MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 29-year-old man has been charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of a man, according to Minneapolis Police.

Police say on March 10, 2012, officers were dispatched to the 2600 block of Emerson Avenue North on a shooting. Upon arrival, an adult male was found shot. He was transported to the Hennepin County Medical Center where he died.

After interviewing several witnesses that night, police said they identified the suspect as Ike Wilson Jr.

In addition to manslaughter, Wilson, Jr. was charged with prohibited person in possession of a firearm..

Comments (10)
  1. Kevin says:

    On……..and on………and on……….and on…………………..

    1. Save The Whites!!! says:

      That’s right!!!

  2. Brett says:

    This needs to go to FEDERAL Court, pronto.

    1. Marine0311 says:

      Why Brett?

      1. Save The Whites!!! says:

        Bretts on crack!!!

  3. matthew says:

    Since when do manslaughter cases need to go to federal court? Or is it for only certain types of people because I didn’t see you make this statement when the guy shot his son in Nov in Brooklyn Center

  4. Justice Brown says:

    It needs to go federal because he took my man Jason’s life, and he’s only getting manslaughter. I wish the punk a living hell.

  5. stubby says:

    Where is he black communtiy outrage? Where’s Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or even ol’ Rev. Wright? Where are the protests? When is Obama going to call the mother of the person killed? Oh, that’s right, it’s only if a white kills a black is there outrage. What a joke. It’s seem to be ok with the black community if it’s a black on black crime. Keep up the good work there folks.

  6. matthew says:

    They had a vigil and if you follow the news you would know what they are doing to take a stand against the violence, but let me guess you are a closet racist like most people who post on here

  7. matthew says:

    Justice Brown,
    If you really knew Jason you would know him and the suspect were like brothers and it happened by mistake, read the star tribune article where it says what really happened and that the gun had forensic tests done on it to prove that

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