ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A former Minnesota legislative employee who was fired in connection to an affair with the Senate majority leader is taking a concrete step toward a possible lawsuit.

Michael Brodkorb planned to register a formal gender discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, his attorney said Wednesday. The step precedes a lawsuit that could come soon.

Brodkorb was fired in December soon after Majority Leader Amy Koch resigned her leadership post. No one would publicly confirm that Brodkorb and Koch were having an affair until his lawyers made the admission last week.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Susie Jones Reports

Brodkorb has pursued a negotiated settlement with the state over his termination, but those efforts haven’t been productive.

Senate attorneys say the termination was handled properly and they regard his lawsuit threats as akin to extortion.

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  1. Common Cents says:

    Bring it! I want names, dates, locations, pictures, and detailed descriptions of said encounters :o) ok, actually I just want the pictures, don’t need the other fluff.

    Prolly enought good trash to cover a whole “realTV” season…

    1. J Stewart says:

      Don’t you have a show to do, Mr. Limbaugh?

    2. Malthus says:

      The liberal media wants to keep this non-story going as long as possible.

      The liberal media embarrass themselves over and over.

      1. Brian says:

        You’re right. We should all turn a blind eye while a GOP operative tries to fleece the taxpayers in a lawsuit after he ducks responsibility for his own actions. Meanwhile, he’s been publicly fighting for the “sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.” Wake up, Malthus. Few things generate news ratings like the hypocrisy of a public official.

  2. Sam I am says:

    What do you hope to accomplish. The affair suited you at the time, now that you are caught its everyone elses fault.

    Nobody in their right mind will hire you now.

    1. Blog Ref says:

      Well said. I find it interesting that, four months ago, Brodkorb would have vehemently fought for the current “right to work,” bill, claiming that employers had the right to deal with an employee how they wish. He would have said an under-performing employee or an employee whom was thought unethical by his boss had no standing to contest their dismissal or disciplinary action. And now he’s circling the wagons to file what basically amounts to a wrongful termination suit. Gee Brodkorb, if only your employer couldn’t dismiss you for whatever spirit moved them. I bet you’re wishing there was some union to make an argument for your rights now. I guess you can’t have it both ways.

      1. AceySaidTenPercent says:

        Exactly. Except he’s going to hide behind this gender discrimination complaint. He’s going to allege that he was dismissed based on his gender? Good luck with that. I’m sure that if Koch had been caught canoodling with a female staff member, that female staff member would have been kept on because she was a female. Uh huh. Right. Good luck with that one, Brodkorb. You clown.

    2. Ratso Rizzo Gimme Some Soup says:

      The 21st century mind is evolving to the enviable state of personal inculpability. Brodkorb is simply trying to set the gold standard.

  3. Jim says:

    what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I say sue, sue away

    1. trebor says:

      I totally agree. Bring them all out of the woodwork. Probably will only be a bunch of Pubs. Let.s hear it for the moral party.

      1. maxey says:

        That’s why it’s called the Grand Old Party.

      2. Tom says:

        @ trebor

        I am sure they made Tom Pritchard and his followers at MCCL are real proud! Unless of course of Pritchard and his followers turn their head and look the other way because the GOP believes in his non-sense!

    2. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      Your a moron….it YOU he is suing…..Your $$$$$$$ !!!!! Now walk to the nearest bridge and do the right thing……

      1. Refrigerator Larry says:

        The GOP loves frivolous lawsuits.

      2. Joe says:

        If you’re going to call someone else a moron, be sure to spell-check your own comment first.

  4. Just an observation says:


  5. Doobie says:

    What a moron! Never mind I was doing a married woman, I just want to get paid for it. Yes send the message to the kids… act like this and you Make big $$$$ . He should have to pay us for his actions.

    1. Brian in MPLS says:

      Doobie, why is it always the man’s fault? She is married and has a responsibility to her husband and kids to not engage in that behavior. It isn’t like he forced her. She wanted it too — it was consensual.

      1. Blog Ref says:

        You’re right Brian. She is married. And she does have a responsibility to her husband and kids. But unlike Brodkorb, she seems to be taking responsibility for her actions. She’s not filing some frivolous lawsuit that could potentially cost taxpayers millons. And this after he’s spent his career speaking out against wasteful government spending. Talk about two-faced. Typical GOP thuggery.

        1. Observer says:

          @Blog ref. Amy Koch is keeping a low profile perhaps trying to resurrect her family life; she most likely is NOT taking responsibility other than acting contrite because she got caught. The taxpayers should be the ones doing the suing of these two for trysting on government time and dollars!

  6. Joel says:

    Love it – let’s do a house cleaning and toss all the trash out now.
    Maybe when they keep the junk in the drawers, the skirts down to the knees we finally will see the SOB’s get something actually done over there.

    I don’t think I want pics as I don’t like to puke. The thought of a Koch or a Ortman makes my skin just crawl …. gawd help the viewers. barrrrfffffffffffffffff

  7. Lulu says:

    I believe this is called extortion.

  8. wee willie says:

    Amy and Mike are of the belief that gays ruin the “sanctity of marriage”. Sorry the gays ruined their marriages.

  9. Tired of Haters says:

    Maybe if there wasn’t so much “extra cirricular” activity going on, they may do the business of Minnesotans. I hope he divulges everyones names and then gets nothing. Im tired of my tax dollars wasted.

  10. Kevin says:

    My mother abandoned me when I was a small child.

  11. goob says:

    probably just the “tip of the ice-berg” as to the shanannigans going on at the capital. RE-CALL them all and start over with new rules!!

  12. Liquid Nails says:

    She was wide, now he’s fried.

    1. Broadcork says:

      I Jus’ Given The Dog A Bone

  13. angelcarver says:

    o.k., now i can see why brodkorb would change his gender and stuff.

  14. angelcarver says:

    he needs the money for the change…..

  15. Janet Ramsoj says:

    Well lets see what’s under all those ROCKS…

    1. Amy K. says:

      More republican filth, that’s what.

  16. Amy K. says:

    Isn’t it nice what I have done to my family?

  17. angelcarver says:

    how could it be possible that brodkorb had an intimate relationship with amy, unless it was for money and all that. i mean, he looks gay and all that stuff, isn’t he?

  18. j speedbag64 says:

    c’mon brodkorb blow them out of the water…..lets hear it…

  19. G Dog says:

    Brodkorb was doing Tony Sutton, too.

    1. wrinkles says:

      That 3 way was a 12 way.

  20. politicians are d-bags says:

    I wouldn’t have fired him for having an affair. I would have fired him for having EXTREMELY bad taste in women. There had to be a hotter woman he could be a hypocrite with.

  21. Jack Anderson says:

    I find it very timely that this whole stupid situation displays the reality that there are now “laws” that give folks the opportunity to pursue the same frivolous junk that unions keep telling people they NEED the union for. I have always been appalled when the unions have obviously used little if any discretion in situations like this and, now, I am even more appalled to be graphically reminded that we have “laws” that perpetuate the same insanity. Two things are abundantly clear to me – why in the world does anyone feel the need for a union (there is an abundance of sleazy legals who would love to take up their cause “under the law”, no matter how ill founded) and how and how did we deteriorate to the situation we find ourselves in today?

  22. Suzie says:

    Mr. I got laid, now I want to get paid

  23. Suzie says:

    If it smells like extortion, walks like extortion, talks like extortion. It’s extortion. How is he any different than Tiger Wood’s bimbos? They all wanted money to keep quiet.

  24. Suzie says:

    Shouldn’t Rush Limbaugh be calling Mr. Brodkorb out? He had lots of sex and now wants the government to pay for it.

    1. Matt says:

      That standard does not apply to men.

  25. hmmmmmm says:

    The bigger the cushion, the easier the pushin’.