MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating six cases of what they say is a new phenomenon: violent mob attacks on innocent people in downtown Minneapolis.

The attacks have happened in the last two months. While there have been some arrests, most of the cases are not solved.

Peter — who asked that we not use his last name — was severely beaten as he walked with his cousin to a hotel in downtown Minneapolis on the night of St. Patrick’s Day. He was in the hospital for three days and is unable to drive because of a brain injury.

Minneapolis police had twice as many officers on duty in downtown Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day. However, as Peter walked his cousin back to his hotel on Marquette and 7th at 11:45 p.m., he doesn’t see any patrols.

“I don’t remember anything,” Peter said.

The next thing he knew he was waking up in the hospital three days later. He was told 20 young people had attacked him and he had a brain injury.

“They said I had been severely beaten, like, in the back of the head,” Peter said. “I didn’t know what my name was when I woke up. I gave them a different name.”

Peter’s mother, Grace, said the ordeal has been terrifying.

“He was already laying down on the ground and they kept kicking him,” said Grace. “He was so sad. He’s a good man.”

While Peter’s case is unsolved, police did make four arrests in the attack on two bicyclists last weekend. The two were attacked by a mob at 5th Street South and Nicollet Mall and were chased down 6th Street South by police. Antonio Jones and three juveniles were arrested after they knocked over items on the Oceanaire Restaurants patio.

Minneapolis Police Inspector Kris Arneson said police are now adding extra foot patrols and cameras on the Nicollet Mall.

“I really don’t know why it’s happening right now, but we are trying everything we can to curb it and stop it,” said Arenson.

Arneson stressed that if you look at all the people who come downtown, these attacks are affecting a very small number of people. These mob attacks have happened almost exclusively on weekend nights and early mornings.

Esme Murphy

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  1. Dave says:

    This is why I carry Glock G22 with many extra mags.

    1. Corey says:

      I carry as well wherever I go. However, I can only assume that these mobs have a few guns of their own. It’s not hard to spot a mob anywhere….. Walk the other way or prepare to draw your weapon and hope you make it through. Police not being able to curb mob violence in downtown is a joke

  2. James's two cents says:

    Stop the bus traffic after 7PM. Most of these thugs and gang members don’t drive because their stolen cars would be easily detected. Instead, they take the bus or light rail because the “honor” system seems to be less expensive on the train, and a bus fare is pretty cheap. No reason to transport these groups around for free is there?

    Obviously they don’t all ride the bus, but I’ve spoken with officers who worked Block E back when Hopscotch was in business. They wore flack jackets during the lunch hour in the entryway to GameWorks. We asked why, the officer said because they moved the bus route over to first ave after Marquette started construction on that avenue. All the crime was redirected to the new bus stops on first ave and they all came to gameworks. The Officer wearing the flack jacket was the one who told me that the busses were the problem and shutting down the busses after the business rush would solve a lot of crime. There’s no reason to operate busses on the weekend at all, none of the major businesses in minneapolis are even open on the weekends.

    I hope this man finds justice. Reminds me of the valley fair incident where the county’s prosecuting attorney gave everyone slaps on the wrist for the man who was curb stomped near to death by a similar mob.

    Talk to the city and state officials, ask for tougher punishment against crime in general. Throw out the attorneys and replace them with people more like Sheriff Joe. It’s a burning necessity.

    1. Never downtown says:

      Funny you mention Sheriff Joe. I was just in Phoenix and it’s NOTHING like downtown Minne. I felt completely safe walking all over the downtown area, even very late at night and by myself. The Hotel manager was from Alex, so he and I chatted for a while one night. He said that basically criminals don’t come downtown because the cops deal with them right away and they don’t get the flak for doing their jobs (literally) that they do in Mpls. If Block E was more like Phoenix, maybe something good would move in and there’d be a reason to go downtown after dark. Right now, it’s just taking your life in your own hands and not worth it.

    2. Michele says:

      What about the people who work in the businesses after 7 p.m? Don’t they count?

    3. Michele Harris says:

      Im very sorry this man was hurt, but why stop bus service after 7pm. I catch the bus late at night to go to work. Police are doing the right thing by adding extra patrols and cameras. I have noticed myself how unsafe it is on Nicollett Mall and take caution by being aware of my surroundings at any time. I no that that is not the solution. I saw a woman I ride the bus with robbed on Nicollett Mall about a month and a half ago and it was really scary but the police were no where around which was even sadder.

    4. m.e.b. says:

      That is definitely not the answer (stopping bus service) what discrimination! I use the bus every day to get to and from work, and would be unable to make the commute without bus service. I am a recent college graduate and use the bus daily. If you ever rode the bus for once you would see the diversity of people that use Public transportation, there are numerous students and commuters who rely on public transportation.

  3. Tired says:

    Thats a bunch of b/s. Why are we just hearing about this? To save someone’s $$ making or to make Mpls Police department look like they are doing everything they can to PROTECT & SERVE. We need to know what’s going on in our city. If more people knew I would appreciate the city for taking a stand. It also lets the young thugs know they do not win by harming innocent people. We will get you & you will be punished to the fullest & them some for your actions. Judges need to start giving these young thugs harder sentences to make them accountable for their actions & not slaps on the wrist.

    1. Wilbur says:

      I will gladly pay more taxes for more bullets or better yet stop giving out welfare and build more prisons or better yet a tree and a rope work just fine.

      1. kayler says:

        Amen. Round em up, and deport to the Sun.

  4. Gary says:

    It’s funny — when I hear “flash mobs,” I think of a bunch of goofballs doing a surprise dance routine in a random place.

    Call me crazy, but being afraid to go about your daily business for fear of getting seriously injured or killed by a bunch of a-holes for no reason doesn’t sound like a “flash mob” — it sounds more like TERRORISM. Let’s hope these little wastes of human life will be treated as such.

    1. Uncle Rico says:

      its gang violence, make no mistake.

      1. Dave says:

        It’s domestic terrorism, make no mistake.

    2. B says:

      Gary, your awesome 🙂

    3. shelby says:

      Gary – you are absolutely correct! Let’s get these terrorists off our streets. Give the police some authority and give the prosecutors and judges some guts!

  5. why did the Oceanaire move? says:

    Forensic analysis of tape from a still-operating security camera in the abandoned Block E has revealed that it was actually a misunderstood contingent of Million Hoodie marchers.

  6. MDV says:

    The victim’s Mom shared her story today at City Pages too. http://blogs.citypages.com/blotter/2012/03/minneapolis_flash_mob_beatings_victims_mother_details_st_patricks_day_attack.php

    Please contact the MPD, the mayor, the city council, etc to spur them to action!

  7. Mimi says:

    Hey morons, this is not an issue about race. it’s about stupidity. the victim that was badly beaten was neither black or white.. he was ASIAN.

    1. Randall says:

      problem is mimi that the majority of this garbage is done by blacks! i’d love to just go about my business and tip my hat to EVERYONE i pass by but i have lived downtown for years and worked a security position for my residential buildings and almost all the problems we encountered were from african american males. are you blind? something is rotting to the core in their culture that they end up like that and it’s truly sad because it hurts us all when we can’t trust them so they hate us and victimize us so we don’t trust them so they hate and victimize us… goes on and on and on. don’t you dare be naive to what goes on just because you’re not in the middle of it.

      1. john doe says:

        I agree. Well said.

    2. Randall says:

      yeah the victim was asian but what’s the reality of the crime downtown? want to take a guess? go walk in front of marshalls sometime and take a look. they had to put police cameras out there most of the summer and fall because of the trash creating problems there and if you’re blind i’ll tell you they are african american. play your liberal blindfold games somewhere else while the rest of us are tired of this cycle of garbage of being victims and have our quality of life and freedom diminished by the actions of ignorant, violent trash from the hood.

    3. Uncle Rico says:

      Mimi- you sorry excuse for a spectator!!!!!!!!! These idiots are running wild and you know Muhamad-dam well exactly who they are!!!!!!!!!

    4. Uncle Rico says:

      it has everything to do with race you moron. Get over it and stop being Color Blind, it does you NO favors. The next war is based on exactly how you look, when so few know, it’s about what you are. This world is disgusting and you are so sorely misguided.

    5. Uncle Rico says:

      Mimi, you are soooooooo Stupid!!!!!!!!. It is blacks. whether you like it or not, this is a race issue, and the pieces of chit that cannot control themselves are BLACK. I don’t care if they are WHITE, it brings me no pleasure to report who and what they are racially as they discredited anyone else who is BLACK and tried to do good for themselves. Here are the facts, the BLACK community is a failed liberal experiment, their free college, free $$$$$, means nothing to them, and nothing to me. They do not care, and they only care about what their role models portray, and i got news for you, Obama isn’t one of them! They’re as worthless as white child abusers, and theres plenty! Exterminate and START OVER!!!!!

        1. Dave says:

          ‘Oh yeah? These folks who act out and enable this behavior make everyone sick. These folks are ruining this city and state. If this situation can’t be handled with moderate policy it will surely be handled with draconian policy and possibly even mutual violence. Take a look at all the resentment in these comments. How long do you think it will be before someone really snaps? A solution was needed yesterday but nothing ever changes, it only seems to get worse despite REPORTED violent crime stats. Where would you go from here “B”? I would say it’s high time that this group of people somehow obtain more of an internal locus of control rather than continue to blame others for their maladaptive behavior.

      1. ChiggerChaser says:

        It’s why I exist 😉

  8. Mimi says:

    we should stop worrying about putting blame and worry about why the city has not publicized this sooner. why are we just finding out about it after 6 occurrences? what is the city doing to stop this?

    1. Nanay says:

      Totally agree! Where are the law enforcement when innocent victims were attacked! And when it was reported to the MPD that day – the police officer didn’t want to open the case because Pieter has memory loss and could hardly speak at the ICU (Intensive Care Unit); so the stupid police officer left the ICU and ignored the victim’s sister plea to open a police report; where’s the protect and serve mission and vision there??!!

  9. Corey says:

    Way to fail on Stand Your Ground Mr. Dayton. Just resign and go back to being a durp millionaire that doesn’t have the power to destroy lives.

    1. Wilbur says:


      That is not what he said idiot. Stupid libs

    2. Matt says:

      Dayton isn’t the Mayor of Minneapolis. Let me guess next you’ll blame Obama

  10. mn in ruins says:

    “Flash mob attacks” That sounds so much prettier than “Getting your skull bashed into the cement.”

    1. MDV says:

      It’s scary that these attacks are happening more frequently and escalating in severity. This victim is my friend. Please everyone, spur the MPD to action by writing them at police@minneapolismn.gov, contacting the Mayor, City Council, etc. We have to get the word out.

  11. don't be a snitch says:

    The white man keeps me down,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you keep yourself and community down because of the way you act and more importantly the way you teach.

    The kids are losers but it starts in the home and in the community. Instead of trying to blame someone else for your pathetic life look in the mirror and take control of your situation.

    drive by’s and gang mobs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nice representations. But you will all go to Church and prey and then tell your nieghbor not to snitch.

  12. Marine 0311 says:

    If you are Relying on cops to protect you, you’re an idiot. Get a conceal and carry, protect yourself.

    1. Bill says:

      Sadly, the cops don’t want people to defend themselves. They confiscate guns, legal and illegal, every chance they get.

    2. Real Deal says:

      Warriors in Blue will always protect you.

      1. Marine 0311 says:

        Fat chance, they will get there, after the fact. Keep believing that way, and hang out downtown by yourself, and see how long you last. Stop living in a dream world, and learn to protect yourself.

      2. Marine 0311 says:

        Warriors in blue, that’s a contradiction in terms, laughable.

        1. Real Deal says:

          Only thing laughable is your same comments day in day out about your disgust for the govt, cops etc…Your not even credible, and who cares if you really were a Marine. Dime a dozen.

    3. desert eagle .50 says:

      MN’s pistol permit does not distinguish between concealed and open carry. With a permit you may conceal or carry openly.

      That is specific.

  13. Scared out says:

    I was downtown Mpls. on Friday evening (early) and I was scared to death. The groups of fierce-looking people (all kinds) create an intimidating atmosphere. The shouting, the strutting, threatening attitudes, the panhandling was a complete negative. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Cutting off bus and light rail service would harm the innocent people, the workers. What is the solution? If the police try to clamp down, they are considered intolerant, abusive. I prefer that a well-trained police force do their duty rather than carry a weapon myself. Nothing wrong with coming downtown to have a nice time, but this is a mob scene. I won’t be back.

  14. PREPARED says:

    Be prepared for what ever comes up. Be prerpared to protect yourself or another person if you have the courage. Goverment sponsored dial a prayer will not protect you from these thugs. Just becasuse Dayton would not sign stand your ground does not mean that we should all be victims. These punks do not care about innocent people, laws or anything else. Maybe when a few of them get shot and killed while attempting these “flash mob” beatings, the others may reconsider the idea or if they do not at least there will be less of them involved the next time. Do not be scared to go out and do not be a victim. Be prepared. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6.

    1. ChiggerChaser says:

      Moron – you still have a GD right to protect yourself and even the most fool hardy know that.
      No – we don’t have a right to play Florida killing games and I got no issue with that. I carry and I will use if threatened.
      But I do not believe in the cowboy justice system either. We got no reight playing law enforcement.
      If you can legally carry you an idiot not to in this new era. That said – leave the law as it is and keep the stupid cowbot fights in a corral somewhere

  15. That Guy says:

    I was downtown on St Paddys night. After a few drinks I was ready to come home. (getting old I guess) Anyway, my GF and I were waiting for a bus in front of Masa and saw the police commotion down near the light rail. I did not know what was going on then, but I am glad I do now. A reminder to any thugs. I will not dial 911 for any reason other than to report your dead lifeless body…

    1. Randall says:

      *thumbs up* so tired of having to constantly look over my shoulder in this world just because someone thinks life sucks and they have to take it out on anyone they come upon. maybe if they’re scare of some real consequences they’ll think twice! i heard a guy from down south at a bus stop talking about time is easy to serve in minnesota and i’m like fine maybe a cop will shoot him next time and we’ll be done with that revolving door before he does someone serious harm.

  16. We be dewercs says:

    When you replace busnesses that provided real jobs with afordable artist housing and hand out welfare money for pooping out babies this is what your end up with.

  17. Randall says:

    i used to be very anti gun but the more common this garbage is becoming i would promote conceal carry and it should be pretty legal to shoot if you’re coming to the aid of someone who is being attacked. kids or not i would have started shooting. that poor man was callously and unnecessarily beaten and likely should have died so if they want to behave like that then if they are killed by a citizen coming to the aid so be it. and it stuns me people are up in fury over the recent nationwide self defense shootings!

  18. Darren says:

    I thought they already beefed up patrols after all of the issues at the rap venue place after the shootins and stabbings. Guess not?

    1. Corey says:

      I was in the area of First Ave Friday afternoon until noon St. Patrick’s Day, I saw 1 cop.

  19. halalgoatman says:

    I carry an Army issue .45. Anyone wanna join in to get the job done?

    1. Corey says:

      as BA as that gun is, 8 rounds ain’t enough

      1. halalgoatman says:

        I can slam in extra clips very quickly, and I have a few extra clips. If they’re stupid enough to keep coming at me after climbing over dead trash, then bring it on.

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          Yeah, I’ll be glad to help you , but I’ll bring “magazines” not “clips.”

          Speedloaders for the 500 mag are cool too but take up a lot of room in pockets or on the belt.

  20. Curtis says:

    I used to live downtown, and now am glad I don’t. The thugs were bad enough then, it sounds like they’re worse now. Tearing down Block E and the Target Center, and ending bus service to downtown after 8pm might be a good start.

  21. killthethugs says:

    What would be the difference between what these young men have done and if a group of conceal and carry permit holders were to agree to go downtown for happy hour (no alcohol) the first warm weekend with a full moon?

  22. killthethugs says:

    so, where on this website is the story about Trayvon? This is the first time WCC0 has EVER shown restraint when reporting a possible white on black hate crime and for the first time ever, they were right in holding the story until the facts came out. Oddly enough, not even a link to a national story that we can not comment on. What does WCC0 know about this story that we do not, yet?

    1. Silly fools says:

      I imagine we know about as much as they do right now …. if you watched the morning news channels it got interesting. I was before thinking the shooter may have had some legit basis, at least to a degree.
      Now I’m starting to see this weird deal and smells of a cover-up maybe.
      Hate to say this but I think the dude killed the kid w/o a basis …

      1. angry Minnesotan says:

        and of course an ambulance did not show up and treat the shooter, because they never treat people at the scene nor send an ambulance when there is a shooting. So lets all make more poor assumptions based on a poor video and lets all have some LA Rodney King style riots.

  23. good guy says:

    It has gotten worse downtown. It is like a bunch of animals running free. They are not buying anything or working. They are doing nothing productive at all. It is frightening how brain dead they seem…..I think you would have better odds trying to reason with a lion or great white shark.

  24. Kevin says:

    Keep them coming…..our jails are not full yet…..and I still have a little money left over after payday to support your failed liberal social experiment……..

    1. Matt says:

      if anyone is taking your money is the republicans. the Liberals want to make it fair. All the Republicans want to do is give tax breaks to the rich.

  25. JL says:

    Here’s what I don’t see downtown in Minneapolis: a sense of personal safety and security. Security companies hire at minimum wage; they end up with security guards with little to no authority to do anything. Police and other higher authorities in Minneapolis haven’t figured out how to deal with these kids. Believe it or not, downtown Detroit has a better system. If you’re downtown, and you’re bothering people and not buying anything, you’ll be thrown out without question. In Minneapolis there’s such a fear of lawsuits or racial profiling or whatever, you know why these incidents happen? Nobody’s stopping them. They’ll rip you off faster than a used car salesman in a cheap suit and are stealing everything not nailed down. This has created an atmosphere in downtown where nobody wants to shop, sit down at an outside cafe or park their car…so not only are these kids attacking people, they’re not spending any money AND they’re driving away business. Business owners who care about the future of their store must come together to demand a security strategy – it won’t be long before these kids start smashing windows and looting your store. If you’re accused of racial profiling or anything else, tell those ‘advocates’ or ‘reverends’ to shove it. They’re not going to be your advocate when your business is going down the toilet.

  26. Spanky says:

    Crime is way down in MPLS and it’s a safer place. I read that on this web site. I don’t understand?

  27. Nanay says:

    The sad part on this horrific event – when the victim of the sister called City of Minneapolis Police Department reported the beating the next day, unfortunately when the police officer arrived at HCMC Intensive Care Unit that afternoon and learned that the victim had memory loss and could not speak because of the brain trauma; the stupid, lazy and inhumane police officer said to the sister “there’s no way I would open a report or open a case on your brother’s if I can’t talk to him.” the big fat police officer left the ICU without getting a statement from the victim’s family. What a useless and very hostile public service so called “police officer” – what a waste of tax payers money paying his salary!!!