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  1. Common Cents says:

    Well that was a waste of time

    1. 1johnsilver says:

      What was the point? A headline and no narrative? More BS from the media.

  2. Beauford T. Justice says:

    Smoking gun?

  3. Beauford T. Justice says:

    Zimmerman is innocent because I say so,I’m a reverend and a civil rights leader because I say so.Any arguments?

    1. scook84 says:

      Yeah… (Because I said so!)


  4. yeah, sure says:

    You mean this photo?

  5. Dan Rio says:

    This is like a 2-car vehicle crash where 1 driver dies and the other can’t be charged cause there’s no evidence of reckless driving.

    Insisting that he’s guilty of SOMETHING and then punishing him is UNAMERICAN when even the authorities can’t find a law that he’s broken.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Pretty sure it’s illegal to gun someone down who is no threat to you, Dan.

      1. rex says:

        What if he’s smashing your head into the pavement and telling you you’re going to die?

      2. BP says:

        So you were there right? Saw it all go down?
        You need to get on a plane to Florida, they need you to testify about WHAT YOU KNOW…

      3. Steinem Hater says:

        Hey jackactionhero, I have not seen you on any of the video’s
        or recordings from the scene that night are you a witness or something??
        If not STFU!

        1. thesuperman says:

          Steinem Hater, Well said. I think Zimmerman is innocent. NBC has cut out audio form the 911 call. All to increase ratings or race baiting. I hope Zimmerman hires a great attorney and sues the pants off of NBC.

  6. mannex67 says:

    If the voice on the audio recording calling for help proves to be Trayvon, Zimmerman is in deep do-do. We know he was the aggressor with the gun and his actions brought this on. Deep do-do.

    1. summersnowbird says:

      you don’t know any such thing. most of the news articles/blogs that have been published only carry a sympathetic-to-the-shootee story-line- do i need to add that appears mainly because the parents got a smart lawyer and publicity consultant to generate a lot of public sympathy for the little thug. they seem to have been very effctive at doing just that- at least they got you, and a lot of others. frankly, i would welcome Zimmerman as my neighbor. . you can also be sure that, if some punk attacked me and tried to bash my head, i’d not hesitate to do what zimmerman did.

  7. Spanky says:

    Thank you Mr. Zimmerman.

  8. Peter says:

    I hope this moron goes to prison for the rest of his life. Excessive force, regardless of the race of the suspect or the officer, should be tolerated!

    1. mannex67 says:

      I think you mean should NOT be tolerated.

  9. Peter says:

    I can guarantee if the officer was black, this wouldn’t be news. I can guarantee if the deceased were white and the officer were black, the outrage would be completely reversed. It’s messed up. Everyone should be outraged no matter what the situation!

    1. BP says:

      Dude do you even have a clue what your pratiling on about?
      What officer? Huh?
      Sheesh, turn the TV on before you fire the computer up next time, will `ya?

    2. thesuperman says:

      Peter, Lay off the booze before getting on the computer. Maybe drink some coffee to get the old brain engaged.

  10. pedro says:

    i hope there are zimmerman’s in my neighborhood. need to get some on the dt mpls police force.

  11. gary says:

    I see that CBS is still trying to be judge,and jury

  12. jerrykregle says:

    It appeared that one of the officers was looking at the side of Zimmermans head

    now that more and more facts are coming out from day one with the photos the media were using the media led you to believe that Zimmerman gunned down a 4ft nothing sweet little dimple faced kid NOT some 6’1 ghetto trash PUNK THUG
    jamming his head into the pavement

  13. ron lewis says:

    If they can’t, I hope he sues everyone who has slandered him.

  14. Frank says:

    I remember a time when the media actually practiced journalism.

    That ended about 20 years ago….

    1. thesuperman says:

      We live in a copy and paste give me a check media. And then you have NBC altering 911 calls. The media is a joke. One big circus.

  15. Jame Tiberious says:

    YOU sound racist like all of Sharptos thugs that are beatig pople i saford oe guy beaten alost to death with a hammer ad a pregat woma hot i a drive by because of people like you,obama,ad sharpto makig a ew generatio be racist to the core like trayvo! Now did yu wat him to hang because he is hispaico white or white hispaic…how racist a the AP ad Reuters be makig a ew label so it ouds better because everyoe ows white are racist!!!

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