ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — A driver was arrested and a passenger in the vehicle was taken to the hospital following an early morning crash.

The car crashed into a tree near Minnehaha Avenue and Dunlap Street in St. Paul, a little after 1 a.m.

One passenger was taken away by ambulance.

The driver of the car ran from police, but was quickly arrested.

Some reported that police might have been chasing the car before the crash, but St. Paul Police still have not returned WCCO’s calls.

Comments (7)
  1. Uncle Rico says:

    Another drunk, another day. It’s out of control.

    1. Gomer's Pyle says:

      Yep – and just wait. The summertime drunks and everywhere 2 for 1 Happy Hours soon to be 3-4 hours
      Wonder if we can plant trees in every roadway? They seem to work. lol

      1. Dale says:

        Look like houses do too.

  2. Police Clips says:

    “Some reported that police might have been chasing the car before the crash”

    I sent you the audio… I think it’s safe to say he was being chased.

    Search for “Police Clips” on facebook, twitter, or soundcloud and you’ll hear it too.

  3. Manderling says:

    Driver of car was black and people in house are white… is this a hate crime?

    1. Dale says:

      Wait a sec. The driver was black and ran?

  4. Uncle Rico says:

    Nope, they’ve been spoiled by the riches of being white, they deserve to lose everything. Sarcasm.

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