MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities business man is using Skittles and T-shirts to honor Trayvon Martin. The Florida teen was shot and killed in late February.

As the owner of a graphic T-shirt company, Rashaun Collins knows the statement clothing can make.

“T-shirts are timeless and it’s the easy way to show your personality,” said Rashaun Collins, owner of Discreetly Greek.

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Rashaun had one message he wanted to share.

“It’s very simple.  It just says this is not a hoodie,” he said.

Emotion blended with business for a meaning that goes much deeper than the five simple words.

“I think it’s sad that people can make a snap shot decision on someone’s life based on an assumption,” Collins said.

What’s spelled out on some shirts is not easily marketed on other items.

“It’s a stark difference,” said Collins.

But Rashaun has found a way to incorporate Trayvon in all orders. He always sends candy to customers but now includes a pack of skittles.  It’s the candy the 17-year-old bought before he was gunned down.

“Something as simple as knowing skittles is representing racial inequality for Trayvon is something I want to point out to customers,” said Collins.

It’s a message that’s not lost on those who buy his shirts.

“They get that connection and I think people are very aware that skittles are connected to him, and his family, and injustice of it,” said Collins.

They are the unexpected symbols of Trayvon’s death, but also represent the change that can come from tragedy.

“If skittles is going to help me remember Trayvon ten years from now, I’ve done my job,” said Collins.

The proceeds from the T-shirts will go to the fund that was set up to help Martin’s family.

Comments (41)
  1. Franco says:

    And still the hoodies rally…more problems for their people…should have been in school or at work. Nice to know THEY still want to place blame on others for THEIR lack of commitment to solve the problems!

    1. w says:

      Sgt. Moore
      WOW!!! its 2010 educate yourself.

    2. Janet Ramsoj says:

      franco…..you are always complaining about other people…..look in the MIRROR just once….

  2. Mr. T says:

    It’s all about gun control. Squeeze softly.

  3. Lee says:

    Sounds like a thin line between honoring and profiting.

  4. Dr..223 says:

    Why honor a thug?

    1. Janet Ramsoj says:


  5. integralapparel says:

    @ Lee..
    I do not print the shirts, nor do I ship them, so I have no investment. The $7 from the tees that I would usually profit from will be given to the families fund.

    if you would like to donate with buying a shirt, please see the info below!
    Donation site

    1. Mr D says:

      After the first when the fairwell checks come out, I’m sure they will sell a lot of them. Do you know if they take EBT cards?

  6. scared says:

    Wow… this BS has gone too far. I cannot believe how stupid people are in this country. What the hell is the US turning into?

    1. Ralph says:

      Some vary sad days for this country lets let the legal system work and then we will really find out who the thug is. I think if black people keep up with all these ridiculous rantings people others will just hate them and will never trust them.

      1. barrister says:

        You sir , like most of the others here are racist

        1. Good for Both Ganders says:

          @ barrister. So, to what extent are people allowed to be critical of the behavior of a group of people without being racist? Isn’t the message of the protests implicitly (and explicitly at times) that white people as a group are at fault for a system that doesn’t treat the black community the way they want? When a percentage of the black community shows outrage only when the attack on a black man is made by a non-black, but they are silent when young black men are routinely killed by other black men, that doesn’t strike you as a racial bias? Your default charge of “racism” is a great way of avoiding any accountability for the position you feel good about supporting, apparently.

        2. Corey says:

          Did you ever stop to think that just maybe, we’re fed up with all your bulls&^t?? Stop robbing, raping and killing people….. stop smoking crack and spending all our d*mn money. Get jobs and straighten up FFS.

      2. Janet Ramsoj says:

        Ralph….OMG ….geez now that is a reall sincere reason to hate someone who is black…hate to be on your hate list…but i probably am now…good for me cause you are not very nice or briight

  7. Salt says:

    You know where he can shove his shirts, Go Zimmerman

  8. j speedbag64 says:

    comming soon….running gun battles in the streets……

  9. Spanky says:

    Thank you Zimmerman

  10. barrister says:

    Right! Lets shoot unarmed people! What a bunch of rednecked rubes!

    1. politicianSUX says:

      Shoot unarmed people that are acting suspicious that you QUIT following that came sneaking up behind you and started a fight and was kicking your ass. I could not agree more. Just like the thugs in down town minneapolis, if you sneak up behind a C&C person and attack them, you get what you deserve.

      1. barrister says:

        The kid was unarmed!,But then again theres no reasoning with you ignorant people!

        1. politicianSUX says:

          this kid was left alone, the kid came back around and picked a fight, the kid was kicking his ass, and the kid went for Mr. Zimmermans gun. Not sure about you, but if I am minding my own business and some kid comes up, picks a fight, is able to kick my ass, and tries to take my LEGAL conceal and carry gun away from me, he will end up the same as Trayvon. Ignorant, no and I will put my IQ and street smarts against anyone, but calling other people names is below me.

          1. Strype says:

            This kid was being followed by someone with a gun. This guy was not minding his own business.

        2. Good for Both Ganders says:

          @barrister, yet again. There’s apparently no logic to be had from you, either. Whether he is armed or not is not the standard. One can still be a threat to another person’s life without a firearm. If it turns out Trayvon was, in fact, beating Zimmerman and smashing his head against the ground, nobody would reasonably determine Zimmerman did not fear for his life. If it turns out that story is not credible and Zimmerman was not in fear or initiated an attack, Zimmerman should be held accountable. The fact that you believe that Martin’s lack of a firearm means the shooting could not possibly be justified shows your lack of sophistication and bias. The fact that you have decided this before the process has run its course shows your lack of respect for our system.

        3. Ted says:

          Better society = more guns, less hoodies

        4. gag me says:

          @barrister. Or a cheap low life public defender like you.

  11. Spanky says:


  12. justice, right? says:

    I’m sure that he just wants justice. Next he will make T-shirts to protest the burning of the 13 year old white boy by two 16 year old blacks in Kansas City. The Tees will probably say” This is not kindling. With each he will ship a Bic lighter. There is no real evidence that the Martin shooting was racially motivated. But I’m sure after Sharpton, Jackson, and eternal angry man Spike Lee see justice done in Florida they will head north to protest this horrific example of racial hatred.

    1. justice, right? says:

      When they lit him on fire they taunted him saying, “This is what you deserve white boy.”

  13. Tees for everyone says:

    Then he will offer Tees to any non-black who wishes to walk in downtown Minneapolis. They will say Random Flash Mob Victim and come with a first aid kit.

  14. Kevin says:

    This is what the family has been up to since the killing (not a murder)……Welcome to America….may I take your order please$$$$$$$$$$$


    1. oh yeah says:

      Exactly. Before any of the facts were known, everyone with their own agenda hopped on the bandwagon. Sharpton and Jackson will use anything in their competition to become the next MLK. Law enforcement dropped the ball to place the “no retreat” law in a bad light. The “New” Black Panthers just need another reason to hate. Spike Lee needs to stay angry. The yellow journalists need a story. The African American community needs an extension of their “pass.” And of course as you pointed out, there is always the profit motive. You can promote your tee shirt business and even profit from the death of your son. Welcome to the New Age America indeed.

  15. Tenbears says:

    Tenbears has no need of a gun for protection.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      Maybe if Tenbears had a gun for protection it would not hide by referring itself in the 3rd person.

      Is that supposed to be cool? Please be specific.

  16. Minnesotan says:

    We should all wait and see what the full facts of the matter are. However, I am bothered by the near-deification of a young man who was not by any accounts an angel, and the demonization of a man, who by some accounts, was defending himself and was by all accounts serving to protect his community.

  17. Tenbears says:

    Tenbears thinks that it is only girly-men those with little tiny ones that carry guns.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      Well clearly Tenbears doesn’t have a clue what it is talking about. Have you been taking lessons from JAQ? Please be specific.

      1. Old Nurse says:

        Tenbears is a troll much like Dale Gribble

  18. Ken says:

    What happened to the fact a person is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty Where were the protesters when 13 Guardsmen and women were shot and killed, including one woman that was pregnant. Media couldn’t even call it a terrorist attack, and now you have a man that could be innocent set up to be hunted down. This is a sick world….it’s not the guns it’s the mind set of the people, and thought I’m a older person I too have a gun, and if I felt threatened would use it as well to protect myself and family. This isn’t a nice world anymore.

  19. speak the truth says:

    The hypocritical outrage displayed by African Americans over a shooting that has nothing to do even with their own contrived definition of racism is evidence of a truth few have the courage to speak: blacks are the real haters of the new millennium. “I hate white people.”- Dave Chappelle

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