EMPORIA, Kan. (AP) — Five teachers from across the country will be the latest additions to the National Teachers Hall of Fame at Emporia State University in eastern Kansas.

Surprise announcements were made last week at the teachers’ schools.

The new inductees are Baltimore science teacher David Brock; Millers Creek, N.C., English and photojournalism teacher James Brooks; Crystal, Minn., fifth- and sixth- grade teacher Scott Charlesworth-Seiler; Maywood, Ill., science teacher Glenn Lid; and Eau Claire, Wis., health education teacher Deborah Tackmann.

The inductees will be honored May 8 during a reception at the Washington headquarters of the National Education Association.

In June they will be in Emporia for a recognition banquet and the induction ceremony. The trip also will give them a chance to meet students and attend a roundtable discussion and community events.

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Comments (5)
  1. StanleyPeterson says:

    I hope the Unions didn’t stuff the ballot box, like they did for Al (fats) Franken?

    1. Pork Chop says:

      If you can write, thank a teacher. However, as StanleyPeterson’s comment suggests, you can’t cure stupid.

  2. StanleyPeterson says:

    I was a teacher in the Union until I retired. Maybe, I know their game!.Which is; Hours, wages and working conditions!. Then lastly “education” Thanks, for your programmed response? I been there and done that! Have a nice dream?

    1. Scott Charlesworth-Seiler says:

      Stanley, does it make you feel better that there was a corporate sponsor for the choice of the 5 teachers nationally (myself included)? Would it help that the process included recommendations from parents of current and former students, administration (not union fans typically), and students themselves? None of them are unionized to my knowledge. Or was this a reflexive attack on unions that actually had nothing to do with the article itself? If you read the bio that the National Teachers Hall of Fame is using about me (or the other named teachers to be inducted) it doesn’t mention union membership in anyway. How a teacher protects his/her employment rights is not related to how he or she performs the job.

  3. Kevin says:

    A hall of fame.???? Are you kidding me???? This is a freakin joke….

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