Update: Sgt. Steven McCarty of the Minneapolis Police said that the suspect, Roosevelt Montgomery, was finally arrested in Golden Valley. No other details have been released on his arrest.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis police officer is in stable condition after a bullet from another officer’s gun hit him in the leg Friday night while police were shooting at two pit pulls during an attempted arrest.

The officer suffered the bullet around 10 p.m. at a house on a 1600 block of Ilion Ave. N, Inspector Mike Martin said. Police pulled up to the house, hoping to assist the Department of Corrections on a fugitive warrant, when the suspect ran out of the back and two pit bulls charged police.

Police shot and killed one of the dogs. It was during this exchange that the officer was either accidently shot by another officer or a bullet fired by another officer ricocheted off something and hit the victim, according to Sgt. Stephen McCarty.

Authorities are investigating the incident, and there is no record of anyone being put on administrative leave, McCarty said.

The wounded officer is recovering at North Memorial Medical Center. He is expected to make a full recovery.

McCarty said the wounded officer has worked with Minneapolis police since 2006.

On Saturday evening, Sgt. Steven McCarty of the Minneapolis Police said that the suspect, Roosevelt Montgomery, was finally arrested in Golden Valley. No other details have been released on his arrest.

Montgomery has a criminal history that consists of domestic assault, assault and terroristic threats.

Reg Chapman

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  1. Brett says:

    Roh, roh, some serious payback coming soon.

    1. scratch em if you got em says:

      It’s all about the sack.

  2. Real Deal says:

    Hope this warrior officer makes a full recovery.

    1. Marine 0311 says:

      Warrior officer? In short, the way this story is worded. He either shot himself on accident, or one of his “warrior” buddies did. Real, from the mob story in Minneapolis a couple days ago, these are the guys that will protect you? Again get a conceal and carry, protect yourself.

      1. JBL says:

        maybe if there were not so many cutbacks to the police force and there were not just 11 officers to cover that area of town, things would be a little different. Crime had dropped before the drastic cuts took place. You shouldn’t blame the officers, follow the facts. Educate yourself and stop making assumptions.

        1. Marine 0311 says:

          That’s why I put no faith into the police department. Partly for no fault of their own maybe, I protect me and my family. More cops isn’t the answer. Citizens protecting themselves is. Sometimes against the police, sometimes against criminals.

          1. Real Deal says:

            I have plenty of protection and I also have the utmost respect and faith for our warriors in blue. Always have and I always will.

        2. LBJ says:

          NO JBL, crime has dropped in-spite of cuts to police. Go figure.

      2. Real Deal says:

        800,000 warrior officer’s in the USA. Accidents happen. Friendly fire is a common but unfortunate occurrence. Surely you understand all about friendly fire.

        1. Marine 0311 says:

          I do, all I’ m trying to convey to you is you should protect yourself, and never depend on the police to do it. Most cops will tell you that.

          1. Crazy Joe says:

            Protecting yourself and loved ones is your own responsibility. The second amendment provides you with that right unless you are bombarded with liberal Aholes. I agree Marine 0311

          2. Ted says:

            “…Most cops will tell you that….”

            You are so sadly misinformed and uneducated in the world of law and law enforcement its utterly ridiculous and extremely humorous. Whats just as funny is that it appears people are buying and soaking up your stupidity and viewpoint.

            And people wonder why the prisons are over-crowded.

            1. Marine 0311 says:

              You’re right, be a moron and only depend on the cops and dial a prayer to protect you. You don’t have a right to carry a gun and protect yourself only cops have that right, in fact it says that in the constitution right?(last sentence extreme sarcasm). The way you think is scary and if you have a family to protect I feel very sorry for them.

              1. Real Deal says:

                Debbie I’m guessing you drive a El-Camino and have eaten everything you ever loved.

              2. Debbie says:

                Real…you got it wrong…I drive a smart car and I am a vegan!

              3. Ted says:

                Well, what da ya know….Marine has a fan. Probably one in the same for all I care.

                I have a conceal/carry too…however I chose to not preach irresponsibility while waving the constitution in peoples faces. I’m not that paranoid. Some people are….to each their own.

        2. mannex67 says:

          Warrior officers!?! Attitudes like this and I see how some cops act like they are at war with the public. “Real Deal” needs to get real.

      3. Ted says:

        I would trust a cop to protect me and my family moreso than someone who claims to have been a “marine” who goes in forums to spew immature rants when something goes wrong in the field of Law Enforcement or doesnt agree with their procedures used to apprehend criminals,

        Ya, get a conceal and carry….so more peeps can get killed by their own weapons.

        Tell you what, since you claim to have been a “marine,” why dont you spend your time a bit more productive helping your “marine brothers” with PTSD back home in some way so’s they dont start shooting up more innocent families, eh?


        1. Ted says:

          “…I never said I would protect your family, although I did protect you, and your family for 26 years. I said I protect myself amd my family. When did I ever say I would protect anyone else’s family?”

          Could you be any more contradictory?

          “…Personally I don’t care what their procedures are it has nothing to do with me….”

          Uh huh….you’ve posted your drivel on other L.E. issues in the news recently.

          My experience tells me that the only people against L.E. as much as you are, usually have had bad experiences with cops in their lifetime so you spread your hate around…or try anyways

          No sir, the only nerve that appears to be continuosly touched is yours. Youre trying to preach that people need to take matters into their own hands and start shooting. Thats irresponsible and immature.

          How is it that you allege you spent 26 yrs in the military defending a government you obviously have no respect for?

          Im extremely glad and lucky you werent in my outfit. You would have been plucked like a red-headed step chicken.

          1. Marine 0311 says:

            I was in the real military, and again where did I ever say for people to start randomly shooting people. A nerve was obviously touched with you. Someone breaks into your house to kill you, go ahead call the cops. Even a cop willTell you it comes down to response times, you’ll be dead by the time they get there if you don’t have protection. If you remember the oath because you are supposedly claiming you were in the military also. No where in there do I remember it stating you are supposed to protect government? I do remember a little something about supporting and defending the constitution of America, which our government and their agents (the police) spit on it more and more everyday. Do you know what some of the most ruthless dictatorships in history like the nazis, soviet union, cuba etc…first priority was? Disarm the people. Funny how you always here LE and people like you trying to tell other people they don’t need to arm themselves the police will protect you or, in some cases taking the rights to bear arms completely away.

            1. Ted says:

              As opposed to the fake military out there, eh?

              You didnt specifically “say” to randomly start shooting people. That would be moronic even for you.

              Your implications in the words you are using are enough however.

              Thank you, I will call the cops if my house is ever broken into. I, though, never said I was against people protecting themselves bearing arms. I am against idiots such as yourself who arent qualified to even spit in a spitoon telling everyone else what they should do, quoting and preaching the constitution and hate cops because you have a sordid, personal vendetta against them.

              Ya, Im the one with a touched nerve alright.

            2. AC says:

              I still think you were a cook in the Merchant Marines.

              1. Mrs. Lyle Fredrickson says:

                We had Tator Tot Hot Dish at the Home today

                1. I Survived the Sinking of Titanic says:

                  How wonderful…..did you enjoy the little girl playing the piano for you….lovely wasn’t it…..well, I better get going, my Depends are almost full….

                2. Morrie Qentinslipsch says:

                  It was Bingo Night!

                3. What Da Fog says:

                  What Nationality is a name like Qentinslipsch?

                4. Morrie Qentinslipsch says:

                  North East

                5. We be dewercs says:

                  Just wait until the Lowry Ave bridge is open and NE becomes a crime hotspot agian.

        2. ez says:

          Ted, did you know that police are not required to protect you? It’s a fact, handed down by the supreme court that you have absolutely NO constitutional guaranteed police protection.

          1. Ted says:

            Probably moreso than you….

            Never did I say that police are required to protect anyone…

            However, if I dial 911 there is an expectation that the police should arrive and take care of the issue, or at least assist in taking care of the issue for which 911 was contacted in the first place…thats what 911 is in place for, correc? So in a sense, police arrive to “protect” you from the harm presented since it is presumed that one not take legal matters, especially violent matters, in ones own hands. Call the authorities.

        3. Tony says:

          Wow, Ted is quite the ill informed liberal. He spews from his mouth more mis-information and propaganda than obama

          1. Ted says:

            I can assure you that Im more educated than yourself….especially in the area of Law. In anything really.

  3. Justin says:

    It is so…….sad to see so much Violence in the world today. l the officer’s with lower wounds will make a speedy recovery.
    I also feel they should have shot both of the dogs. Nobody with Pit Bulls should be training them for attacking other people. They should put the other one down ASAP…
    God Bless.

    1. @BAnjo says:

      How do you know the dogs were just following their owner out, were you there? How do you know there was no aggresion? Tell you want living birth defect you probably own pitbulls also, what a useless breed of mutt.

  4. Corey says:

    I would like to think that N MPLS was pretty f’d right about now but knowing how PC Minnesota is, nothing will be done.

    1. Dave says:

      I blame the panty waist self serving city council, mayor, most state legislators, and the DOC. FIX THE PROBLEM, QUIT DUMPING THEM HERE AND ALLOWING THEM TO BE DUMPED HERE, OR GET THEM OUT.

      1. JBL says:

        um, this makes no sense. I can only imagine this was a post out of frustration because there are no examples given on what this list of people did wrong, just some crazy demand to “get them out of here” who? and how do you propose anyone legally does that? Are you aware of what laws are about? What do you mean by “dumping them here” What proof do you have of that.

        1. Dave says:

          L3s are most certainly dumped in North JBL. Also, the no accounts seem to flock en mass due to enabling slumlords.

        2. Dave says:

          Go ahead and type in some North Mpls. zip codes and explain to me why this doesn’t contradict the DOC’s own rules about L3 concentration.


      2. Kevin says:

        Amen..preach brother! Preach!

  5. waitingformoreinfo says:

    Interesting how they worded it. They opened fire on the dogs, but only killed one..and a cop took a bullet. Friendly fire or did the fugitive fire back?

    1. Bruce Almighty says:

      My thoughts also!

    2. Kojak says:

      Yeah, i wondered about that. Regardless… a speedy recovery to the Officer

    3. what?!? says:

      wondering the same thing!

    4. Timbo says:

      I think the dog fired back..:) Also, the beginning of this article says the “office” is in stable condition. I would hope so, prior to any earthquakes it should be stable. Whatever happened to good old proofreaders? Blogging is a lot of fun just wish the people with the bylines would check their own spelling if someone else can’t do it for them.

      1. Wow says:

        Proofreaders??? You’ve definitely come to the wrong site. I don’t think ‘CCO knows what that word means.

  6. MKIA says:

    Guessing he shot himself.

  7. Richard Cheese says:

    They don’t tell you who shot the cop?????

  8. Steve says:

    Why is it that the media only says “Minneapolis” when appalling events happen in South Minneapolis, but always say “North” when appalling events happen in North Minneapolis?

    1. whats the diff says:

      Actually its rather pointless to distinguish North from South as the whole city is rather appalling.

  9. We be dewercs says:

    We need a time frame for withdrawing our brave police from this dangerous place before they all shoot each other.

  10. Dave says:

    It’s time for some serious reform in the city.

  11. Dave says:

    The modern “civilized” way is through economic sanctions, i.e, starve them out. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why Mpls. has to continue to subsidize this endless BS.

    1. JBL says:

      While I believe that giving too much public assistance in the past has contributed to this problem. I don’t believe that cutting it back to nothing is going to do anything but cause more desperation and more violence along with it. That is not as easy as it sounds. People did get used to being taken care of more than they should have. Generations were brought up on the government dime It was not gone about with in the right manner but now reform has to take place, not total cut backs. We are starting to see more violence the more desperate the times get.
      You will also never find enough politicians at one time who will get into office and agree to take such drastic a step, I don’t care which side of the aisle they are from. There would have to be too much work done to make law changes to support such a thing and as a general rule, making changes that will “starve” people out are unpopular and unrealistic. There are also plenty of good people who take the help and move up and out with it. I don’t think that penalizing them for what bad people do is the answer either.

      1. Dave says:

        One simple solution would be to end poverty profiteering. By that I mean limit and scrutinize rental licenses and renewals. The majority of the people causing these problems are transients or other transients visiting their transient friends and family. Minneapolis holds a grossly disproportionate amount of general rentals, Sec. 8, and L3SOs compared to the rest of the metro; yet we still get bashed for sucking too much money from the state via LGA even though we don’t receive as much as we put in. How does that work? We do the surrounding area a service not only with our net LGA contribution, but also by housing and subsidizing all these people that nobody else wants. Now it’s at the point where we’re saying NO.

        1. JBL says:

          Actually I totally agree with you here. Through volunteer work, I have noticed a great number of homes that had many families living in them. There were as many as 12 adults and over 20 children in some of them. There is not enough regulation on the housing end of things for sure.

        2. We be dewercs says:

          “poverty profiteering” “scrutinize rental licenses and renewals” Landloards that rent to Sec 8 people generally regret it later wuen the apartments are trashed. Also if you scrutinize and get too picky about whom you rent to you get sued for racisim.

      2. Ace says:

        It would help to require everyone on public assistance to refrain from having children until such time as they become self supporting

        1. Marine 0311 says:

          I agree, you need a license to catch a fish.

  12. JBL says:

    Wow, nice blanket statement there stubby. I’m guessing you don’t live here and are just assuming with your tiny mind that it’s a sh**it hole because you’re to afraid to come here. The “liberal” card, oh how original!
    You are narrow minded to think that liberals caused this when I can think of many conservatives that contributed greatly to this problem. Give me some actual facts on how you believe this to have happened? If you’re not from here, I doubt to follow as closely as those who do live her! What policy caused this?!? I doubt you know any because you seem ill informed.
    The answer is not going to be easy and results will not happen quickly but changing the socioeconomic environment of certain areas is a good start. You can not continue to beat people down and not expect violence but I’m sure that’s not something you would understand because if you ever did have to live though the conditions some kids do in this city, you would never make such ignorant comments.with such flippancy!

    1. Southsider says:

      You keep your (their) malls and your (their) chain restaurants and your (their) big box stores and your (their) grocery stores. Continue giving your money to shareholders and corp executives. We’ll keep OUR restaurants and OUR retail stores and OUR co-ops. We like to keep our money in Minneapolis. That keeps our neighbors in business. Stay out for all I’m concerned. You all don’t know how to drive in the city anyhow. And stop coming here on the weekends too. Certainly there is some bowling alley you can get drunk at in the suburbs.

      1. Pumphandle says:

        Oh thats nice those restaraunts pay you when they make money and the local clothing store that is neat, you keep going to your shows and drinking wine sounds like a blast make sure you’re in bed by 10pm also fun life, South is rapidly approaching toilet level of North.

  13. mike spider says:

    Hey he was shooting at a dog, looks like they all look the same, mlps go figure lol

  14. markH says:

    Thank God it’s Pit Bulls this time-usually we read the about the vicious horrors of Basset Hound and Corgi attacks.

  15. Marine 0311 says:

    No kidding, hilarious!

  16. No Guns, No Problem says:

    These guys are suppose to be highly trained with firearms, just think of the damage amateurs can do.

    1. Ted says:

      Well they allegedly gave Marine 0311 a weapon.

      Yet more proof anyone can get a gun someway, somehow.

      1. Marine 0311 says:

        Buddy, I bet I’ve been handling weapons longer than you’ve been alive. Get a life.

        1. Ted says:

          Seriously doubt that.

          My life after the military has treated me well…..very well

          Sad the same can’t be said for you.

          1. Ted says:

            I highly doubt you had anything to do with the military at all….period.


  17. Billy says:

    +1 for the good guys. -0 for the bad guys.

  18. chicago moving in says:

    The pit bulls charged the cops as they were trying to arrest a level 3 sex offender.

    1. Ted says:

      I think some of my questions have been answered…………

      1. Marine 0311 says:

        No wrong assumption again ted. I hate pot but, since I believe in America and fought for liberty and it’s ideals I feel I have no right to tell someone what they can and can’t put in their bodies.

        1. Ted says:

          Yet you feel you have the right to tell others to irresponsibly bear arms, rise up and take matters into ones own hands because the cops suck.

          My “assumption” is spot on.

  19. Starboy123 says:

    MPD always gets their man.

  20. Danny says:

    When some guy stabbed a police dog in self defense, he was vilified and castigated.

    But when the cops shoot dogs, it’s OK because they are doing their job.

    There is quite a disconnect here.

  21. Mabel Hornschlinger says:

    We finally got those 2 Felines Fixed, down at the National Guard Armory.

  22. Hans Kah says:

    We all need to Can 20 pounds of Chicken every week! 12-21-12 is right around the corner!

  23. Ralph says:

    I might be living in a “dream world” But all these shootings scare the heck out of me. I do have a weapon. I would never carry it outside my home unless I was going to the range for practice. I would protect myself at my home if I had to. I hope that that time never happens though. Shooting someone has to be a very traumatic event. Could you live with your self afterwards. I feel that a good lawabiding citizen couldn’t.
    The police do have a tough job. One I wouldn’t want to do. Statistically I also believe that there are some members on the force who don’t really fit the position. It’s the same in any type of job force. But that’s a human fraility. We can only hope that the percentage is small. We should all try to make their jobs easier by giving them needed information from your communities. Don’t try to protect the criminal elements. By these type of people being in YOUR neighborhood life can be difficult. You want your neighborhood to be safe then do something about it.
    For the police dept. Is it possible for more training with non lethal method?. Nightsticks, tasers ect. A bullet just doesn’t stop when it reaches it’s target range. If there is a miss the bullet still keeps traveling. That’s what scares me the worse. To be that innocent bystander stopping that projectile.
    Like I said. I am probably living in a “dream world”. I would hope that everyone could live in a safe environment.

  24. Brett says:

    OMG, I can’t find the words to describe this “suspect”.

  25. Brett says:

    OMG, is this mug shot for real??

  26. Willie Nailer says:

    I got a new Supercharger Belt to Suck all the Riff Raff in and spit out my Dual Exhaust!

  27. SK says:

    The police are an reaction force not an action force. Every officer will tell you the same thing, it is up to the citizen to protect themselves not the police.

  28. katong regency says:

    You could certainly see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.