HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) — A St. Paul woman is accused of possessing methamphetamine, which she allegedly had in her jacket when trying to enter a judicial center.

According to the criminal complaint, 38-year-old Barbara Sathoff was with a man on March 28 at the Dakota County Judicial Center.

Both Sathoff and the man were asked to run their jackets through an X-ray machine. Authorities found a glass pipe and a small plastic container inside the jacket the man had been wearing.

At first, the man said the pipe was his, but after authorities found the container, Sathoff admitted it was hers and told them it was meth.

According to the complaint, Sathoff told police she and the man had switched jackets before arriving at the judicial center because she was cold. She claimed she forgot that she had the pipe and the meth in her pocket.

The man later told police that he didn’t know the pipe was in the jacket, but that they would find his DNA on the pipe. He also told police he had driven to the judicial center without a driver’s license, the complaint said.

Sathoff — who was previously convicted on controlled substance charges in 2006 and 2010 — is now charged with fifth-degree controlled sub stance crime. She faces a 180-day prison sentence if convicted.

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  1. Research says:

    Hi officer. I am driving without a license. I swear jail must be better than their house.

    1. Meth Paranoia says:

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