MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 46-year-old woman arrested for narcotics possession was discovered to have 21 aliases, according to Hennepin County District Court documents.

On March 26, 2012, Traci Rankin Bradley was arrested. On her, law enforcement discovered a black zip up bag containing drug paraphernalia, spoons with burnt residue (later determined to be heroin), syringes with crystal-like substance in it (later tested positive for cocaine and heroin) and five prescription bottles. Two of the bottles had Bradley’s name on them, one had the name of Clarence Ross on them and the others had no label on them.

Authorities say Bradley’s 22 other aliases are: Terri Aliperto, Terri Lee Aliperto, Terrie Aliperto, Traci Lynn Bradley, Traci Rankin Bradley, Traci Bradley Rankin, Traci R Bradley, Trai Lynn Bradley, Traci Bradley-Rankin, Traci Unknown Bradley-Rankin, Traci Bradleyrankin, Traci Lynn Jensen, Terri Lee Rankin, Traci Rankin, Traci Lee Rankin, Traci Rankin-Bradley, Traci Unknown Rankin-Bradley, Tracy Lynn Seifert and Traci Seifert.

Authorities have now requested a search warrant to search the records of the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy and the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) in Minneapolis. The purpose is to find the drug history of Bradley or her aliases, and to see if there is evidence of fraud.

Possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription or obtaining or attempting to obtain, a controlled substance by fraud, misrepresentation, subterfuge, deceit, or theft is a felony.

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  1. Whatever.... says:

    If all 21 identities are backed by driver’s licenses, she can vote 21 times!

    1. ldentz says:

      I doubt if she would be voting

  2. EINSTEIN says:


    1. thesuperman says:

      Brett, You forgot Section 8 housing.

      1. Brett says:

        I did mention “housing”….but I probably left out a few OTHER entitlement programs, because I’m not aware of them, because I don’t USE THEM, and NEVER HAVE. But I will be villified, because I have been able to stand on my own two feet, NOT depend on gov’t assistance, NOT adopted a RISKY lifestyle, and have supported the mindset, “Let’s take care of OUR OWN”, instead of EVERYBODY ELSE.

        1. ldentz says:

          well good for you, Some people do need help and for you to say they don’t I would just say your an a** there are plenty of people that need help You sound like agreat christian like person to me !!

        2. ldentz says:

          Why would you lump everybody together with narrow view??

        3. Pat says:

          Your one of the lucky ones and don’t forget it. There are a lot of people who were in your shoes, who didn’t live outside of their means and busted their rears and never got help from anyone or from the government, but when the market crashed and they lost their jobs and couldn’t find any, they really didn’t have much of a choice but get help from the government. There are a lot of families out there that hate being on welfare and don’t want to be on it and are trying their hardest to get off of it by working their way back up to where they were before but its not easy. So do back off on what you think about people who are on welfare and stop combining all of them into one group when there are two groups out there on welfare. The ones that really need it and deserve the help and the ones that don’t deserve it and are just plain out lazy and will do anything to stay on it for life. (I am combining all ethnic backgrounds on the both sides of that whole conversation)

    2. ldentz says:

      To bad you do not live up to your tag.

  3. What a Big Baby says:

    Why do people complain about what is in the news. If you can’t figure out what the article is going to be about, by just reading the headline, then maybe you just aren’t smart enough to be following any news.

    1. ldentz says:

      Because most the time it is stupid news, she probly did not have 46 aliases, Its not the earth shattering.

  4. Mad dog says:

    Lock this b!!! up.

  5. Kristin Rothwell says:

    This is not news, this is stupid and I’m sorry I wasted 2 minutes reading it. Those don’t even look like aliases. She may have been married and divorsed, Some are just the same name with a middle name, some without. I wouldn’t call it 46 different aliases!

    1. I'm Just Axing says:

      You really did waste your time reading the article. It wasn’t 46 aliases, she was 46 years old with 20 plus aliases (the article says 21 in one area & 22 in another) Maybe you would get more out of these articles if you actually read them & understood them.

  6. Uh Oh says:

    I hope they don’t start requiring ID for going to the doctor and picking up prescriptions. That would disenfranchise the poor.

    Oh wait, I had to show my ID last time I went to the doctor. I have been disenfranchised. I’m calling in sick and going to the capitol to protest tomorrow.

  7. Chrissy says:

    Funny thing is I went to school with her and most of the alias’ she is using are the last names of other girls we used to hang out with. LOL.