MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are a few things you can be sure of during the spring time. The grass will turn green, your taxes will be due and, just like Canadian Geese, your gas prices will start heading north.

Here in Minnesota, the good news is we are 12 cents below the national average. The state average is currently $3.80 for regular unleaded. The bad news is: that’s more than 20 cents higher than a year ago.

Gail Weinholzer of AAA says we’ve flirted with $4 gas before. In fact, four times in the last seven years. This time, she thinks when we roll up to $4 there may be no braking.

“Since we are so far ahead of last year, we may well see $4 across the board by Memorial Day,” said Weinholzer.

Refineries switch to a spring blend of gasoline that burns cleaner, but is more expensive. Political, economic and environmental factors also come into play for gas prices. So, can you save money during the week?

“There really is no magical day,” said Weinholzer.

Weinholzer says the truth is gas can be a few cents cheaper during the week. Tuesday can be a good day, some people believe even Monday before 10 a.m.

Price hikes can happen later in the week before people head out of town, but experts say that’s not always the case in our market. It’s best to follow a gas tracking website because prices vary all the time.

Another viewer asked about whether double gas coupon Tuesdays play a role like they have at Super America.

AAA believes that while they are a great deal, they don’t have a lot to do with gas prices.

On the other hand, some experts believe that Super America and Holiday can dictate gas prices in a market. Both are owned by corporations and there are a lot of those stations in our market. Because they are corporate owned, they tend to raise and lower their prices first. The smaller chains then often follow suit.

John Lauritsen

Comments (30)
  1. I feel the pain says:

    During the peak of the recession and all time price per gallon highs, the Twin cities paid $4.11 per gallon and oil was at $140 per barrell. Using that same math formula, we should now be paying $3.04!!!!

    1. I feel the pain says:

      With oil at 103.58 today. Using oil at 108 a few weeks ago, that would still make it $3.17!!!!

      1. Tom says:

        @ I feel the pain

        But big oils excuse is how do you expect us to make reocrd profits at that price. And of course the speculators are back!

      2. Greg Looseanus says:

        I hate getting hosed every time at the pump.

  2. The liberal says:

    Never a good time to buy gas, ride a bike, sell your car, walk float or fly and let the government take care of us we are sheep and we like to be led around.

    1. Too expensive says:

      As Americans we have the right to cheap gas. The government should at least subsidize us consumers through cap and trade. The president has the final say with gas prices anyways. Why is he keeping them so high?

      1. William says:

        “The president has the final say with gas prices anyways. Why is he keeping them so high?”……..Really?……..did you learn that in Skool?

        1. Too expensive says:

          We need more drilling. Obama isn’t doing that. If he is so concerned about Trayvon Martin he would make our gas prices cheaper. People resorting to burglary to make ends meet and then getting shot becasue of it could be solved by cheaper gas.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Too expensive

            Have you not heard the REAL experts? They all have said that we can be drilling until we are blue in the face and at most the price at the pump would drop at the pump would about 3 cents. And Obama has no control over the price at the pump. If you are going to do that then same question could be asked of Bush when gas prices were close to and over $4.00 a gallon during his term.

            1. Pfhiiiid says:

              Are these experts referring to “tomorrow” or “the next 10 years”? It’s simple economics that if supply increases in relation to demand, then price goes down. Drilling may not be the only thing to do, but I think it is a necessary component that Obama has disregarded. So yes, Obama does have an indirect way of influencing gas prices in the long term. Bush was dealing with an “anti-oil”, Democratic congress. Obama is dealing with a pro-drilling, Republican House and a Democratic Senate. Their situations are not quite the same.

              1. Too expensive says:

                Too funny!

                But wait…Republicans have told us that increasing oil production now will lower gas prices now. Certainly Johnny Volcano and Moose Lady ran on a platform like this in 2008. And yet…gas prices are now going up. People keep forgetting that President Obama has, on several occasions, said he would increase domestic energy production and work to get technologies on the road to decrease consumption. Certainly one of the very, very minor bright spots in the Great Recession is that it lowered demand for gasoline in the US.

                “Drill baby drill”? Hey, that’s what we’re doing. And yet we’re facing $4 gas this summer. Not only do we have decreased demand, we have increased supply brought on line. But gas prices are still high. Here’s another example of President Obama’s policies doing what the Republicans said we should be doing but of course the President not getting any credit for it. But the big money continues to be put down on long positions.

                And lo and behold, the long positions are again driving prices up. But we’re told speculation is “a scapegoat”. Well, it’s not demand, and now it’s not supply. Either we can’t do anything about gas prices by affecting production and demand in the US so the Republicans should shut it, or we need to have a little talk about rampant commodities speculation.

                By Zandar

      2. Research says:

        I can’t figure out if you’re being serious or funny

        1. Too expensive says:

          The first two post are in sarcastic font, the last one no.

      3. What Next? says:

        Really? The RIGHT to cheap gas? In what amendment is that right given to us? Just curious.

      4. js says:

        “As Americans we have the right to cheap gas” why?

  3. Wendi says:

    I think the best time to buy is the weekend. Monday it seems to be the day that it spikes. I paid 3.59 on Saturday and by Monday it was 3.89

    1. BC says:

      I agree with you, especially recently. Since the market follows SuperAmerica lead on gas prices, SA has raised the prices on Monday now that they offer double coupons on Tuesday.

  4. Bruce says:

    I think our president would like to see gas prices continue to climb. He is obvously of the opinion that American fuel usage is too high and our carbon footprint is much too large. High energy prices will tend to do reduce both. After all, one of his comments from the last campaign was that he’d like to bankrupt the coal industry. I’d rather not have to wear a broad brimmed hat and pedal a bicycle on errands (this mode of transportation doesn’t work well in northern cllimes during the winter), but that seems to be the direction we are being headed into.

    1. Tom says:

      @ Bruce

      Yep that makes total sense! Obama would like to see gas prices go threw the roof just in time for the Nov elections.

    2. I feel the pain says:

      @Bruce, Then why last week, when he asked Congress to eliminate the Govmnt. subsidies to big oil companies( Exxon ), did the Republican controlled congress balk? Exxon themselves got a $2 BILLION subsidy, paid for by us, the taxpayers. So what. maybe instead of a 40 Billion profit, they only would have managed a 38 Billion profit? Educate yourself before you speak with the snakes tongue.

  5. Kin says:

    Instead of finding which day gas is cheaper. People should find which gas station they should be filling up at…. gas station on w. 36th st./ S Lyndale ave. gas there is always .10 – .20 cent more than any gas station around town.

  6. Kevin says:

    This was caused by dirty republican filth.

  7. Ron Raygun says:

    To quote the best republican leader we ever had’ “all republicans are rotten, dirty filth.”

  8. jesse james woodworking says:

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  9. wechseln gas says:

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  10. desert eagle .50 says:

    i work for an energy company. We have no input into the price of crude or the selling price of our refined products. We try to run efficiently and keep expenses down. We do that well, and we are profitable.

    We are very specific at work.

  11. j speedbag64 says:

    best day to gas up……….friday about 15 years ago

  12. Fred Hayek says:

    What impact does money printing by the US government have on the price of gas or food?

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