MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting on the corner of Franklin Avenue East and Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Police Inspector Kris Arneson said the Minneapolis Police Department responded to a fight in the area around 9 a.m. Sunday. A woman was allegedly being accosted by a male suspect and called 911.

When the officer arrived on scene, a man and woman were in the middle of an argument. As the officer approached the two, the man pulled out a knife and began threatening the officer.

The officer called for assistance and gave verbal commands for the suspect to drop the knife. The man refused and the officer began to retreat from the man, across two lanes of traffic.
The man followed the officer and continued to refuse to follow orders, so the officer shot him.

“Our officer doesn’t have the luxury of waiting until someone gets hurt,” said Bill Palmer, of the Minneapolis Police Department.

He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center in an unknown condition. Police say it is likely he will survive.
He has been identified as 43-year-old Robert John Yellow Wolf.
The officer, a 24-year veteran of the department, was not injured.

“You can’t take a knife and brandish it at an officer any more than you can brandish a firearm,” said Sgt. Palmer. “What happened, today, was an officer had to stop a threat.”

A number of people in the area witnessed the incident and are being interviewed by police. A parallel investigation into this incident is being conducted by the Minneapolis Police Department’s Internal Affairs Units.

Traffic had been blocked off in the area while crews assessed the scene but it has since been reopened.

The officer has been placed on three-day administrative leave pending the investigation. He will be identified Monday.

Comments (47)
  1. what?!? says:

    Say it isn’t so? Wild wild west in N mpls!

    1. Brian says:

      This happened in Uptown…

      1. go figure says:

        I wouldn’t say that Franklin and Lyndale is “uptown”.

        Uptown is Lake and Hennepin.

    2. ez says:

      South Mpls you jerk!

    3. Joe J says:

      Actually south Minneapolis between downtown and Uptown. Anyone drunk or stupid enough to pull aknife on a cop deserves whatever happens.

      1. go figure says:

        It’s a big indian hangout for the drunks that were booted out of the tribes….
        Every year they sit around that intersection and wonder all the way down to 55 as well.

  2. @what says:

    You need to take a geography class or better yet – get a brain
    South and west of downtown idiot by what, 7-8 blocks
    Love you imbeciles – you keep the boards interesting

  3. Brandon Pryatel says:

    Franklin and Lyndale are in South Minneapolis dumb*ss

    1. @brandon says:

      If Franklin and Lyndale is in “south Mpls what the heck is 48th and say Chiacgo or Minnehaha then?
      Thought N was 50 and north, Central from there to lake and then south beyond that…. otherwise it’s almost all south and that ain’t so dumb*ss

      1. Pumphandle says:

        North is North and South is South, geez Franklin and Lyndale ave South does that explain it, thats how you decipher North from South the address says it, I hope you have a caretaker.

        1. go figure says:

          Hennipen through downtown is the divider between north and south.

          1. Capt. Obv. says:

            So when Hennepin starts to run north and south, then whats the border geez what a clown.

      2. Pumphandle says:

        Hwy 55 is basicly the line of North and South, are you aware there are north and south on the streets that run that direction?

      3. max says:

        Where do you live?? Franklin and Lyndale is in the Whitier neighborhood of South Minneapolis. Check the addresses there. They say “south.”

  4. 2354jk234jk23 says:

    heard three shots around 920am, crime scene in progress now

  5. wimpy says:

    It sounds that the officer had every right to defend himself and glad he did!!!

  6. rottdogge says:

    Another miscreant learns a lesson…..lucky for him (unlucky for taxpayers) that he survivied.

  7. Just Sayin says:

    I wish one of the shots would have ended this moron’s life.

  8. Ted says:


    No Marine 0311 spewing his outrage that a cop shot at someone, defending the general public?!?! Yet anyways…..

    Probably in convulsions and organizing a cop haters group or something.

    1. Marine 0311 says:

      Are you stupid? That’s what’s funny morons Ike you form your own opinions no matter what you say. I have no problem with a cop or, any citizen for that matter defending themselves if they feel their life is danger. I would have done the same thing the cop did.

      1. Marine 0311 says:

        Like I said the fact he is cop is irrelevant. Badge or no badge he had every right to defend himself. It’s not eating me at all.

      2. Politically, I Aint No Genius says:

        I really believe that Ted & Marine is the same person with multiple personalities.

  9. Cespool says:

    Build the stadium in my burbs I will pay 10cents for every $20 I spend who the heck even notices.

  10. Boltupright says:

    Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

    1. Look, I Think I'm Smart says:

      What if the person with the gun doesn’t have any ammunition? I would rather have a knife in that situation than an empty gun.

      1. More Stupid says:

        Is a knife without a blade still a knife?

        1. Denney Heckers wrinkly ol butt says:

          The cop was doing his job just trying to make it through the day. Plus I carry a 9mm a 6in knife and pepper spray when I visit Minneapolis or anywhere else for that fact.

          1. Frank says:

            Please don’t make a stink.

      2. politicianSUX says:

        In that case, he will be stabbed. What kind of an idiot would carry a gun without bullets. Why not just carry a bat, or if yuo live in Elk River, a hockey stick.

  11. angus says:

    It is easy to say the man should have been shot. However, the shooter has to live with the knowledge he had to kill someone and it is generally very traumatic. I have been told by an experienced deputy that 75% of law enforcement who kill someone retire or quit within 5 years due to the trauma.

    Dirty Harry was a movie writer’s imagination. Sells well, no relation to the truth

    1. concur says:

      Couldn’t agree more… be it a cop or a soldier, killing is not an easy thing to do nor live with.
      We got some bad talking folk her who IMO would either wet themselves or kill and get off in the doing of it. That makes them no different than the one they killed. Simple fact

    2. discordianstooge says:

      He didn’t die.

  12. BurbInterloperHater says:

    You’re a freeloader. Please stay out of the city EVEN for sports games, you’re not welcome.

    1. BurbInterloperHater says:

      So you admit you’re a freeloader? You’re a benefit to our society, really. I bet you STILL vote Republican. Do as I say not as I do, love it!

    2. BurbInterloperHater says:

      Please don’t come into the city then, that’s all I’m asking.

  13. Steve says:

    Why doesn’t the title read “South Minneapolis” like it ALWAYS does for North Minneapolis? Even though there is a clear and recognizable picture; folks, such as the very first commenter, can’t even think past their own stereotyping and prejudice.

  14. solarhoilday says:

    Glad the officer is okay. Sad to say most of these people should be in the insane asylum, instead of roaming the streets. Thanks to the republicans and ronald reagon for closing the care facilities where these people should be!

  15. Boutique Liberal says:

    WHY did the officer shoot him? Why didn’t he use his taser? All he had was a knife and wasn’t anywhere close to the officer when the officer shot him! He was 2 traffic lanes away from the officer. Why didn’t the officer use his asp? The officer had a bullet proof vest on so its not like a knife would have hurt him!

    1. Frank says:

      I hope you are being sarcastic because your questions are incredibility ignorant.

      1. Humm... says:

        Well Enlighten us Frank because BL seems to have a few legitimate questions. Why didn’t the officer use his taser? Because as BL stated the knife welding man was 2 traffic lanes away so its not to far to use it and surely takes as much skill to aim the taser as a pistol. Or are the Police Judge, jury and exicutioner at their own discretion.

        1. Bert says:

          @ Humm…

          Wow you must not know how to read or are too lazy to read the entire article. The cope also saved the woman’s life, after all that is what the call was about.

          “Minneapolis Police Department responded to a fight in the area around 9 a.m. Sunday. A woman was allegedly being accosted by a male suspect and called 911.”

        2. Real Deal says:

          A taser or Asp, are you kidding me? You get the most ridiculous comment of the day. A taser doesn’t reach from 2 traffic lanes away. So ignorant.

  16. Whopper says:

    Did he died?

  17. go figure says:

    Yellow Wolf lol
    Just about makes sense.

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