MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The last place where smokers could light up at Target Field is being snuffed out.

The smoking area was on the Target Field plaza outside Gate 6.

Twins spokesman Kevin Smith says the smoking area will be gone for Monday’s home opener. When the wind was blowing the right way, he says, second-hand smoke would back up into the main concourse, and it would even waft up into the Club Level.

A long-standing policy against re-entry means smokers will not be allowed to leave for a cigarette break and return to the game.

The Minnesota Ballpark Authority is expected to formalize the ban Friday. It will extend to any event being held at Target Field, including concerts and Gophers baseball games.

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Comments (111)
  1. Pumphandle says:

    Altho I don’t smoke, it’s safe to say they just lost even more people that were willing to go watch a very average team, as a 20 game s. ticket holder I never smelled the smoke unless I went out to that area with friends.

    1. So Stupid! says:

      I agree this is so stupid next we won’t be able to buy hot dogs instead it will be celery sticks!

      1. Foul Ball says:

        Stupid was not putting a retractable roof on that heap of rock, and glass.

  2. guidotkp says:

    Good! Leave all the :”Butt-Heads” at home! Don’t need all that junk in the park. Now, how do we get the Casino’s to clean up their act?

    1. butt head says:

      Good! Leave all the alcoholics at home! Don’t need all that junk in the park!!!!!

    2. AWOLGolfer says:

      I think that they should get rid of all alcohol and beer. They lead to all types of maladies. I can’t stand the smell of beer but yet I endure it through the countless hours I’ve spent at the ballpark. While we’re at it, I think we need to ban the food. In our season ticket seats, the smoke from the open air food grills very often waft over the top of us and it’s very evident in the night air and it’s breathed in as “second hand smoke”. Most nights, we come home smelling like a fire pit. Now that I’ve taken the tongue out of my cheek, let’s get real. There are a lot more things that go on at that ballpark worse than the little bit of smoke. Oh, I forgot…….no more chaw on the field. The germs from the spit could kill you!

      1. Warning track Terry says:

        AWOL golfer you forgot one other annoyance. We need to ban all human biological functions that eliminate bodily waste! With the removal of Beer and Hot dogs, this should be easier to achieve but people do walk into the park with food and beverages already in their stomach and eventually would seek toilets to evacuate their bowels and bladders thus creating the pungent odors we hate! So therefore we need to remove the toilets and make these rude people find facilities elsewhere. Besides who wants to sit next to someone that event needs to do this! Better they not even go to the game and stay home!

      2. James DarkFyre Vrchota says:

        I think they should get rid of the hotdogs, because they cause cancer, oh and the burgers fries and any other fried or meat product because they all lead to obesity. Instead lets have just an average team play in front of a crowd of maybe 200 people all of them being sickly little non-smoking tee-totaling vegans. Way to friggin go MBPA way to lose a large chunk of fans who will no longer even think of going to a game because you cant smoke.

      3. Rob says:

        Smoke from a grill doesn’t have carcinogens in it…very different from cigarette smoke. And alcohol or beer cannot have a “second hand effect” to your body…unless that person drinking drives home and runs you over in the process.

        1. Smoke em if u got em says:

          Yeah, cause no one drives home drunk from baseball games. Everyone driving to and from these games is completely sober.

        2. Logic says:

          Smoke from a grill does have carcinogens in it. Wizard. There is no evidence that second hand smoke does anything to you. I challenge you to find it, Rob.

          1. Sigh says:

            FAIL. Second-hand smoke causes skin disorders, lung problems, heart problems, infections, pregnancy issues, SIDS, cancer, brain tumors, Crohn’s disease, cognitive disorders and dementia.

            “I challenge you” to learn.

      4. Just saying says:

        You are to funny!

      5. Just saying says:

        AWOL I still like to chew, so lets not ban that.

  3. Ruth says:

    ANYONE can live without a cigarette for a few hours. Thank you Target Field and the Twins organization!

    1. Land of the Free? says:

      I haven’t laughed that hard in a loooooooooong time. Thank you butt head, I bow to you good sir.

      Ruth, stop trying to tell other how to live their lives. Target Field and the Twins have also lost my money. Last year they took them off network TV, and now won’t even go see them live.

      1. Nate says:

        Forcing others to endure stinky toxic cancer inducing 2nd hand smoke is not something that smokers seem to comprehend as being inconsiderate and selfish. Society has rules and laws that usually “tell other (people) how to live their lives” – and that’s ok. When someone’s destructive habit hurts others, then it is not simply their own personal bad habit. If butt head’s comment made you really laugh that hard, then I feel bad for the sense of humor you were born with.

        1. MrCD says:

          Your parents had destructive habits as well, namely you!

          1. Nate says:

            MrCD – Oh! *foaming at the mouth* but but but YOUR MOM! Wow, I didn’t know I was entering a thread filled with 1st graders. This is amazing. Mr CD, your parents must be so proud of you. I bet your mom and the milk man knew from your first days as a little lad that you’d be “special” some day.

        2. Jason says:

          @ nate its okay if society “government” tells others how to live thier lives. How about when its you being told how to live yours?

          1. Nate says:

            @Jason – if government tells me that I can’t do something specific that harms another human, in a specific location – you know what? I am ok with that.

            1. Logic says:

              Baaaaaaaa! Is your last name Sheeple?

              1. Nate says:

                Ha! No, but your mom’s is.

        3. GottaLaugh says:

          Last I checked everyone that goes to the game willingly purchases a ticket, willingly goes there, and willingly parks their butt in a seat! Yep, that sounds forced to me!

        4. politicianSUX says:

          Nate your condescending self righteous attitude says all that anyone needs to know about you.

          1. Nate says:

            Politician SUX – your judgemental all assuming attitude tells me simply that you are judgemental, assuming, and just a little bit high on yourself.

            1. Logic says:

              It’s YOU’RE not YOUR. If you can’t even manage the most simplistic and basic of English skills, you shouldn’t be writing anything.

              1. Sigh says:

                Wrong. Nate’s referring to *your* attitude, which he calls all-assuming. The spelling is entirely correct.

                1. Logic says:

                  lol. it’s called punctuation. if it is “your” than the sentence is properly composed as: “your judgemental, all-assuming, attitude tells me..” little things called COMMAS. without punctuation that sentence can be interpreted a variety of ways. SIGH.

        5. volavka says:

          Once again a pretentious, self-absorbed non-smoking mind can’t comprehend what this debate is about. Smoking at Target Field is the debate. If you say that because there is a smoking area outside of Gate 6 you are enduring “stinky,toxic 2nd hand smoke” while you’re sitting watching the game from your seat…then you’re just lying. You don’t. You just feel it is OK to tell others how they should live their life because you do not agree with their choices.

        6. Logic says:

          Oh honey…I hope you don’t drive a car, or have a home, or buy anything ever because I can assure you that toxins were created and emitted upon all of us for you to have said things. There is not one shred of scientific evidence that second hand smoke can do anything to you unless you were to submerge yourself in a closed room of it for eternity. Betting at least 90% of the food products at the stadium have “toxic cancer” chemicals in them. Hope you packed your organic, vegan, snack in your reusable cloth sack to bring with you. If I see you touching a plastic cup, you are SO fried.. The disinfectant they use to clean the toilets that ends up back in the water source is more detrimental to you than second hand cigarette smoke. The stadium is directly next to the trash incinerator for chrissakes! Honest to God… if everyone was jumping off a bridge, I’ll be sure to wave to you on your way down.

          1. Brett says:

            Right on, brother/sister. I grew up in a smoking household, I have smoked for over 30 years, and I have less sick days than the MAJORITY of my non-smoking peers, and that’s a FACT. No, I do not expect to live to be 100, but not do I want to be. This country/nation is going down faster than the Roamn Empire, and there is no way to stop it. I just don’t want to be around when the inevitable happens….

        7. Death says:

          Nate, you miss the whole point. They should ban cars too ass they pollute my lungs, buses and trucks too. Coal burning power plants…… what do you think?

          1. Nate says:

            Good point Death. Now that I think about it, I would whole heartedly support a ban on individuals driving cars, buses, and trucks inside the stadium. Oh yeah, no coal burning power plants inside the stadium as well.

            1. Logic says:

              I will explain this slowly, now that it is apparent that inept grammar skills are the least of your problems. People were not smoking inside of the stadium. They were OUTSIDE. Bad point Nate. Bad. Point.

        8. unde0081 says:

          You don’t get to jump from “2nd hand smoke causes cancer” to “sometimes, when the wind blows right, some smoke blows into the concourse and causes everyone cancer.” Getting rid of the outside smoking area will not save your life.

    2. Blog Ref says:

      Well said. I agree. These folks whine about the governemt being in their faces. How about the rest of us start whining about having to stand/walk/sit in a smoke-infested hole because someone else feels like smoking.

      1. Jason says:

        @bg Dont smoke myself, but why is government ” in our faces” ?

        1. Rob says:

          Government is in our faces because we beg for them to be in our faces to give us Free State Health Insurance, welfare, Jobs, etc.

  4. Joe says:

    The one thing they left out about gate 6 is this is where they also line up the kids who are particpating in the pre game ceremonies. It was kind of laugable that planning that went into that.

  5. WHO CARES says:

    They’re coming off one of the worst seasons in major league history, did NOTHING to make the team any better in the off season ………..just a matter of time before Target Field is competing with TCF Stadium to see which stadium is the most empty during games …….

    1. Smokey Bear says:

      Typed to the tune “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.”

    2. Just saying says:

      Ok, now go take your meds for being a downer.

  6. Perry says:

    Why don’t the ban farting too?

    Every year, 50,000 Americans die from 2nd hand fart smell.

  7. Nate says:

    As someone who suffers from asthma – and has children with asthma, it was always a pain dealing with smoke induced asthma attacks at the games. Now we won’t have to deal with that. Bravo to the Twins for this decision!

    1. Gene says:

      As someone who suffers headaches when faced with idiots, could you stop posting for ever?

      Thank You.

      1. Nate says:

        Gene – last time i checked it wasn’t idiotic suffering from asthma, or asthma attacks. Your post here reflects your idiotic grade school mindset. I feel sorry for your parents.

    2. GottaLaugh says:

      So everyone has to bend around your health condition. Interesting.. I guess I should start a ban on Chinese Food. Something I am allergic to. The MSG causes my airway to close up instantly. So there for I should expect everyone to conform to my issue. I don’t think so. No one forces you to go to games and if it’s an issue stay home. Just like I am smart and don’t enter a chinese resturant.

      1. Nate says:

        Forget my asthma, you still can’t argue that inhaling cigarette smoke is good for anyone. There are absolutely no benefits, health wise, for anyone at a Twins game when it comes to the bad habit of a few.

        If it was tough for you to go to a Twins game without coming into contact with Chinese food, I’m sure you’d be thrilled to find out one day that Chinese food has been banned from the stadium.

    3. unde0081 says:

      Oh, so you’re the one, I saw you there, with your kids, everyone constantly suffering from asthma attacks while sitting in your outdoor seats. Please.

      1. Nate says:

        Please learn how to write a coherent sentence. Then, maybe, I’ll listen to you.

        1. Logic says:

          Please learn the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.

    4. Logic says:

      If you are sitting outside and ‘claim’ to have an asthma attack from second hand smoke, you have some serious medical problems and should not be going to public events. The advancements in asthma treatments have come a long way. I actually don’t believe that you are having an asthma attack from sitting at the ballpark. It’s probably pollen and the incinerator. That, or you are not taking your medications.

  8. Herman Cain says:

    We live in such a dictatorship these days. My word and signature was always good enough to vote too. Forced to wear seat belts. We all know their going to outlaw sugar soon.. Let people live. Give me Liberty!

    Where is Herman Cain?

    1. cheese says:

      He’s schtooping Amy Koch. Where do you think?

      1. James DarkFyre Vrchota says:

        What polly isn’t schtooping Amy Koch? :-DD

    2. rentacop says:

      You don’t like it ? PICK ANOTHER COUNTRY AND MOVE TO ONE OF THEM !! We won’t miss your whining !!

  9. Awesome! says:

    Excellent. Smokers are destructive people…killing themselves and hurting others with secondhand smoke.

    1. Nate says:

      Finally – a smart person.

  10. Outraged says:

    If the Twins think this policy will not have negative consequences on attendence they are sorely mistaken. If they do not stop this discrimination and come up with somewhere people can smoke then they derserve the outcome.

    1. Don't let the door hit ya.... says:

      @outraged-whatever. If smokers think the twins give a rat’s arse about them leaving, they’re sorely mistaken. You think you’re so special that everyone will suffer when you take your ball and go home because you don’t like the rules? Not gonna happen. If you’re a smoker, Target Field is well rid of you. People like you give me a chuckle. You’re like those goofballs who get mad at the Target check out clerk and swear you’re never shopping at Target again. You think you’re important enough to fight the man and bring down the establisment? Nice fantasy world you live in.

      1. Outraged says:

        I believe I am not alone. A lot of poeple would rather stay home than subject themselves to discrimination, The Twins could at least allow reentry. Then smokers coulld leave for a while so we do not polute the wonerful pure air near the field.

        1. Rob says:

          Heh, that’s what they said abot banning smoking in bars. The amount of the lush and DWI crowd is strong as ever!

        2. MN Fan says:

          Why is it that you are crying discrimination??? What about those of us that don’t smoke having to put up with smokers throwing their butts anywhere they want and lighting up where ever they want. If someone doesn’t agree with something …. right away it’s DISCRIMINATION……GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

      2. KnowyourFacts says:

        What should make you chuckle is that they let players chew tobacco but ban smoking. Thats funny. Not someone making there own decision to smoke outside a brick building that paid alot more in taxes for then someone crying about the smoke blowing in just the right direction on a windy day in there face. Thats pathetic not funny. Or that smoking smells bad but letting drunk people run around and yell at the players in front of kids is not living in a fantasy world. Im just saying think about it. Dont have to agree.

      3. jackactionhero says:

        I bet you said that bars and restaurants would all close when they banned smoking too, right?

        How did that end up again?

    2. Just saying says:

      When you get lung cancer, and it is only a metter of time if you smoke I know a good surgeon.

  11. MrCD says:

    As a smoker I’m fine with the new rules. Now, lets make some more rules like, no more fat people allowed in a game to crowd my seating, no more fat people on airplanes taking up two seats, and no more fat people in restaurants! All you hollier than thou people should thanks us smoker’s, if it weren’t for us your property taxes would be doubled, just think how you all whine about a few more dollars for a viking’s stadium. If you all hate smoker’s that bad, call your state reps and have them make it illegal, OH wait, that will never happen, they love the revenue generated by it too much and could not live without it! Tax the fat people they cost more in health care cost than do smoker’s, and if you don’t believe it look it up! Oh…..and to clear up another falsehood, second hand smoke does not cause cancer, look that up too! Bunch of dolts!

    1. Logic says:

      AMEN!!!! Feel free to ban beer, obese people (but that makes up at least 50% of the attendees so…haha!) , people on antidepressants, children under 5, anyone wearing clothing that exposes their underwear, need I go on?

    2. schoolbusdriver says:

      Thank you.

    3. SZ says:

      One of the smartest comments made here. Excellent MrCD. You have done your homework well, I couldn’t agree more.

    4. Smoke em if u got em says:

      Perfectly stated.

  12. GottaLaugh says:

    @ nate l hope you don’t drive a car or use materials that contaminate our air. I wouldnt’ want you contributing to hinder your own health.

    1. Nate says:

      GottaLaugh – sensing sarcasm here

  13. ron says:


    1. Just saying says:

      Ron wewewe will miss you. Not.

  14. ron says:

    Get rid of the beer too, they can wait to go home to have a beer …

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Vendors need the money. Beer won’t be going anywhere.

  15. Mark Luehrs says:

    Ban on smoking goes along with Twins ban on winning. Lots of Bans for the Twins. Get ole Bob Casey to say it – from the grave – ” NOOOOOOOOO
    Smoking!”… Please – no screaming, crying babies either.

  16. curious says:

    Does this include marijuana? Just curious.

  17. Perry says:

    You can still smoke at Saint games!
    And, they’re a lot more fun!
    And, it’s cheaper!

  18. Hotdog McGee says:

    Hey…….TCF is going to get beer…….How about requiring everyone going to a Twinks game have health insurance, car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, have a correct BMI, and carry proof of childhood vaccines. Oh, please consider more room for City of Mpls bikes, special parking for Hybrid Cars, and outlets for electric cars in case anyone buys one. Also, no wild fans, wildife cameras, lapdog wolves (born under camera surveillance) or Ragbox or whatever looklalikes.
    HDMG – Unelected Official

  19. LazyAmerica says:

    Have any of you people complaining about smokers actually read any of the several studies on second hand smoke? I’m a non-smoker and actually took the time to read the studies. They have concluded absolutely nothing about second hand smoke. It has a near negligible effect on people. Statistics spewed out by all the anti-smoking agencies are so distorted and twisted its not even funny. Get educated and stop whining about things you perceive as ‘fact’ just because the media told you it was truth. Smarten up America! Special interest groups are ruining our freedoms and we continue to let them do it.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “It has a near negligible effect on people. ”

      False. It bothers me to breathe. A lot. I also don’t want my kids to have to breathe it either.

      You don’t smoke at bars and restaurants anymore. How did you survive that?

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        It bothers me when you breathe too.

        Why do you even bother to breathe?

        Please be specific.

      2. Death says:

        Bars & Resturaunts have smoking area’s DA!

        1. MN Fan says:

          YES, they do…right by the door you walk in or out of. So you still have to walk through all the smoke…..and the STENCH!!!!

          1. Logic says:

            Sounds like you have a problem with the restaurants you patronize. Guess they still care more about making money and being fair and keeping everyone happy than they do about you specifically. Go figure.

  20. politicianSUX says:

    how much tax revenue is the state and federal government missing out on due to this war on smoking? Who will make up all that revenue? Next up, alcohol, gasoline, … Soon, they will only have your bank acount to go after because anything that is fun or perceived by someone else as bad for you will be banned.

  21. Rockford says:

    As a season ticket holder, I spend 110 bucks per game for seats and enjoy a few puffs every now and then during a game. I try to be a considerate smoker and do not want my smoke to waft back in the stadium but why couldn’t the Twins move the area another hundred feet away from the entrance to prevent this? We walk that far to get there, we can walk a little further so as not to offend the nonsmokers. I see they say they asked their fans but as a legend season ticket holder, I was never asked.

  22. ipmutt says:

    Target field to become Ipmutt free. I have been there three times. Not any more. They can pack it with big government bullies.

  23. ipmutt says:

    after all the complaining, stop going there. If you do go, know you are part of the problem.

  24. Kevin says:

    those who smoke do so because they need to have something to suck on.

    1. Smoke em if u got em says:

      That’s why I smoke your mom.

  25. Smith says:

    I would not go to the field with out a roof on it any way. I live in Faribault.They want you to buy a ticket and gamble on the weather, one more reason To stay home Save money on gas and food, And no DAM DRUNKS to ruin the game. I can smoke at home in A/C comfort and really Enjoy a game. And NO BUSY BODY’s Telling me what to do!

  26. Smith says:

    show one death certificate That shows a person Die from 2nd Hand smoke!!!!
    You are A blinde sheep move on the grass is all gone here.

    1. Nate says:

      Smith – that’s a horrible argument. Smoke causes cancer – if you don’t understand that then there is no point in me wasting my time responding to an obvious troll.

      Let’s say the issue was trans fats – “Smith, show one death certificate that shows a person Die from trans fats.” Of course the certificate won’t state it was trans fats, just like a certificate will not say 2nd hand smoke. But….trans fats cause obesity, blocked arteries, heart attacks, strokes, etc – and smoke causes lung cancer.

      I’ve had a number of friends suffer from lung cancer – the funny thing is they have not smoked a single cigarette in their lives – but guess what? They all grew up in homes with smoking parents.

      1. unde0081 says:

        You don’t get to jump from “2nd hand smoke causes cancer” to “sometimes, when the wind blows right, some smoke can blow into the concourse and it causes cancer in everyone.” That’s a horrible argument. I bet your parents are real proud.

        1. Nate says:

          Um…yeah. It’s impossible to walk through gate 6 without inhaling smoke. Last time I checked it’s inhaling smoke that causes lung cancer. My parents are proud, actually. As for yours…….lol

  27. Liquid Nails says:

    Funny they banned smoking when the ballpark sits next to the most toxic producing facility in Hennepin County, the famous garbage burner.

  28. Christine says:

    I don’t smoke (well to clarify, I don’t smoke cigarettes) however the last I heard was smoking was LEGAL adult activity. I am so sick of select people trying to impose their beliefs on others. If you don’t like smoking, fine, don’t smoke. But to presume that because you don’t do it nobody else should either.

    My husband and I went to 6 games last year and spent well over $150 each time. This year I will attend 0 games. I don’t smoke, but I support smokers rights. I’m not gay, but I support gay marriage. I don’t drink, but I support others right to do so.

  29. Herby says:

    Say all you want. “You can not smoke at Target Field ever again”. end of story.

    1. Death says:

      Not so, I can smoke ANYWHERE I want, it’s just not allowed. They are saying you may not smoke, but you can!

  30. Brett says:

    Yet another bad idea, leading us down the road to socialism. It all got started with the MN Clean INDOOR ACT. Now, it’s a MONSTER, with no limits whatsosever….

    1. huh? says:

      Do you, at all, recognize your inconsistency? Today, it’s power to the people, let them make their own decisions, don’t tread on me, light up. Yesterday, according to you, we couldn’t and shouldn’t and if you had your way wouldn’t light a firecracker.

  31. Gdon221 says:

    I used to smoke. Now I just burst into flames. That won’t go over too well at the stadium either!

  32. Sean says:

    How about those god awful grills?? If you are worried about the health of people– ban those grills and the horrible smoke and smell. Get a grip. Outside is outside. Thought it was hard enough for them to sell tickets. Start with me and count how many hundreds of fans that will never go to a game again!! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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