteen teams, participated in a Farm Team draft. That player pool consisted of the top, untested MLB prospects. Finally, a few days later, the 2012 Season auction draft started, immediately followed by a Reserve Player draft.

Four drafts, one team. MLB Madness.

What’s your most complicated fantasy league like?


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