MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities family says it’ll take a miracle for their son to survive a devastating blow to the head.

Thirty-one-year-old Scott Bazille was punched early Sunday morning when he tried breaking up a fight. He fell and hit his head on concrete. He’s now recovering at Mercy Hospital.

Bazille had his second surgery on Monday to reduce swelling on his brain. He’s still unconscious in the hospital, and the next 24 to 48 hours are critical.

He was injured early Sunday morning at a home in Oak Grove in Anoka County. There was a birthday party for someone turning 30 at the home, and friends gathered for a toast. They just never expected the fight that would follow, and that Bazille would suffer serious injuries.

“Doctors told us they did not know if he was going to survive this particular set of injuries or not,” said Cmdr. Paul Sommer of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

Bazille tried breaking-up an argument between two men, when one of them punched him.

Deputies were told that Bazille was “out cold” and then started convulsing, the criminal complaint said.

Deputies arrested Beau John Carlstrom of Coon Rapids for throwing the punch. He’s in the Anoka County jail and was charged late Monday with first degree assault.

Paramedics rushed Bazille to Mercy Hospital, where doctors performed emergency brain surgery.

Bazille’s father said that the family is crossing their fingers.

“We’re praying for a miracle,” he said.

Bazille was married six months ago. His family has been gathering at the hospital. They feel good about small movements he’s made with his arms and feet.

Comments (57)
  1. BOB says:

    Some times you just never know. You try to do the right thing and your whole life takes a dramatic turn. Hope the guy that threw the punch feels really tough now.

    1. cactus says:

      You know, when there is alcohol and possibly drugs involved, people do things that they normally would not. I heard it was not about toughness, started out they say as horsing around. One has to ask exactly “how” and in what manner the attempt to intervene was handled. You were not there. It appears to be a tragic accident, more than likely unintended. His severe injury was caused by hitting his head very hard when he fell to the cement, not from the punch. I feel very bad for Scott and am praying for him, but the end result was not intended to happen. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and the guy that threw the punch may feel terrible in how things turned out, he is not a fighter and in my heart I believe he did not intend for that to happen, therefore I pray for him as well. Be careful with your comments, you were not there.

      1. Missy says:

        So that makes it okay that Scott is fighting for his life and may not survive? I dont care if alcohol was involved or not, this guy made a stupid decision that will forever change our family (Scott is my cousin). Look at this Beau guys record!! He is not an innocent man that made a stupid mistake, hes a jacka$$. I know what happened at the party, Scotts wife was next to him and witnessed what happened and unfortunately witnessed the after effects. It did not start by horsing around, Scott did not know this guy before this night. get your facts straight before you open your mouth you ignorant sack!

        1. Shelly says:

          Some people are just negative and Cruel by trying to play devils advocate! Alcohol, drug or not! No excuse! On sept. 26,1010, My son was hit from behind with a splitting maul while he was trying to break up a fight. My son was much more furtunate and has recovered fully without lingering effects from it other than thousands of dollars of uncovered medical bills. The guy was charged with 2 counts, aggravated assault with intent to cause great bodily harm and attempted homicide. His friends and family have been cruel and vicious by stating that it was self defense and that, he the attacker was the victim……….how is coming from Behind self defense? My son has no criminal history other than 2 speeding tickets. The attacker also has a criminal record a mile long with other cases of aggravated assault!! If drugs and alcohol was a factor it was on the attckers end…….just as im my son’s case. We have yet to go to trial, cause the attacker is playing the system and he just got charged with felony bail jumping cause he wasn’t complying with his bond that was set and he’s still running free! I can only pray for a full recovery for this young man with a bright future, but the justice system needs changing.

      2. LB says:

        If you get that stupid from drinking or doing drugs then maybe you should get smart and just not do them. Take responsibility for your actions. Intended or not he should pay for his actions. And as to him not being a fighter his record says otherwise. They may be old charges but it shows a history of assaults.

      3. B says:

        wow! u r heartless. be careful with your comments? hmmmm maybe you should be following your own advice.

      4. Garry says:

        A branch falling on your head from a tree is an accident. A man punching another in the head is not an accident. It is assault. Stop making excuses. Every story like this we get the same old thing, you were not there, blah, blah, blah. I am thinking the drunk that killed my sister felt terrible too. I think he should have felt bad enough to eat some lead.

  2. Steve says:

    This is why I had my 3 kid’s take Martial Arts instruction…the 1st thing they teach you is how to break your fall…Prayers are being said for you Scott…God Bless You …

    1. Jack says:

      The guy basically got sucker punched. He was probably out before he hit the ground. What type of martial art prepares you for that? Better go back to your kid’s martial arts school and demand your money back. I’ve been doing MMA for the last 7-8 years and i’ve never once drilled breaking my fall after being punched. Prayers go out to Scott and his family.

      1. cactus says:

        You were not there, he was NOT sucker punched. Any time you try to stop a fight you take the risk of getting involved and possibly getting hit to ward you off, it doesn’t make it right, but that is what alcohol-related incidents can involve.

        1. NavyVet says:

          were you there? If not, how do you know?
          And if a person is not intending to fight and you hit them, then its a sucker punch!
          Hope he recovers and takes revenge!

        2. ray says:

          Thanks for the info……….. may God be wiith Scott first and foremost at this time.

        3. ray says:

          You know Cactus….. drop the alcohol does this or that….. what the f——, a man is in a coma fighting for his life and you come up with the horses—-t stuff….. have some heart for Scot and the people at the other end suffering.

        4. Kat says:

          I refrained from responding yesterday but now that I have more details (from people who were there and saw it happen) I feel the need to say something.
          Yes, Scott WAS suckerpunched. Even people at the party said the punch came out of no where. That indeed is a suckerpunch.
          It also doesn’t matter if this guy has problems with anger/alcohol. He choose to act like a tool and his criminal record speaks for itself.

    2. Scotts Friend says:

      You can’t break your fall if you are unconcious.

  3. Wilson says:

    Never a good idea to break up a fight.

    1. Big banblow says:

      Wow is that you spineless coward LOL

  4. EINSTEIN says:

    that is sad

  5. Kat says:

    Thank you Rob White for showing who the real moron is and how little you know about what happened at the party.

    Scott is a good man and did not deserve for this to happen to him. All he was trying to do was break up a fight, not start or participate in a fight.

  6. Jen Laqua says:

    Wow BOB WHITE your an A$$!!!! Prayers and thoughts to the Bazille Family. Hope he pulls through and lives a awesome long long life 😉

  7. Uncle Rico says:

    It’s not worth getting in the middle of, just let if play out. If they don’t respect their own lives, they won’t respect yours.

    1. Pumphandle says:

      Typical coward Uncle Rico, Im sure if a woman was being beaten you’d sit back also.

      1. Uncle Rico says:

        nope, only if it was you.

  8. thom says:

    He should have stayed out of other business and this would not have happened.

    1. Truth is tough says:

      BD Party – with friends. He did the right thing, tried to break up an argument. NOT a fight.
      He got suckered punched from … a cheapshot artist.

      He did what we are supposed to do as people – intervene in disputes to head off something more serious. Unfortunately he was punched by a SOB who now may be doing a lot of serious time in years ahead.

      For those of you here saying he “shoulda sat on the sideleines” – imagine it’s your kid in an argument with someone. It’s escalating …. and all these morons standing there just watching. Your kid gets stomped bad. Got news for you – you’ll be the first ones saying “why didn’t someone step in to stop it before ….”
      That be the fact boys and girls.
      He did the right thing. My prayers go out to him and his family

      1. Kat says:

        Thank you.
        You bring up a great point.
        People don’t necessarily plan to have a fight at a birthday party, Scott didn’t do anything wrong and should be commended for trying to keep the peace. Please remember that he is the victim here and our family is hurting, praying, and begging for him to get better.

        1. Kat 2 says:

          Do you really KNOW what happened “Truth is tough”? Do you KNOW the the person who threw the punch is a cheapshot artist? I can tell you right now YOU ARE WRONG! The guy who threw the punch is not a fighter at all, prmise. He may have felt he was going to get hurt himself & decided to throw ONE punch & protect what might happen against him. Trust me, he didn’t want the results that occurred. I am praying for both families in this. Everyones been in a fight before…but not everyone had concrete under them, bad luck, very bad luck. My heart goes out to all invilved.

          1. Ladiesbigdaddy says:

            He had to be looking for trouble if he punched someone in the back of the head. He did not face anyone, He was a COWARD and punched an unaware man and now he will suffer the consequences, No amount of B.S. can take away from the fact he Punched someone in the Back of the head

            1. cactus says:

              How do you know whether he was punched in the back of the head or not? Were you there? Is so, were you sober? If so, were you watching? The punch was thrown at someone intervening, not that it was right to do, but people do dumb things when they are under the influence. Punch an unaware man? How do YOU know that? If he was aware of the fight and was trying to stop it, you should be aware that you may be swung at, it happens. The head hitting the cement was the tragic part. I encourage prayers for both families in this. WWJD?

            2. Kat 2 says:

              That perplexes me, that someone was trying to “break up a fight” backwards.
              I get it though, emotions are high…and looking at the other side of things is not easy. If Scott were my brother/friend I would be on fire too…naturally. But people have to look at the fact that someone punched someone once…just like we’ve all done in our lives most likely…but the concrete & the outcome was not in our situation that day. All is in Gods hands now. Prayers for both sides.!

              1. PrayingforScott says:

                Exacty Kat2! Somebody punched somebody! Beau punched Scott and now Scott is fighting for his life. You are wrong when you say “Everybody has been in a fight before.” Thats not true! In my 31 years of life I have NEVER used violance in anger towards another person. The bottom line is that Beau made the decision to use violance towards another human being and now he must suffer the consequences. He may not have attempted to “kill” Scott, but there is no doubt that he had every intention on hurting him! Shame on him and shame on you for trying to defend his violent actions.

    2. Ron says:

      Thom, this is Scott’s Uncle replying to your moronic message. Did you just crawl out from under a rock? He was just trying to stop a fight at a friends house. He never raised a hand towards anyone. So shut your face. If you would like to leave your address I’ll come over and discuss it with you. Ron

  9. john doe says:

    He was probably friends with these people and was trying to do the right thing. Now each of their lives will be changed forever. With a severe head injury Scott will never be the person he was before this incedent. Best wishes to his family

  10. john doe says:

    What is your point! This has nothing to do with this sad news.

  11. felice says:

    CACTUS – you’re a dope. You are responsible for your actions- sober,drunk or whatever. The punch caused him to fall & hit his head. Yeah, maybe he’s sorry now he punched the guy- especially since he’s charged with doing WHAT HE DID.

    1. Kat 2 says:

      Felice– you’re the dope…because I don’t see where Cactus said anyone shouldn’t be responsible for their actions. He/She has asked if the other commenter was there…and sober, becuz we all know what alcohol does to ones memory of what took place…or what “really” took place what all his/her point was. Everyone, sit back & pray….and the trial will play out and it will be what it is. Sad no matter what, for both sides.

  12. Just sayin' says:

    Jesus Christ – here we go again with friends and family trying to prove their friend was right, and everything else was wrong. Give it up – you ain’t the first, you ain’t gonna’ win nothing on this forum, but a headache.

    1. Kat 2 says:

      No, Jesus Christ not on this forum. But yes, you are correct about the rest…done, over & out.

  13. Cher says:

    Scott you are a great, caring man. I have only meet a few men in my life that are as great as you!! I am very lucky to know you, you have always made me laugh, so hard sometimes!! I wish you all my thoughts and prayers during this tragic time in your life. My heart goes out to your wife and your family!! Come back to us soon!!

    To some of these other comments on here it makes me sick to read some of these. Doesn’t matter what happen now you can’t change it. So not worth writing about some of your comments. They are just hurtfull words and I think their is enough hurting going on right now!!

  14. Steve W says:

    How can any1 come on here and bash a guy for trying to stop a fight, someday I hope your brother or son or best friend is injured the same way, so I can sit here and criticize them. I know none of these people involved, but you have to be a real waste of skin to come here and say terrible things about someone trying to stop a fight that might have led to something awful to 1 of these men, but instead happened to the guy trying to help, any1 here talking smack I’l be glad for you to come to my house in C. Rapids and i’l bounce your haed off my concrete.

  15. Dolt says:

    What kind of fool is named Beau, I hope you get 5 years and get your face smashed in

    1. Kat says:

      He was charged with felony assault, that carries up to 20 years. I hope the judge looks at his previous record and realizes it would do this community (and world) to take the loser off the streets for a hell of a lot longer than 5 years. Throw the book at him… better yet, give us the book, we will throw it at him..repeatedly!

      1. Kat says:

        I meant to say it would do this community (and world) good*

  16. Investigate MN says:

    Beaus record shows how big of a loser hot head he is
    Small winer syndrome??
    I cant believe a judge released him
    Below are JUST his assaults

    (TCIS Amended Charge) M ASSAULT 5TH DEG



    1. Frustrating! says:

      Where does it say he was released? Also assaults from 15 years ago, it looks like he has settled down some, but no doubt is a debt to society

      1. Kat says:

        If by settle down some you mean he went from beating on people to getting DWI’s with in the past 10 years, then yeah, he really settled down.

        And he was released today on bail.

    2. Jack says:

      those are from when he was a young kid!

    3. Hillbilly says:

      First off pray for Scott!!! Second B.J.C will sink his own ship. Really? How dare broadcast someone past on a public forum. Now he’s a victom of your slandering.. Karma, justice, GOD, whatever system you believe in will take care of what/who things are intended for. Lets get down off our horses for a minute, reflect. We all have choices, Good, Bad. Good intentions may have Bad results, Bad choices may result in positive change.We all are victims in this, both sides are affected. Blaming does nothing good….. Love you Scott!!! My Prayers are with you.

      1. Kat says:

        It is not slander to post public records on a public forum, it is simply just sharing public information. Not to mention, news reporters for other organizations in the Twin Cities listed that he had previous assault charges AND a DWI. By your logic, news reporters slander everyday.

  17. nsp says:

    Some of these comments are sicking, scott is a great guy, always trying to do the right thing ever since ive known him. Sucker punching someone is a straight biiiaaatch move no matter what. I pray for scottie & his family to pull thru this messed up situation.

  18. ray says:

    Time out………….Scott needs a prayer…………time out #2…………..Scott needs a pray!!!!

    Oh………..what’s the most important thing here, at least for a few days until Scott shows he is pulling through……………………….prayer for Scott.

    Disresepct being shown here is not right…just not right.

    1. Caring says:

      Oh my stars!! Ray you are right on target. I don’t know any of these people but the main issue right now would be to focus all this energy into praying for Scott and his family. May the Lord pull him through this fight. AMEN!!

  19. Scotty and Lisa's friend says:

    Please everyone stop it! What Scotty and his family need are our prayers that he makes it through this and lives a very long life with his amazing wife Lisa!Scotty is a great guy with a big heart. How dare you say that he was wrong in trying to break up a fight? A decent human being would have done that! Those of you tlaking about sitting on the sidelines and whatching it happen, how dare you speak! What if one of the parties were to get severely, would you still defend your stance on sitting out the fight?

  20. Little Bill says:

    doesnt matter what his “intended” consequence was by throwing the punch, malice,, no malice, his record, alcohol, drugs, or whatever. Its cause and effect. he pucnched a man in the face, that man hit his head and is now fighting for his life. could have been a sucker punch could have been toe to toe. Doesnt matter becauce it is what it is and now it sounds like a good man is now in a very bad spot. Everyone here can speculate what happened, but in the end,,, doesnt matter. I would have stepped in as well, its human nature. Sounds like Beau whether intended or not WILL be serving a lot of time and Scott will be forever changed. Many lives changed over as a result of one mans stupidity.

  21. Little Bill says:

    Oh, and as far as posting his criminal record being Slanderous, it is public record and its his to own so no its not slanderous, its fact.

  22. jenna... says:

    I am with Scotts cousin who has been crying for 3 days and my heart goes to the bazilles. in that note she said a prayer for the other person as well. I hope to hear that he is remorseful and god forgives and heals.

  23. Tammy Johnston says:

    My opinion is it was Bad luck for both of them! My prayers go out to all involved!

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