from left: Ivelisse Dahlberg, Stuart Dahlberg, and Mae Dahlberg (credit: David Dahlberg)

GLENCOE, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities have identified the three people killed in a small airplane crash just north of Glencoe on Wednesday.

The victims were 52-year-old Stuart Dahlberg, his 36-year-old wife Ivelisse and his 76-year-old mother, Mae Dahlberg. All three died when a single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza went down in a farm field in McLeod County Wednesday.

The crash occurred about four or five miles away from Glencoe, authorities said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it appears the plane was not in radio contact with a nearby tower before the crash, but they were using visual flight rules.

A farmer came upon the wreckage right after the crash and said he found three adults and three dogs all dead.

Stuart Dahlberg’s brother, David, says he thinks Stuart flew out of the Crystal airport bound for Craig, Colo., which is just outside of Steamboat Springs. There, the group planned to see Stuart’s sister, who is a choral and drama director in the town’s schools.

David said Stuart might have faced a sudden emergency and couldn’t control the plane.

“My brother was flying my mom and his wife out, so that they’d be able to attend the opening and other performances for the show that my sister was putting on,” David said.

Stuart started flying after he quit riding motorcycles, on which he had some close calls.

“He totaled bikes and managed to walk away,” David said. “And I think he decided it was time to hang up the biker thing.”

David said Stuart was a computer programming consultant, an experienced pilot, a competent skier who was on a Minnesota resort’s Ski Patrol, and an avid online poker player, who won a seat in the World Championships in Las Vegas.

Stuart met his Ivelisse in the Dominican Republic.

David said Mae Dahlberg was a classically-trained pianist who also played the organ in Minnesota churches.

The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate what led up to the crash and what may have caused it.

Records showed that the aircraft was in a change of ownership.

Comments (16)
  1. Vic says:

    Mechanical problem?


  2. familia olivares cabrera says:

    we will miss you friends, Ive, Stuart and you mom

    1. JR says:

      What a poor tasteless remark.

      1. Steven Sande says:

        Yes JR a real tastless remark of someone evidently with little character. If by the way you hear of his funeral my email and phone are in a posting above. Stu was a good friend.

    2. Steven Sande says:

      Stu was a good friend of me and my wife Margaret, and we rode many Motorvcycles and i was in The Sons of Thunder with him. I will miss his loud laugh and his stubborn but kind nature. Please if you know when his funeral will be let me know so I can honor my friend. My number is 763-443-8813 and my email is I am truly saddened by his untimely loss, yet I know being we are both believers in Christ that I will see him again.

  3. Parker says:

    Inadvertent flight into instrument conditions, which can be called “the Russian Roulette of flying” and what pilots are taught to avoid since day one, is what most likely resulted in this tragic accident.

    More information on this scenario can be found here:

  4. felice says:

    Like the reason John Kennedy Jr died piloting his plane

  5. sandra virginia suarez says:

    my god my aunt because you took her god my god

      1. sandra virginia suarez says:

        esa es mi tia estamos muy afectados por su perdida

        1. What a joke says:

          it’s gods fault?

        2. miguel medrano says:

          nuestro numero de telefono es 763 3770783 le agradecere si nos llama

  6. miguel medrano says:

    Queria saber si van a mandar su cadaver a Santo Domingo, Sandra me podia decir por favor por que ayer fui al lugar donde callo la avioneta, y me dio mucha tristeza, eran nuestros amigos, se miraban con mi esposa como hermanas, mi esposa esta destrozada, no sabe si va a venir alguien de santo domingo, siento mucho por la mama de Ive

    1. sandra says:

      no el cuerpo de mi tia se kedara aya en minessota mañana es el funeral, mi abuela a viajado hoy para aya la verdad k estamos muy destrosados todos por la perdida de ellos solo k se la los van a enterrar a los tres juntos

      1. miguel medrano says:

        pero va ser en north Dakora creo yo, si nosotros tambien mi esposa hablo con ella un dia antes y le dijo que no queria viajar, que le daba miedo, y hasta bromiando estaba con ella, se nos fueron unas personas especiales,

  7. miguel medrano says:

    nuestro numero de telefono es 763 3770783 le agradecere si nos llama
    familia medrano cabrera

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