MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Lakeville man agreed Wednesday to begin working towards joint custody of his 11-year-old son, whom he was convicted of abandoning after he unexpectedly drove to California in July.

Wednesday’s agreement came at a child protection hearing in Dakota County, but there is no word yet on when Steven Cross will start spending time with his son, Sebastian Cross.

The boy’s mother, Katik Porter, also agreed to being working towards joint custody. Sebastian will being spending time with Porter, whom he thought was dead, soon.

The fact that his mother was alive was revealed to Sebastian in his father’s July 18 goodbye note, which read: “To my son: If this paper is wet, it’s because I am crying so bad. You know your dad loves you more than anything. This economy got (illegible) there are no jobs for architects so I have to go because the sheriff will take the house July 27. There will be no more me … Some good news is your mother is still alive. Though I do not think it is for the best.”

A jury convicted Cross of gross misdemeanor child neglect in January.

Comments (4)
  1. Jim says:

    being that he was convicted/plead guilty to gross misdemeanor child neglect did he really agree to joint custody or was there no other way if he wants to see his son? You’ve got a lot of making up to do buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michele says:

    “Some good news”? Talk about a story behind a story. I don’t think I ever truly appreciated the – and I can’t find a way to describe this more clearly – mentally and emotionally exhausting work it must take to be a court judge.

  3. diaryofawhiterose says:

    You should bring that little boy to me. I would take great care of that kiddo, and would make sure he felt loved while waiting for his folks to maybe get their act together. No kid deserves this.

    1. diaryofawhiterose says:

      That’s bizarre, I wrote my name, but it added one of my user names. Anyway, Rose M. Garland (www.risingupward.com). I grew up in foster care – I know how much that little boy is hurting. Make sure he gets a super loving foster home, and check on him often.

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