MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Voters in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C. will cast their votes on Tuesday in the Republican presidential race. But much of the national attention has been focusing on the Wisconsin primary.

In tonight’s Talking Points, Esme Murphy takes a look at why what happens in Wisconsin on Tuesday is so significant.

In Republican contests on Tuesday the big prizes are Maryland and Wisconsin. In Maryland, there are 37 delegates at stake and in Wisconsin there are 42. But it’s Wisconsin that is getting the most attention from both the national media and the candidates.

Political analyst Professor Larry Jacobs of the Humphrey Institute appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

“You have Rick Santorum, who is the leading alternative to Mitt Romney, putting his time and energy and resources into Wisconsin,” Jacobs said. “He has more or less skipped Maryland so the expectation is this is where Santorum has a shot. Will he win the polls? So far as you suggested showing him behind by a bit.”

Right now, Romney holds a commanding lead in the all important delegate count. Romney has more than 560 — more than double the amount Rick Santorum has — and 1,144 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

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Esme Murphy

Comments (5)
  1. Bob says:

    It’s important because the winner of the Republican nomination will be the next president of the United States.

    If you disagree, I suggest a wager in any amount you desire.

  2. orrest says:

    If there is a dismal turnout for the Republicans in Wisconsin, as there has been in most other states, that will give you a clue to how strong the Republicans might be this fall. Both candidates spent a lot of time and money in Wisconsin. Bob, put your money where your mouth is and go to Vegas or London. I am sure there is a bookmaker somewhere who will take your money. All in there Bob, your 401k and your nonexistent equity in your home. You were blowing smoke.