ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — House Speaker Kurt Zellers said Friday that blowing past a legislative deadline should not be the main concern for supporters of the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill, calling the current proposal flawed and raising questions about the state’s main funding source.

“We will not leave here with a bad deal for the taxpayers,” Zellers said at a news conference.

Zellers said he’s concerned the gambling revenue — which would pay the state’s share of the $975 million stadium in downtown Minneapolis — could fall short and that the Minnesota treasury would be left on the hook.

Friday was a key legislative deadline where all bills must pass through at least one House or Senate committee in order to keep moving.

A stadium-related bill did pass a Senate committee Friday morning, though it wasn’t supported by the team or by Gov. Mark Dayton. Still, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Bakk suggested that bill could eventually serve as a vessel for a negotiated stadium bill.

“Nothing is ever dead around here,” Bakk said.

Zellers declined to pronounce the bill dead for the session, and he is not required to act Friday to waive any legislative deadlines. It could happen in coming weeks.

Still, Zellers raised more than one concern, not just over the gambling money but also the lack of support among members of the Minneapolis City Council, which also must sign off on the project.

Dayton is scheduled to meet Monday with legislative leaders about the stadium. The governor has been an ardent backer of the project, which calls for construction costs to be shared among the Vikings, who would pay $427 million; the state, with $398 million; and Minneapolis, with $150 million.

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Comments (42)
  1. elwood says:

    Good for you, Mr. Zellers!

    No public funds for this private ‘wanna have.”

    1. Kevin says:

      He isnt doing this out of principle you schmuck…it is all politics and he is doing out of manipulation and game playing.

      PS…i got a lifetime ban from this site for making comments…epic

      1. elwood says:

        You’re a hoot 🙂

        1. Laughing at Kevin says:

          Actually, he is a toot.

          1. Peter says:

            Kevin is right. This is not some more stance on behalf of the public, it’s a stance to look good to the people he is hoping to win votes from. Zellers himself already stated previously that he was ok with public money on a stadium. He just wants to do it different than in the bill. He isn’t all high and mighty!

  2. Jill S says:

    The main concern for supporters of the bill is how they can hoodwink the public into believing this is beneficial to anyone but Zygi Wilf

  3. Ralph m says:

    80 percent of people want a racino,80 percent dont want to pay for a stadium. Why can t these people we elect understand this?

    1. Jeff says:

      80 percent of the people don’t understand why the government should collect money and give it to Zygi.

      The money could be used for roads, education, tax relief, etc. It’s public money. It’s our money. It would be a tax on us.

      1. Ryan says:

        ya but 4 out 5 dentist recommend Crest toothpaste, yet people still use Colgate and other assorted toothpaste not Crest.

  4. Fran says:

    Come on, folks….the Vikings will only play 10 games there. I don’t go to Vikings games but I like being a Couch Quarterback…and I don’t attend monster truck shows or Professional Soccer matches…but I’m in favor of bringing events like that to our state! And the plan is NOT to use tax-payer dollars! I’m not much of a pull tab user but I WILL play to help fund the new stadium.

    1. Allen says:

      “but I WILL play to help fund the new stadium.”

      Have you written Zygi a check yet? I didn’t think so.

      Why should the entire state be penalized because you are an idiot?

      1. elwood says:

        I love it 🙂

      2. Kevin says:

        Your logic is flawed. You are using your individual value statements as if they are facts. They are not, just opinion. So ease up a bit huh?

        One could ask…why is our state’s tax dollars going to somali’s on welfare? or paying for section 8 housing? or going to any number of wasteful and uncessary social programs that see no ROI either?

        How many states have pro teams? How many local governments helped build stadiums for those pro teams? Are you so grandious that you are calling them all idiots too because they supported a similar messure that you oppose?

        See where i’m going here…. Maybe just agree to disagree. But you aren’t “right” so maybe get off the high horse?

        1. Laughing at Kevin says:

          Thought you said you got banned.

        2. Peter says:

          Haha burn Allen, epic burn!!!

          1. Zippy W says:

            Peepee, you got torched!!

  5. Zippy W. says:

    Thank you good citizens for allowing me to extort your tax dollars from you. I am an extortionist just like Mr. Brodkorp.

    1. Mayhem says:

      Well Zippy W. if it wasnt you, it’d be someone else so your more than welcome!

      Now go put a winning product out there, ya hear?!

      And of course youre an extortionist, thats how one becomes a bazillionaire, goofy!

    2. STP says:

      It’s okay Zygi, it’s not really extortion. Every pro football stadium in the US is paid for in part by public financing. That E-Pulltab money was just going to get donated to the goodwill and Salvation Army anyways.

      1. Jane says:

        “Every pro football stadium in the US is paid for in part by public financing.”

        Event if that were true…
        That doesn’t mean it’s moral..
        That doesn’t mean it makes economic sense.
        That doesn’t mean it is a smart or intelligent thing to do.

        There are major league sports stadiums that have been TOTALLY privately funded. If a business can’t find away to finance itself, it deserves to go out of business.

  6. Mayhem says:

    Zellers is just mad because he wasnt invited to a 3-way with Brod-dork and Koch. Now hes holding the bill hostage.

    The longer the inevitable is put off in building this stadium the more its going to cost the public down the road. And it will cost the public down the road.

    Public dollars will be used, now or later….get over it. Keep putting it off and its more millions for the whiners on here to whine about. Like they have control over how the money is spent anyways.

    They’ll get over it…build the thing already!


    1. Zippy W says:

      zip zip zippity ki yay!!

    2. Peter says:

      I second Mayhem’s notion! The state will not let the Vikings move to L.A. or anywhere else for that. So get over it, live with it, and go complain about other political topics that you are in the minority opinion about!

    3. Paul Bunyan says:

      That’s great stuff Mayhem I agree 100%.I have friends that work in construction that have been laid off for up to 9 months,they could really use the work.SKOL VIKES!!

    4. Suzanne says:

      “Public dollars will be used, now or later”

      If that is true, then our political system is a failure. The people are no longer being represented, the media is no longer the watchdog, and the people them selves are too clueless and lazy to defend themselves.

      It doesn’t have to be this way.

      Contact your representative and tell them how you feel: email, phone, fax:

      1. Mayhem says:

        Youre a bit naive, Suzanne.

        The more the population of the state…of the US increases…the more useless a “representative” is. They have their own interests first and foremost and if it happens to follow the line of thinking of their constituents, the better they look. When was the last time you shook hands with a “representative” that wasnt an election time or at the state fair or some public function? Thats American Politics.

        Im for this stadium to be built. Im tired of my money going to welfare recepients that dont deserve it or that dont even live in this state, which has costed much more over the years than a stadium ever will. Funny no one seems to be *itching about that instead. You think a phone call, email or letter to my “rep” will change THAT?!?!?!

        By the way, did you make your phone call when Target Center and Field, Xcel Energy Center were built? How’d that go for ya?

        1. Roberta says:

          You are a bummer.

          Just give up, bend over and let them have their way with you.

          Get active you pathetic loser.

  7. paulc says:

    Can we get rid of the wins and keep the ikings?

    1. Econ says:

      How about we get rid of them both. All the money saved would be spent else where and tens of thousands of jobs, REAL jobs, would be created.

  8. paulc says:

    crazy—-Twins and Vikings

  9. paulc says:

    Correction—-Twins and Vikings

  10. j speedbag64 says:

    zellers and the gop spend to much time having orgies….sex……hard to take them serious anymore

  11. dee says:

    Ok, I’m confused. How many “deadlines” does the stadium bill get? Until we finally get so tired of hearing about it that we give in?

    1. Eeno says:

      When a scam artist is trying to take your money, often they will try to panic and rush you into making a bad decision.

      That is what is happening.

  12. Tom says:

    If this was not an election year people would have no problem voting Yes!

  13. One Billion Dollars says:

    If the stadium is to be built in the same location for a Billion Dollars then I do not approve. Built it in Arden Hills or don’t build it at all!

  14. Mike Brodkorb says:

    I happily acknowledge my fondness for farm animals.

  15. scoreboard says:

    That stadium bill has been wasting time for the rest of us. Decide NOW so the rest of us can move on with our lives.

  16. Sam says:

    Why dont they look at there pay and health care And Retierment? If we all have to take cuts. why dont they? The GOP Should take cuts too.

  17. Jason says:

    Can we use the e tabs to pay back pur schools, or how about lowering my property taxes?? Could really use a break on my state income tax as well. Thank you in advance for not censoring this.

  18. Bud says:

    Build a new stadium as fast as the new 35w bridge, gitter done

    1. Robert says:

      Great, write a check to Zygi.

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