ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The Republican Senate wants to hold a hearing on the ethics complaint against Senator Geoff Michel as soon as it can.

“In fact Senator Geoff Michel wanted to have the hearing as early as yesterday (Monday),” said Steve Sviggum, executive director of the Senate Majority Caucus.

The ethics complaint filed Monday against Sen. Michel said he failed to take appropriate action when he learned of former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch’s affair with a subordinate.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

The complaint states Michel “betrayed the public’s trust” by making false statements during a December news conference. Michel learned of the affair several months in advance, but told reporters last December the allegations had recently surfaced. He later acknowledged the discrepancy, but said he was trying to protect people involved.

“Senator Michel clearly wasn’t honest,” said DFL Senate Leader Tom Bakk. “When it actually came out he lied about when he had knowledge of it.”

Bakk was a guest on Tuesday of Newsradio 830 WCCO’s John Williams, who suggested to Bakk that asking for a public apology from Michel seems like grandstanding.

“In the Senate, decorum and behavior is taken vary seriously,” Bakk told Williams. “(Senator Michel) owes the Senate an apology for breaking our own internal rules.”

Tom Bakk Defends Complaint Against Geoff Michel

Republican Senate leaders want to resolve the complaint as soon as possible, but Sviggum believes Democratic committee members are dragging their feet.

“We kind of settled six o’clock tonight (Tuesday) so there would be a 24 hour notice. But unfortunately some of the Democratic members of the committee could not make it or were not available at that time,” said Sviggum.

Sviggum said he believes there’s some political strategy involved in delaying the hearing.

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  1. j speedbag64 says:

    sviggum wants in on the gop orgy fest…it’s been awhile

  2. Kevin says:

    Does anyone remember “Bill” use my Cigar Clinton???? Your all morons…they are all POS…..

    1. Wonder Woman says:

      No young Kevin – inform us all of the honest factual details. Thank you

      1. Aquaman says:

        @Wonder Woman, You could just Google it. I’m surprised you wouldn’t have known that. I guess it’s a different kind of “Wonder” than I thought.

        1. LMGTFY :) says:

          @Aquaman: Speaking of Google… you should Google “Sarcasm”

  3. Balanced Beam says:

    Be that as it may, the Democrats are grandstanding. It makes it feel like they have nothing else to sell the public. Perhaps the DFL should focus on the economy instead of these side shows.

    1. Frankie says:

      @ unbalanced. Perhaps it is the joy of holding up the party of moral righteousness for the frauds that they are. Secondly, as a minority they have been pretty much shut out of the legislative process and told their opinion was not wanted. It iis yet another chance too show the public how the Republicans act. The Republicans would do the same for the Democrats.
      In terms of the economy rather than side shows, look at what the GOP is trying to pass versus how to geet the economy growing

    2. Observer says:

      Perhaps if the GOP did not indulge themselves in the “sideshow theatrics,” the DFL wouldn’t be having so much free publicity and media coverage and fun at GOP expense! If you want to dance, you have to pay the fiddler….as it were. And political payback is He11, isn’t it, Mr. Beam, er Broad. Any relation to Amy K?

  4. Jack Anderson says:

    Looks to me like intelligent posts to this site (mine that didn’t get posted) that might douse rather than fan the flames are not acceptable. Sad, sad day for those of us seeking moderation to the acid junk that gets posted on here continuously. Why or why do reasonable people even tap in???

  5. Roger Ottem says:

    The economy is in bad shape, the war in Iran and Iraq, high unemployment and numerous problems that need something done and you worry about who is doing what to who and whether she shouldn’t marry she. WHO CARES. SO WHAT. Do something about what matters likehealth care, unemployment, the homeless. Do what you voted in to do

    1. tan pup says:

      Yes, but that would be too easy – no wait – that would be doing their job and we all know THAT will never happen. Besides why should they work, they still get paid either way. In fact they even get $96 per day per diem up to additional $31.400 per year over their salaries. Now keep in mind, these same people want to keep starving children from getting that $4 per day food stamp handout.

  6. waiting.... says:

    I just can’t wait till November when the GOP gets their a$$ handed to them in the elections.

  7. Murph says:

    I wonder how many hotel/motel bills the tax payers paid for these lunch break sweat fests!