MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some athletic director buzz and who was Tubby watching? Plus, could the Vikings end up with a local in the first round? It’s time for news and notes.

The word is new University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler would like a high profile type for the next athletic director.
Stanford’s Bob Bowlsby fits that profile and might be available. He attended Minnesota State Moorhead and
served as AD at the University of Iowa.


There is still a lobby for Gopher baseball coach John Anderson, who is getting support from fellow coaches and even former Gov. Arne Carlson.


If the Vikings make a move to trade the No. 3 overall pick to get more active in the first round, they have former Cretin-Derham Hall and Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd ranked
a mid-first rounder.


Former Gopher and current Denver Bronco Eric Decker was at the state boys basketball tournament to watch his brother play for Rocori.


Former Gopher and current Denver Bronco Adam Weber, now a back-up to Peyton Manning, is working out in California.


Tubby Smith attended two days of the state boys basketball tournament, no doubt keeping a close eye on De La Salle sophomore Reed Travis.


This spring Nike will host the biggest all-star high school tournament Minnesota has seen.


Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher has decided not to talk to the media about future plans until the season is over.


Royce White’s agent is the same as Kevin Garnett.


And Christian Ponder, who is living in the Twin Cities and working out, has added tennis to his off-season program.

  1. Suellen says:

    I’m pretty sure the plocue understands the song. It was likely a choice for something they enjoyed dancing to/topical lyrics/etc. No one in the audience paid mind to the song, anyway, so if it was only partway fitting, the dance-ability seemed to benefit.I don’t see how any ceremony belongs to anyone but the bride and groom. How narcissistic is it ANYWAY to ask 50-500 of your friends/family/acquaintances and their dates to come and watch you say YOU want to spend your life with someone someone a majority of the people on your side of the guest list (at least in a wedding of around 50+ people) don’t even know. A big fancy ceremony is just a huge, showy display that can be done with just as much legitimacy at a drive-through in Vegas. Doing it the most traditional way possible means very little, and if it’s not what the bride and groom (usually, though, the bride ;D) wants to do, then they shouldn’t have to. Besides, the audience seemed to enjoy this MUCH more than I suspect they would have enjoyed the same old march, with the same old slowness. That’s hardly narcissistic to get the family and friends to enjoy it a bit.And even so, if the wedding IS for the community, then it’s for /their/ community. Not for a bunch of people on the internet to call the way they choose to celebrate their special day improper.I also didn’t know that dancing around in a silly, harmless fashion meant you were drunken and on crack. My goodness quick, someone tell Ellen Degeneres!To me, the plocue that could do something like this while still IN a church and IN their formal clothes is one that must have tons of fun and be totally in sync with each other. They looked very happy with each other at the end. Good for them for doing something different!

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