(Update: As of Thursday, April 5, the attorney for the waitress said she will keep her $12,000 tip. Read more.)

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP/WCCO) — A waitress in Minnesota is suing after $12,000 was left at her restaurant table — she says it was a tip but police say, it’s drug money, according to The Forum.

The lawsuit was filed in Clay County District Court and alleges that the waitress found a box, left at her table at the Fryn’ Pan restaurant in Moorhead. She said she followed the customer to her car to return the box but the woman told her to keep it.

The waitress said she found bundled rolls of cash inside the box, totaling $12,000.

She said even though she has five children and could use the money, she decided to call police, according to The Forum.

Officers told the woman to wait 90 days in case someone claimed the money. The Forum reports that after three months, police told the woman the cash was being held as drug money.

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  1. Shane says:

    All this tells the public is if you find money, do not call the cops.

    1. vabb says:

      I would never call the cops. I might donate the money to charity but I would never call the cops.

      1. David Pittelli says:

        That’s an absurd overstatement. In many 3rd world countries it is routine, in any encounter with the police (even a traffic stop) for the police to solicit a bribe, which you cannot refuse lest you be beaten or arrested. There is nowhere in the United States where anywhere near this level of corruption occurs.

        1. Chad says:

          You should come to Illinois sometime…

        2. JHenJoh says:

          Yes, here they just beat you up without giving you a chance to pay them off. I’ll take the 3rd world. TRY DENVER!

        3. Martin says:

          Look at NDAA any American can be “legally” kidnapped now and your relatives will NOT be contacted. Oh and the President can now put a hit squad out on you also, no court no nothing… HE’s the decider. go to copblock.org or injusticeeverywhere.com and see if you can say that again with a straight face. We long ago skipped 2nd – 3rd world and went straight to 4th world banana republic.

    2. roger says:

      That is exactly why I would not say a word and not put it in the bank!

      1. Macfad says:

        Yeah Roger, like a sudden and immediate deposit of $12000 into your bank account that is not accustomed to having those types of deposits, would not raise flags and cause the bank to question it. Under the Patriot Act and Know Your Customer rules, the banks would investigate that and have no choice but to report that irregularity to the federal regulators.

        1. John Clark says:

          No…you do it slowly over a period of time. Make a small deposit here and there. Spend cash instead of using a debit or credit card on small things. It would not be hard to hide that much and slowly use it or feed it into an account.

          1. len says:

            hey fools, are you aware that millions of people don’t have bank accounts? My granny has a bank account but keeps more money in her home locked in a metal box than at the bank.

            1. len isn't bright says:

              Hey fool, you are aware your granny is a fool, right? Granny isn’t keeping up with inflation in her metal box. I’m guessing she’s afraid of a bank crash? What does she think her money will be worth if it isn’t worth anything at the bank?

              1. rtriker7 says:

                My 401k is going backwards. The money in my sock drawer smells funny but stays the same.

              2. Don't be silly says:

                “Granny isn’t keeping up with inflation in her metal box,” but if she put it in a checking account she’d be, “keeping up with inflation?”

            2. BHO says:

              Where does she live?

            3. rolandotx says:

              what’s her address?

        2. James says:

          “Not” put it in the bank… Yeah I think he knows. Always re-read before posting! 🙂

        3. Michael Bingham says:

          Read the comment properly before putting foot in mouth. He said he Would Not deposit, chief.

        4. dolt says:

          he said “not”.

        5. buster hymen says:

          The banks only have to report a deposit of $10,000.00 or more. Make two deposits of $6,000.00 each. Of course that’s known as “structuring” a payment which is also illegal. So you’re damned if you do and damned if you dont.

          1. degenerate says:

            multiple transactions adding up to 10,000 or more are reported, you can’t get around it by depositing 5,000 twice after a moderate interval. I researched it a while back while determining how best to hide gambling winnings.

          2. average american says:

            just make deposits of odd amounts all under 1000.
            ANd in the meantime just go to different banks to buy money orders to pay your bills,
            And pay cash for other items, as long as its under 1000.

          3. 1Percenter&ProudOfIT says:

            FYI the reporting now is done on amounts > $3000

          4. idgarad says:

            Banks have very comprehensive heuristic systems to track odd deposit behavior. If you get paid traditionally twice a month and make 3 average deposits a month. Then suddenly start making 4 deposits for 6 months then go back to 3 per month the system will flag extra 6 deposits, tally them and if they exceed reporting requirements they get filed accordingly. The government has very specific requirements for money laundering behaviors as do the IRS and international bodies.

        6. ILikeCopsButNotTheseMooks says:

          Hey you bunch of dopes, you get a safety deposit box. Deposit it? LOL. Some real arch criminals in here.

          1. jerome says:

            You gotta be kidding!!! Cash can be kept and used slowly each day. NEVER bank it or use large sums. Put it in your “socks”. It’ll keep. Don’t worry.

        7. literate-one says:

          Macfad, roger stated he would “NOT” put it in the bank!

        8. JD says:

          anything over $9;999.99 gets flagged under the Patriot Act for money laundering inquiries. you’d have to put it in the bank very slowly and try to clean the bills first to get residue off of them. even then, you have to pray the serial numbers have not been flagged as well.

          1. David Pittelli says:

            Unless the money is new bills, consecutively numbered, and robbed from a bank, it is extremely unlikely that anyone is tracking them by serial number.

          2. krkyoldhag says:

            She might be on some kind of subsidy, food stamps, etc. 12,000 wont’ make her rich but it could ease some pressures short term. BUT if she deposits it she risks losing any social benefits she receiving. I know of a situation where because she simply put her daughter as co signer on her bank account (for emergency in case the mother could not take care of business) the daughter lost her benefits that she needed. I don’t believe you should rip off tax payers but I do think a waitress with 5 kids needs more then tips no matter how big they are.

        9. paul says:

          OK…so be smart about how you do it: Use the $12,000 directly to pay expenses over a year or two time and don’t deposit it into the bank………..

        10. fntsmk says:

          Roger said: “…NOT put it in the bank.”

          Effin’ cops. Broad was stupid to call the cops in the first place but…, the money is hers. Let her keep it.

        11. Marc M says:

          Way to think how to solve a problem… liberal perhaps?

          Just deposit it over 2 months…. wow what a thought.

        12. Libertarian_Thinker says:


          Maybe you should actually read rogers comment… he said he would NOT put it in the bank. but thanks for participating. lol

          Not sure if this is still true but in the past to avoid red flags if the deposits were under 10k they didn’t have to report it.

        13. Non-Druggie says:

          Macfad: We owned a business in the 80’s & 90’s that used to have large amts. of cash that we deposited. Even then, the government wouldn’t let you just deposit it. Anything over $10,000 generated an automatice notification from the bank to the government. It was when drug $ was starting to become very large amts. & was an attempt to stop/follow it.

        14. p curley says:

          There has been a law for many years for banks to report cash transactions of $10k or more. This by far pre dates the Patriot Act or Know your customer rules She could have easily put it in several different banks

      2. Fred says:

        Roger. Never in the bank. You keep you paychecks going in there , pay your bills with it. But the gas, the goceries – that stuff you pay with that cash you found. It may take some time, but the Government will never find out.

      3. ReadB4Uwrite says:

        C’mon people,,,read posts carefully. Roger said “That is exactly why I would not say a word and NOT put it in the bank!”

    3. C Keeper says:

      Remember all good deads never go unpunished.

      1. 11 11 says:

        begging you pardon, but the saying is closer to “no good deed goes unpunished”. Just sayin….

        1. No kidding... says:

          …nice double negative. Do you people actually talk like this out loud? It reminds me of the emails that go around showing Walmart’s finest.

          1. johndeveraux says:

            Double negative? That statement “no good deed goes unpunished” is not a double negative. Did you learn that statement was a double negative while in Walmart?

          2. Sally says:

            “No good deed goes unpunished” is a common phrase. Some attribute it to Oscar Wilde.

            Grammar is not the be all, end all of the English language. Stop being so damn precious and read a book or two.

            1. Logicus vs. Grammaticus says:

              That such read “end alll, be all” 🙂 . . . It’s still not a double negative in the above comment (which by the way is a violation of logic and not grammar). . . This is not like then vs than, and it is quite apparent that many of the posters above should not have made it out of grade school for: 1) Arguing over trivial nonsense related to a common use phrase, and 2) Arguing utterly incorrectly with the wrong argumental substantiation. Grammar and Logic are two completely separate beasts, and pretty much everyone above who attacked anyone else above was incorrect. Just saying. . .

              1. not important says:

                Any time you correct someone’s spelling/grammar/etc., you should carefully check your post before clicking “submit”:
                “That SUCH read . . . “????

    4. winston84 says:

      These days, it’s best not to call the cops over anything petty or you might be the one that goes to jail

    5. MIKE says:

      Why should we? A cop is a different animal than in years past. We can’t trust them. They are pitted against the citizens. Gone are the days when a police officer was the friendly protector and servant. Hell no! Now they have quotas to fill in order to keep their jobs! They are trained to be suspicious of the average Joe. They have become gangsters that believe that they ARE the law instead of enforcers of the law. There are countless videos on the internet of cops beating people into submission and continuing to beat, kick, pound and taze, long after they have been subdued. Don’t tell me about the few bad apples garbage. This is a case in which if there is even one bad apple that isn’t held accountable, then the whole bunch is rotten! Cover up is an entree on the menu. Makes me sick!

      1. Exador says:

        Absolutely Correct.
        These days, to be able to become a cop, you have to get a degree in Criminal Justice aka two years of indoctrination to turn you into a stormtrooper. Then there’s the academy to finish the job.

      2. Ian says:

        BINGO, you hit it right on the nose. They are probably the most organized gang members in the US, but they are still bullies and thugs that feel they are better than the rest of us. I see cops breaking the traffic laws all the time and if they don’t have their lights on, they are meant to follow the same laws as the rest of us, but they aren’t held accountable when they do it

    6. Bob from Berkeley says:

      Don’t think this is something new or isolated either! I was pulled in for a traffic ticket and two days later I was released with an empty wallet. Now years later I trust the cops even less, they have gone down the drain with the rest of Society and I now depend on myself to get out of trouble. The cops only show up to clean up the mess the bad guys leave behind and hassel the survivors.

      1. rolandotx says:

        and they all vote for Democrats too

    7. The MaD HaCkER says:

      Crooks, Cops. If it is not nailed down, it is gone. ;(

    8. ant says:

      This old trick has been around for decades. Since +70% of our money supply has cocaine on it (probably feces too) the cops know to get it tested and just throw out that tired old “drug money” routine… pirate bastids!! Its funny how the shananigans they pulled on minorities back in the day, the now pull on every body. Beware of the “Drop Gun.”

    9. bronco billy says:

      Confucius say: Woman who do right thing get left jab.

    10. harrison says:

      she called the police , if no one claims , then most would rather see her with 12k , then the city , it will be a drop in the bucket for the city , or they will donate it to some fund like they are doing something special …. give it back to the women and her family….or start a fund for
      her kids ….

    11. J. Gault says:

      I wouldn’t call it in either.! The cops want to keep that money at the PD for pizza lunches.

    12. len says:

      Well the woman is clearly stupid. If she tried to give the money to the owner and was told to keep it –keep it.

      Anytime you involve the cops(in situations like this) it goes without saying that things won’t end well for you.

    13. HouTexan says:

      No kidding! I think everyone in American knows you can find a trace of drugs on any randomly-selected collection of $20’s. These police just thought they had a sure-fire way to get their hands on a little cash!

    14. diksinya says:

      straight out tell them its ur pimpin earnings.seems legit2me.lmao

  2. Bruce says:

    State sponsored thieves.

    1. Bob G. says:

      I don’t call 911. I deal with it…..

  3. sbisking says:

    Why call the cops if the woman told you to keep the box of money? I sure wouldn’t have called the cops! Cops aren’t the same as they use to be! Cops use to be cops to help serve and protect their communities, today most become cops because they get to wear a badge and act like a big shot!

    1. CallousD says:

      Cops are much much better than they ever have been before. That being said they are state sponsored thieves whose only function is to protect the government from the people.

  4. mark says:

    She’s absolutely right to sue. Where’s the proof ? They owe her interest and penalties as well.

    1. Macfad says:

      Unusual behavior is a trigger to investigate. Let’s not pretend that is it even remotely normal for any individual to walk around with $12000 in cash – then it’s even more abnormal for said individual to just leave it as a tip – without even specifically handing it to the intended recipient with an explanation. This type of behavior screams suspicion. If it’s all up and up and innocent – it will come out in the lawsuit. However, there is no money fairy and this is more than likely very illegitimate and criminal.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        So who should get to keep it? Should the poilice be able to seize it and keep it for themselves? That seems to be what you are suggesting. Is it?

        1. desert eagle .50 says:

          What are YOU chirping up for? $12k is more than you make in a year. STFU.

          I am being specific.

          1. Jake V. says:


            1. desert eagle .50 says:


      2. Andrew P. says:

        Tell me, why can’t an individual walk around with cash? When did that become illegal? Maybe they have a boatload of money, and were feeling charitable? Maybe they won the lotto or a great hand in Vegas. What I’m getting at is it should never be illegal in the US to carry around any amount of US currency.

        1. Macfad says:

          Read the Patriot Act Andrew.

          1. Andrew P. says:

            I think you are referring to the Bank Secrecy Act, wherein it is illegal to “evade currency reporting by concealing more than US$10,000 on any person or through any luggage”. Basically, withdrawals and bank transfers of $10k or more are reported to the Govt, and any attempt to conceal this transaction is a crime. *

            Maybe you should read the Patriot Act. If I’m wrong, please prove it (with direct quotes and source).

            *Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_PATRIOT_Act,_Title_III
            (yes, I know wikipedia is open-source, but I don’t intent to fully read every piece of legislation.)

          2. sean says:

            You mean repeal the 4 th amendment act.
            BS laws are repugnant

        2. EdC says:

          Because the war on drugs is a label for a war on guns and cash. If it was really about getting rid of drugs it would not have been going on for decades.

      3. Matt says:

        You have GOT to be a COP. Or the defending attorney or somebody. MAYBE YOU TOOK THE MONEY, ILLEGALLY.

        Think about this:


        1. Matt says:

          You don’t get it bro. They don’t need proof.

        2. Bob G. says:

          Get some help with that stutter. I miss the honest guys, you know, the Cosa Nostra.

      4. sal says:

        Everyone is guilty intil proven innocent? Carrying a lot of cash makes us criminals? Only in this constitution free land.

      5. Sandra says:

        People used to leave wads of ill-gotten money to the church “poor box” or with a charity. Perhaps the woman who left it realized that most charities and churches are scams, are not to be trusted, sadly. Perhaps she knew that someone working for minimum wage could use it for her family, and thus left it with a hard-working individual. This type of tale has been the stuff of short stories for years. Sad that the waitress knew to do what we all should have been taught is “right,” and was ripped off by the police. This is another tale of the deterioration of the fabric of our society.

      6. Nobody says:

        I guarantee there are lobbyists in Washington that walk around with $12k in their pockets…

        …Food for thought…

      7. retrocon says:

        Well, the USA in which i live presumes innocent until proven guilty. Only in places like the China, Cuba, and other such dictatorships, do they presume guilty until proven innocent.

        I can go to bank, get 12K out of savings right now, and walk around with it all i want, perfectly legally. Of what crime am i guilty? Any why should i have to prove i am not guilty of it?

        1. CM Punk says:

          Hah! Let’s try this one – have your wife/girlfriend attack you with a knife, slashing you a couple of times before you wrest it from her and restrain her. Once the cops come, she shows off the bruises on her wrists and says she only wielded the knife in self-defense after you grabbed her and she got loose – guess who goes away in handcuffs? (Hint its the guy with the stab wounds.)

          Then, he has to prove his innocence. (Yeah, I know. That’s not what the law says. But its a FACT in every single male-female he said/she said altercation case.)

          1. jpattitude says:

            It’s worse than that. I knew a guy who woke up with his girffriend cutting his forearms with a knife. He was bleeding all over the bed. She was angry because she thought he flirted with somebody at a party. He said, “That’s it, I’m out of here,” but she wouldn’t let him leave, pulling on his belt until she broke a fingernail. BECAUSE OF THAT BROKEN FINGERNAIL HE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ARRESTED. This is how they control us. They’re turning all the men into criminals, marginalizing us because they figure they can control the women.

        2. formerleewarmer says:

          yeah? try it…

      8. Dave-O says:

        The waitress has no legal obligation to determine the origin of the money.
        However, the bank does, if it is cash and over $5000. Dealing in cash or barter is the best way to starve the beast(government). Notice that all foreign countries drop there tax rates when bartering becomes normal.

      9. Mark D says:

        Yeah but this is clearly a case of a cop who thinks he deserves it more than the waittress.

      10. ChurchSox says:

        For the police to intervene, you have to have more than a suspicion. You have to have a breach of the law.

      11. mike says:

        prolly a criminal banker

      12. Rob says:

        So when we hear stories of $10,000 being dropped in a Salvation Army bucket at Christmas time, should they call the police and hand the cash over, because, let’s be honest… No one carries cash around in that amount and leaves it like that. It HAS to be drug money!

        After my grandparents both died, our family had to go through the house and move everything out and disperse things to the family. My grandfather had $37,000 in cash behind all of his books on a shelf and another $40,000 in cash in his safe in the basement. Being adults during the Great Depression developed the tendency to keep cash at home in addition to money in the bank. Don’t think they dealt drugs!

      13. Mark says:

        So who is under suspition here? The waitress with five kids or the tipper? If this is drug money then the state is obligated to prove it beyond a shadow of doubt before confiscating the money. The police may be right, if so, someone should be taking a perp walk… followed by due process.

  5. James says:

    good luck with your lawsuit, hope you win!!!! Personally, I never would have called the Police in the first place

  6. cujo says:

    Anything they want is “drug” money or was bought with “drug” money. Check the cops homes for seized cars and other goodies!

  7. lynx coin says:

    thats right,cops have become the big blue gang.WE are just supposed to worship them and do like good little sheep and do what they say.JUst like here in colorado,top cop steals drugs,trades sex for meth,possible murder connection,gives drugs to minors,gets 30 days.I would like that deal next time I commit multiple felonies

  8. Steven Moshlak says:

    No. No. No. No. i don’t care if it was drug money or not. Asset forfeiture and seizures are supposed to be based against criminal enterprises or illicitly earned money. Was this money illicitly earned? Not hardly.

    This money was not illicilty earned and was properly reported. The police department has a duty to find out if the the waitress received this money as part of a drug transaction. If not, it belongs to her. Also, at least six out of ten bills, circulating in the US has drug residue on it.

    Youngsters have found s-called drug money, and the police have attempted to seize it, only to have the courts order it’s return. Business people, engaged in legitimate commerce, have had their money seized and the court reequired its return.

    Unless there was a court hearing declaring the money the State’s property and the waitress was notified.

    The Minnesota AG better get off the dime and find out what happened to that money and return it FAST.

    1. Rob says:

      Perfect example just the other day with MN Teen Challenge being required to pay back a $2.3 Million donation from Tom Petters…

  9. Nick says:

    Wow, she followed them and was told she could keep the money? That should have been the end of the story. She tried to do the right thing and lost. Sad…

  10. old farmer says:

    What’s the good word for honest people doing the right thing? Don’t, you’ll get robbed.

    1. Fred says:

      Mac Fad – you sir are a mean and spitefull man. it was over 10k , and from the police. the IRS would have known under the The Bank Secrecy Act (1970) that the money was transferred.
      second – who in the bloody Heck are you to question that poor working womans ideals? She called the cops to report the money, doesn’t that say somethig about her character ??
      in the future – just keep your piehole shut !!!

      1. Macfad says:

        Fred, first, no, I won’t “keep my piehole shut”. I have just as much right to opine on this as you do. Just because you don’t like my opinion, doesn’t mean you get to shut me down.

        Secondly, who am I to question this “poor working” woman? I am a tax payer who pays my fair share of taxes and expects other to as well. I am also not going to give her a free pass just because she’s a “poor working” woman. Millions of other “poor working” folks pay their taxes. I’ve seen waiters/waitresses lie and threaten other coworkers if they dare report their REAL income on their taxes. If I have to pay MY taxes, then so does everybody else.

        Thirdly, I’m not a man of any kind – “mean or spiteful” or any other description.. I am a woman and I pay my taxes, recognize suspicious behavior when I see it, and do not knee-jerk react to an “all cops are bad” mentality just because this “poor woman” must wait for a proper investigation before she gets her money.

        1. Ratso Rizzo says:

          She has not failed to pay taxes on this money yet. You seem to be projecting the most vile of yourself upon a woman who has actually shown her honesty. You are petty and ridiculous. The waitress made humanity look good and you are bent on making humanity, especially yourself, look bad.

          1. Macfad says:

            Ratso, my comments were directed at the general propensity of wait staff to lie and under report their earnings – it’s notorious and well known in the industry, I know, I’ve been there, done that seen it happen and have been threatened many times to keep my taxes within 5 or 10% of my fellow coworkers. So have many other waitresses I know.. It was not projecting any “vile” upon this individual, just in the usual practice of waitressing. That should have been obvious.

            1. ldentz says:

              the irs taxes you on what you average or should make ???

          2. Coloradostheplace says:

            Ah yes, faux Minnesoduh morality.

          3. Fred says:

            funny – i do not see an apology to the young woman here. Just more spitefull claptrap.
            you owe her an apology. It is called slander, young lady, and it is illegal as tax evasion.

        2. Ratso Rizzo says:

          You stupid woman! How did the story above become one where the waitress engages in tax evasion?

          1. B*tchRadar says:

            Macfad, are you still penetrated anally by Satan?

          2. Ratso Rizzo says:

            Your logic once again has taken a blind leap into the abyss called stupidity. Your opinion is nothing but a tragedy for others to laugh at. You backtrack on the venom you spread but it has poisoned none but you.

    2. Andrew P. says:

      Wow. Okay, do you always travel the speed limit, every time? Do you pay “Use Tax” for purchases made online at giants like Amazon? Have you ever sang Happy Birthday in public? Is you’re true, legal name “Macfad”, or are you using a faux name? Have you ever made a wager with friends outside of a casino?

      These are all crimes. Although I’m sure you’ve never broken any of them..

      We all know how “honest” Macfads are…

      1. Andrew P. says:

        To clarify for the trolls: singing in public is not a crime, but singing a copyrighted work without paying royalties is.

        And yes, using a name other than your true, legal name is technically illegal (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act).

    3. PLNBLDR says:

      That is a pretty lame comment to make about someone you don’t have any personal connection with. Obviously, if you have a pea brain in your head to realize it, she was honest enough to call the police to begin with… So she is most likely a bit more honest than the people you speak of. Personally, I think she should have kept the money and not whispered a word about it to the cops. She wouldn’t be stuck in a mess of litigation now if she had.

    4. sean says:

      Who cares, the money would have just have been used to kill more brown people around the world. Grow up and look around government steals, kills, and destroys in the name of freedom, and u want someone to pay for that. No wonder they hate us, you moron.

  11. ajhnson says:

    Well I for one won’t call the police if I find money!

  12. LogicalMinded says:

    This “War on Drugs” has gone too far (actually it has been going too far for decades now)! It is now a War on Americans.

    The govnt from Fed to State has now been labeled “thieves” and “gangs” (this forum is NOT the first reference to said terms) by the Americans they are supposed to “protect”. No one trusts them anymore (again from the Fed down). So what does that mean?

    This obvious greed is one of the reasons this country is falling apart.

  13. Bob says:

    Ooops, they spent it on donuts!

    1. Bob T. says:

      Really NOW! Is that what you think?

      You think any police force is going to risk a week of being suspended… ummm, with pay… for a weeks worth… of, ummm… Doh!

      1. Bob says:

        Check their uniforms for white powder… yes, it’s powered sugar. What were you thinking?

  14. Jeanne says:

    According to the Forum report, Moorhead police Lt. Tory Jacobson said, “We certainly have an ongoing investigation with it, with suspicion of narcotics or the involvement of narcotics investigators.” The police also stated the money smelled like marijuana. Others, according to the report, did not.

    It sounds to me as if the police are making excuses for not giving the money back. And the waitress should not have accepted the reward, IMO, since there is no basis to give a reward if there really isn’t a criminal case. But since she accepted the reward, I’ll bet she won’t get the money even if they determine there was no crime involved.

    She should have just accepted it and said nothing.

    1. Rob says:

      Not sure how accurate the statistic is from my memory, but I recall reading an article a long time ago that said that nearly 90% of currency in circulation has illegal drug residue on it.

  15. G guy says:

    Hate to say it but the story does not ring true. Like others have said, If the woman said keep it why in god’s name call the police. You have to understand Police mentality, if you call them in this kind of situation your not telling the whole truth or you are stupid to call them, either way you lose.

    1. SG says:

      You must not keep up with the news, if you think this does not “ring true.” People call the police for all sorts of things, because they are overly trusting, and unsure of the laws. This woman was trying to cover her back, trying to make sure that the money could REALLY be hers. She was trying to prevent exactly what happened. She must not keep up with the news, either.

  16. resistanceisfutile says:

    Why on earth did she call the “terrorists in blue” in the first place? Scratching your nose at a red light is enough for them to seize your car so they can have some party money. Welcome to police-state Amerika.

    And why is it if the citizen can’t use the (alleged) drug money to pay her bills, the cops can?

  17. DaddyB says:

    Drug money? They are just speculating as to the origin of the money.

    I’m speculating too. Perhaps the police ran a test and found traces of drugs on some of the money. My understanding is that holds true for much of the currency in circulation. Nice scam. Run a test that finds a trace of cocaine on some of the bills and they feel justified in confiscating the money. Just speculation on my part.

    Give the waitress her tip!

    1. Macfad says:

      Sure. Give it to her after a full accounting and investigation. What’s wrong with waiting? If it’s legitimate, then no harm, no foul right?

      1. Dave-O says:

        She waited 90 days and the cops Stole her money. It’s that simple.

      2. Jake V. says:

        Quit blindly trusting the US government pal. They aren’t in it to protect you. They want to label you as a criminal and lock you up so they can exert total and complete control over your life. Until you get that in your thought patterns you will continue to run around making ignorant comments.

    2. rolandotx says:

      Maybe it was prostitution money or foreign espionage. Let them run a test for cocaine on the money in your wallet right now and it will test POSITIVE

  18. desert eagle .50 says:

    Do not talk to the police. Do not admit to anything. Call a lawyer. Do not consent to any searches.

    I am being specific.

    1. Refrigerator Larry says:

      Excellent advice.

      1. Macfad says:

        LOL, how much of that $12000 do you think this woman will have once her lawsuit is heard and finished? Even if she wins….the lawyer will most likely keep a a minimum of 30%, and then she will have to pay federal and state taxes and associated court costs and fees.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Is this your argument against her being allowed to keep it, or are you really just laughing at her misfortune out of petty jealousy… Be honest….

  19. Eliot says:

    I agree, LogicMinded. Never trust the police or sheriff’s departments; virtually all of them have been corrupt to the core for decades, small ones and large ones, and now they are on power trips from hell. I come from an area of small farming communities, and it’s the same story everywhere.

    1. proud to be married to an officer says:

      Eliot how do you know this – had some problems of your own with the police and didn’t like the outcome? Corrupt to the core for decades – really.

      1. surffree says:

        Well, I live in a small area too. The Sheriff and a couple deputies decided to take drug money and use it for their own. One of the “honest” deputies reported it and the FBI got involved. Guess where the sheriff and deputies are now. Eliot’s words ring true.

  20. Weneed More Donuts says:

    No good deed goes unpunished!

  21. Mr.APilgrim says:

    There’s not mush to talk about here–unless the police can prove that there is some kind of connection to a drug deal wi th this money then it belongs to the waitress NOW!. The police have had there 3 months time to find out everything they can about the money and they have found nothing. So it belongs to the waitress. Even if it later is determined that it was some drug deal profit–it is still the waitress’s money. The police are here to serve and protect-not to sieze and take. Give her the money!

    1. 1099 says:

      Again the sheep follow the shepherd. Lets hear the whole story not just someones half-story just to enrage the public. So common in todays media. Please stop following the shepherd and break away from the back. DONT DRINK THE KOOL-AID..

  22. spooky2626 says:

    Who cares money pays the bills.

  23. CommonSense says:

    Wow! Are all of you drinking out of the same Kool-Aid container??? What part of this story doesn’t send out red flares? Who tips $12K in a greasy spoon diner ? The use of a take-out container rather than just handing her the “tip” ? To all of you cheese-heads, Google “drug courier” and do some reading. Ya’ll can read, can’t you? Jeesh. I am not in law enforcement, nor have I studied it, but if I were the waitress, I would not touch that money. Someone with a tattoo on his neck & a gat in his belt is gonna want his money back! The supposed customer that left the money has likely been “dealt” with already or is on the run in fear for her life. Note to Canada; we will trade you Minnesota for Yukon Territory, even trade!

    1. barry1817 says:

      dealing with this issue for someone else is easy, deal with this as if it affected you.

      Would you keep the funds, or not? Especially after being told to do so by the person that gave it to you.

    2. dood says:

      The same people who leave gold eagles in the Salvation army donation cans during Christmas season. There have been many other cases of this type of thing happening. Maybe the woman is dying and thought she would help someone less fortunate. Crazy stuff happens all the time. I’m not saying thats the case here, I am just saying there could be reasonable doubt that this money is the result of criminal activities.

      1. Macfad says:

        Dood, then all the more reason for the police to confiscate the money and shed some sunlight on it and do due diligence in figuring out the truth. If it’s all legitimate, then what’s the harm, right? And quite frankly…. you comparing this to someone motivated at Christmas time to dropping a gold coin in a charity kettle is naive at best and absurd at worst. NO, is NOT the same, not even close!

        1. Dave-O says:

          You’re just jealous!
          I once left a rotten waitress a 2 cent tip for being so hateful, without cause.

      2. CommonSense says:

        dood, we’re talking about 12K in cash. Think of context. Not blaming her for wanting the cash. There is something askew here. This is NOT typical altruistic behavior considering the facts as we know them in this case.

    3. Dave says:

      I worked at Best Buy in Duluth a few years back. During Christmas season an elderly lady came in the store right before closing and purchased over 50,000 dollars worth of “toys” to be given away to orphanages. Why wouldn’t someone who feels like giving away what is thiers decide to just drop it off to someone whom would most likely need it. Random acts of kindness do happen. By the way12000 dollars is not a whole lot of money. I would not have thought a second to keep it had it been given to me.

    4. MorganGray says:

      ‘Sense, this is just a daisy chain of “I hat the Police”. A bunch of either washed up hippie has-beens, or underwear clad hippie wannabes, grousing about the police and how much they hate authority.
      Meanwhile the greatest abuse of authority in American history is taking place in Washington, with Pharaoh Obamotep telling the SCOTUS it doesn’t have the power to overturn his legacy.
      As I said before. You think the cops are a problem? The put some pants on, leave your momma’s house, join the force and play Frank Serpico.
      Otherwise, I’m calling you all spoiled brat cowards, who haven’t got the intestinal fortitude to defend yourselves much less others, and without the brains God gave a gnat.
      Again, what if the money was stolen? What if it was counterfeit? The waitress would have landed in the hoosegow, not the customer, who was long gone, and certainly not you cop-haters.

  24. SG says:

    Doing the “right thing” is no longer doing the right thing. Giving money to corrupt police forces that feel they can brand the money as drug money, with no proof (and the current unconstitutional laws back them on this), is NOT the right thing. If this money was drug money, why do the police have a right to it, instead of a mother who is raising 5 kids? If police forces are the ONLY ones who can seize drug money, why would they want to shut down drug operations? It’s a cash cow for them.

    1. Macfad says:

      Because it’s the police’s job to investigate. Simply feeling sorry for a woman who has 5 children is not reason to advocate for the police to turn a blind eye in doing their job! (And the idea that this woman is somehow more deserving of it than someone else just because she has “5 children” is patently illogical and an emotional argument and does not justify why she just “get to keep it” without a full accounting by the law.)

      1. freeforwhom? says:

        The police aren’t going to “find” anything by keeping that money, Macfad. They don’t know who gave the waitress the money, or how the money was acquired, or why it was given up. They can test it for drug residue, but like most other “clean” money out there, it will come up with trace amounts guaranteed.

        They are assuming it is drug money and they don’t have to prove or investigate a thing, they just keep it. Yet, if the money wasn’t connected to criminal activity, they just out-and-out stole $12,000 from someone who, for all practical purposes, won a sort of impromptu and private lottery.

        What gives them the right to the money based on unproven assumptions that they will never have to substantiate??

  25. JonTK says:

    What a dolt. The police are NOT your friend. Never trust them.

    1. Macfad says:

      That’s right. If someone is attacking you and raping your daughter, simply look the other way. Do not trust the cops Don’t call the cops for any reason. Take the law into your own hands and let’s see how that works out for you…… (Ask George Zimmerman how that worked out for him….)

      1. Agreewithmacfad says:

        That’s right… if someone is raping your daughter, Mac, call the cops. Good idea. And then, after the rapist is finished with her, maybe he’ll do the same for you… make himself a sandwich… rummage about your house for your car keys… steal your car.. and drive off fat and happy while you wait for the local yocals to respond. Yes…. good advice.

      2. MorganGray says:

        It worked out pretty good for him… he’s still alive, which he might not be, had Trayvon been allowed to continue the assault.
        Me? Someone is raping my daughter, I might not have to shoot him. She’d do that herself.

  26. Frank says:

    She is a fool for calling in the police. They are the real crooks.

  27. Jim says:

    All Cops Suck – They are all thieves, I know, I’ve witnessed it first hand on more than one occasion, and this is from the side of knowing these cops personally – They cannot be trusted – Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I always smile when a cop gets shot or killed; it’s just one bad guy taking out another.

    1. MorganGray says:

      Sure, Jim, sure. Now, crawl back into your mother’s basement, and fire up your blog and tell us all how brave you are.

      You, sir are a lying coward.

  28. Larry says:

    Today’s Lesson: Never invite The Man into your life.

  29. sean patriot says:

    Moral of this story : DONT ever go to the cops

  30. Southern Rebel says:

    Police routinely commit perjury about things like probable cause and plain view.They abuse thier discretionary powers of arrest by picking low-hanging fruit.There is an “us against them” mentality that permeates police departments across America.Some wonderful individuals are serving as police.As a genre,however,I have no respect for them.

  31. m p b says:

    That would never happen here in Chicago.

  32. Lazybum says:

    and the competition for the lowest collective IQ of the Midwestern states rages on between Wisconsin and Minnesota!

  33. Brian says:

    Just another example of over zealous and over reaching police departments. They are trained now as military type units and think they are above the law. Waco Ruby Ridge New Orleans and how many unreported instances? Blatant disregard for the Constitution and State Law.

  34. John Moser says:

    What kind of idiot would call the cops? Geesh

  35. Jack MeHoff says:

    The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed time to time with the blood of Patriots(Citizens) and Tyrants(Cops) Lock and load

  36. LukeJohn says:

    There was a case a while back (I think in Florida) where a teenage girl founf about $5k. She turned it in, no one claimed it so after three months…

    The CITY claimed it. No substantial reward (It ALL should have been hers to keep anyway).

    How do we teach our children to “do the right thing” when this kind of civic GREED undermines it?

  37. hilp says:

    Wow, good Samaritan gets the shaft. Hope she wins.

  38. John Clark says:

    What’s the police proof that it’s drug money? Sounds like she should win this easily.

  39. Izzy says:

    Never, EVER TRUST A COP.

  40. Izzy says:

    The USA has a legal mafia and it is called the police department!

  41. dolt says:

    Who knows if this is the real story. Just look at the way the media has edited the recording of the Trayvon case to make it look like the black kid was this little angel and the other guy was a racist.

  42. steve of scrabblecheat.com says:

    I would make them prove it in cour to.
    I bet they can’t but they already spent it themselves I bet.

  43. Macfad says:

    Illegal is illegal Frank. What part of “selling/buying drugs” is illegal don’t you understand?

    1. Daniel says:

      So tell me, what will the cops do with the money? Of course THEY are the LAW, so whatever the cops do with the money is better than the people.
      It is all fake money anyway, printed notes backed by nothing other than good faith in a government that is corrupt, inept, and so deep in debt they cannot recover. Burn the money, its worthless.

      1. Mark says:

        Right on! Now… gimme the money and I’ll be sure to burn it properly…

        1. NooYawkah says:

          I wish the cops would confiscate my bills.

    2. Matt says:

      Oh, well you can PROVE it is “drug money” then, eh? FOOL! Innocent until PROVEN GUILTY – give this law abiding / working woman her deserved money you A$$ H0LE$!!!

    3. Dave says:

      Does that mean that any person who accepts payment for goods or services can have that money confiscated if the cops decide it may have been involved in a drug transation at some unspecified/unkown time?

      1. Macfad says:

        Yes, if it is done in a very suspicious manner such as this, of course! What kind of normal, legitimate, legal business deal is exchanged such as this? Name one legitimate business practice that would justify leaving $12K in cash on a table in a greasy spoon with absolutely no explanation?? You can’t do it. It’s dirty and you know it.

        1. Ratso Rizzo says:

          Macfad, I’m going to have my attorney ask you to resign from my jury.

          1. Macfad says:

            Yes I understand Ratzo, you don’t want anyone with a high degree of right vs. wrong on your jury. I agree with you. If you think I am going to justify any sordid attempts to justify wrong-doing just because it makes you feel good or you can cry a really good sob story to justify your misdeeds, then indeed, you have the wrong person sitting on your jury.

            1. rjm2238 says:

              Macfad, surely you have a crooked reason for commenting here; it must be you are hiding something. My sense of right vs. wrong causes me to believe you are indeed hiding something so we are going to take your computer and all the furniture you use when sitting in front of it. Why you ask, where is our proof, how can we do this? It seems right, why else would you spend all this time typing into your comment screen when you could be doing something else. Prove to us you are not committing a crime here and you can have your stuff back. Sorry, that is our decision. Good day. Rich in New Mexico.

              1. Ratso Rizzo says:

                rjm, It is because Macfad painted herself in a corner and is now trying to find a way out by blowing at the ugly color with putrid breath. Once our words have been seen or heard by others they cannot be neatly recalled.

                1. rjm2238 says:

                  Ratso Rizzo – Got it. I didn’t see this post before my last one so I was flying blind. I wish it was blind drunk but I am getting a little to old for my old daily happy hour! It is now a weekly happy hour and today is not my day. Shame; I finally retired and I’m too old to enjoy it! Opportunity lost… Rich in New Mexico.

                2. Ratso Rizzo says:

                  RJM2238 Yea, sometimes on this website you can respond to a specific comment and it goes into the general list. It was indeed for Macfad.

            2. Ratso Rizzo says:

              You mean an ill found sense of self righteousness. You are the type that makes accusations stand in the absence of fact and your truth is an imaginary friend.

              1. rjm2238 says:

                Ratso Rizzo – Who are you ‘talking’ to? I can’t figure it out without context. Rich in New Mexico.

        2. Scott Martin says:

          That is the road to fascism…Macfad – you are blind not to see the TRUE police motivations the keep the $$.

          Yeah, the police are protecting us from the possibility of impropriety…what a laugh.

        3. js says:

          Is there any proof the money is illegal? If not, why should she blindly give the money to the cops? Because they said so?

          1. poopy says:

            Once the cops declare that your property was obtained illegally, the burden of proof is on you to prove otherwise.
            This means hiring an attorney which can often cost more than the value of what the cops stole, so more often than not the cops just get away with it.

        4. santayque says:

          it is dirty? did she spill coffee on it?
          Giver her the f’n money now! This is what the government will be doing more & more of in the future

        5. rjm2238 says:

          There have been numerous cases of rich folk or just plain others doing this exact same thing. I’m not saying it is a common occurrence by any means but you must a seriously dim view of human nature to assume every act of generosity is the result of felonious behavior. You are more jaded than a Japanese jewelry store! Rich in New Mexico.

      2. rjm2238 says:

        Actually, yes Dave it does. It happens all of the time, and more often than not it involves property not cash. The worst insult is that even if one is never, repeat never, even charged with a crime, never the less tried and convicted, the forfeitures have been allowed to stand in most cases. This has been going for over thirty years in many jurisdictions. It is legalized thievery and ought to stop, but it will not as long as the local LEO’s get to keep the money for their own uses. This is very un-American. Rich in New Mexico.

        1. Tom in VT says:

          Yes, it happens all the time. Anyone remember this case? The local District Attorney decided he wanted a piece of property, so he decided he would confiscate it. The jack-booted thugs that raided this house and shot a man to death were armed with all kinds of weapons…. and an appraisal of the property!


          1. jld says:

            Interesting article, sad story, but nowhere did I read that it was the DA nor was there anything about the appraisal of the property. What did I miss?

    4. Abbey says:

      The money has not been proven to be illegal. It is conjecture. The police take the money and divide it among themselves after drug raids. You would rather they have it then this poor woman foolish enough to call the police because of some misguided assumption that those who rule you are always right. You worship the state.and lick that hands that feed you.

    5. Steve says:

      What part of evidence or proof don’t YOU understand?

    6. freeforwhom? says:

      It’s illegal? Really? 7-11 sells cigarettes and beer in my state. I can walk across the street to the CVS and buy aspirin, caffeine, DXM cough syrup, and twinkies loaded with enough sugar to get me high for a week. Then, I can go to the doctor and tell them my back hurts and I will get a prescription for Vicodin, or maybe I can’t stop worrying whether I locked my car so they will tell me to take Xanax, or maybe I can’t get an erection so they will give me a script for Viagra. Or maybe all of it!

      Shoot, then I can just go right back to my CVS and pick up my new drugs from a person who is oh so happy to give them to me since someone ELSE told me I could have them. I pay them and be on my way. Nothing illegal about any of it.

      Oh you mean buying/selling drugs that POLITICIANS don’t like? Oh. Well, politicians, and you, know what’s best for everyone right? You guys know more than my doctor even knows about what is medicine, right? You guys know that getting high is a worse crime than government-perpetrated theft. You know that rights need to be limited so that people can’t get high in private. You know that you are destroying the country, but you don’t care as long as you get your way.

      No wonder the drug market flourishes.

    7. Fred says:

      what part of “Innocent until proven guilty” do YOU not underwtand.
      You make a lot of assumptions in your arguments, how about something more than the general “fox news” platatudes…..

  44. John Clark says:

    Where’s the freaking proof it was drug money??????????

    1. p dirt says:

      Exactly! No proof, no case. Give the money to the woman and go fight crime somewhere where it is being commited.

    2. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      Cops don’t need proof. They can ruin your life because they are cops. Effing crooks.

    3. Bust 'er says:

      Never dealt with law enforcement, I see.

      They have this process: they write something down; For instance, “This box contains drug money.” Then should anyone question them, they pull out their notes, and point to where they wrote down, “This box contains drug money.” Case closed.

      1. Hey Now says:

        Haha! This was a great comment.

  45. Jack says:

    You are obvioulsy an idiot. And you know she’s a “looser and doof” how?
    and she has “grimey palms”because you said so?. I don’tknow you but your obviously a Shi$ Head

  46. John Clark says:

    Dumda$$…She tried to do the right thing. You don’t think she could use that for her kids? Like that wouldn’t be valuable?

  47. JLee says:

    The war on drugs will never end. If you could put a value on cash, items and real estate confiscated each year by law enforcement agencies you would truly be amazed and would fully understand why this war will never end.

  48. Huck Klmdia says:

    Well the big questionhere is exactly how did the police determine it was drug money, if no one came forward to claim it?

    No matter what the government agency is, once they have your money it’s very difficult to get it back.

  49. Jay Kellog says:

    Seriously…at what point will the citizenry understand that the Police are NOT your friends? You don’t ever call them unless you HAVE to. They exist to ensure their positions, money, and power… not protect yours.

  50. AC says:

    I wished I owned a donut shop in Moorhead! Busniess is going to get good!

  51. freecheese says:

    I read a story of a man pulling an empty tilt-top trailer from Texas to Florida. He had $30,000 cash to purchase a 1957 Chevy Bel Air.
    His money was seized by state troopers, and he had to hire a lawyer to prove that he was innocent of running drugs — even though they didn’t find ANY DRUGS .
    This happens more often than you know.

    1. Steve says:

      Absolutely true. It happened in Tennessee, a state notorious for police departments stealing cash from drivers they pull over, call it “drug money” and then you have to prove it wasn’t. Pure theft. Pure corruption. Pure gangland behavior. As much as people don’t want to hear it, only Dr. Ron Paul will even attempt to save us from this tyranny.

      1. LogicalMinded says:

        Amen and well said.

  52. Scott says:

    Why get the cops involved? “Followed woman to car…”Keep it”…” Next step: take box to your own car and then to the bank when your shift is over. If you get the cops involved then you do not deserve to keep the money. Stupid people don’t deserve free money period!!!!!

    1. Macfad says:

      Ironic that you all keep saying how she shouldn’t have trusted the cops, but a strange woman who mysteriously leaves $12K lying around with absolutely no explanation shouts “Keep it” while leaving the scene and that’s all ok? The waitress should trust THIS woman? Why are you giving all this trust and legitimacy to this woman engaging in obviously shady behavior but are hating on the cops so badly?

      1. js says:

        Did you not read the whole story? She called the cops and was told to hold the money for 90 days. The cops are now claiming it’s drug money and it appeares they have provided no proof. SO YOU WOULD YOU BLINDLY TRUST THE COPS?YOU ARE A WASTE OF OXYGEN.

      2. Fred says:

        you are a loveless person, arn’t you…..

  53. jimmie says:

    Trust the….. Government?…..”we will give the money back in 90 days”……that’s a little unrealistic don’t you think? maybe it got into he mithical lock box

    1. rolandotx says:

      Kind of like a lost and found in a border town

  54. Steve says:

    I can just hear the snide conversation between the Moorhead chief thief of police and the mayor: let’s just keep that money, we can buy some more military equipment and have a fun weekend in Minneapolis.

  55. Pffft says:

    So should grocery stores and gas stations be forced to forfeit the money a drug dealer might spend there for food or gas?

  56. christine says:

    Seems pretty obvious it’s drug money. Anyone really think someone gave a $12,000 tip? I don’t believe her story.

    1. Ian says:

      Seems pretty obvious that you are a m*r*n. You sound like a cop. Automatically assume there is a crime and those involved are criminals and are lying.

  57. Frank says:

    In 1976, I found 9,600 dollars, turned the money in to the police, they told me in 12 months, it would be mine if nobody claimed it. One year went by, I collected the money, went to the bank to deposit the money and it was counterfiet, fake, garbage. Years later, I had to testify in court about the episode in a Drug Conspiracy case. The FBI agent told me that money was real and the oops switched it to keep it for themselves. It was apparently money an informer hid, the FBI gave the informer real money but I found the money before the informer came to retreave it, The police had one full year to swtich it out for fake. several years later, the several of the cops involved went to jail on other unrelated charges. I would never trust a Cop again. that’s about 50 grand in today’s money. I was really robbed!!!!!

    1. CommonSense says:

      Frank, why do you plagiarize? Your exact story was an episode from the Al Capone biographical series on PBS a number of years ago? Do you sleepwalk also?

  58. Leslie says:

    How did the police know she had the money? Did she go to the police station and show it to them? If they know for a fact it’s drug money then go put their skills and time to good use & find the person who gave it to her. No one is going to claim it within 90 days to claim the money especially if it’s drug money – that’s a joke. So the waitress should wait it out and not spend $$ on a lawyer.

  59. Jeff says:

    Shouldn’t the police have to prove it was drug money!

    1. Macfad says:

      That’s what the lawsuit is for. The police will either need to prove their case or give her the money. Let justice be done.

      1. Lybtech says:

        Meanwhile she’ll rack up $20k in attorneys bills. Believe me, that doesn’t take much these days. There’s no way she can win in our judicial system because the loser does not pay for attorneys fees. This is the problem when shallow pockets go after deep pockets – it’s a no win situation. Loser should have to pay attorneys fees.

        1. mr.brenner says:

          negative— she can can an decent attorney for 2k.

          1. Republicrat says:

            Mr. Brenner – I don’t know what lawyers charge for this type of case, but you’re leaving out actual court costs which can be expensive. I do find it hard to believe that a lawyer will charge a flat rate in a case like this that could end up being drug out over many weeks.

        2. fred says:

          I agree 100%. Once we get a loser pays policy we would weed out 50% of the bottom feeding attorney’s that file suit after suit just waiting for some “deep pocket” company to just pay to get rid of them. Carefful what you wish, most of your commie buddes won’t be abl to sue for being stupid anymore.

          1. Lybtech says:

            Absolutely. If we get loser pays, only the legitimate claims would be filed and the “stupid commies” wouldn’t be able to go fishing for claims on trumped up charges. If the loser paid, and this waitress felt that she had a good case, she could afford to spend $20 to win. She would get $12 and the attorney would get his fees from the losing party.

        3. Bob Barker says:

          She doesn’t need a layer. Just go to the court and file a lawsuit. Court cost would probably be under $100, and the judge may even add that fee onto a judgment (at least they do for small claims cases in Virginia).

      2. rjm2238 says:

        To the powers that be on this site. You folks are the first to accuse me of posting, ergo typing, too fast. I suspect you have never witnessed my typing! What I do, do however is to compose my posts, the longer ones, in my word processor, in order that I may apply the spell checker, then paste them in here. Perhaps that is what has you ‘fooled’. That is something you may wish to encourage, particularly in the semi-literate, such as myself. It makes for a more readable post, with respect to spelling anyway. That may be something that you should encourage not discourage. However I suspect I will have about as much success with this argument as our waitress friend will have with hers! Just so you know. Rich in New Mexico.

      3. Fred says:

        she followed the law. Why should she need to sue to get the police to follow the same laws they are claiming to enforce??

    2. kmrod says:

      they SHOULD have to, yes.

      but they do not have to….and often times it costs more to get the money/item back than it’s worth so most people don’t bother with a lawsuit.

      it’s legalized robbery.

  60. Marbran says:

    The really sad part is that, now that this is news, she’ll be forced to pay full income taxes on it.

    1. Macfad says:

      Why is that sad? You don’t think she SHOULD have to pay income taxes on it? Assuming of course, she gets it returned to her. (I can’t be sure, but I don’t think she can be forced to pay income taxes on money that was confiscated from her.)

      [If you meant that she would be forced to pay income tax on it although she never got to keep it, then I completely agree that is egregious and unethical behavior by the IRS.]

  61. Ratso Rizzo says:

    If it is indeed “fruit from the poisonous tree” let the pigs slop to their satisfaction on the rot.
    This is nothing like money laundering unless the goal of money laundering does not include an expectation of gain.
    The incident fosters suspicion but that is no proof of a crime.
    Maybe the gang from Sherwood Forest updated their methods.

  62. Geezer says:

    What is missing in the article is how/why the police determined the cash to be “drug money”. Were the serial numbers traced to an undercover buy? Did drug canines register a hit on the bills? If the police are unable to substantiate deeming the currency to be “drug money”, the funds should be released to the woman who turned it in. If it can be positively traced to nefarious sources, then the waitress is a material witness to an investigation. The police have to call it one or the other, they can’t have it both ways, or half way down the middle…

  63. Johnny says:

    Can you keep stolen goods If Robin Hood gives them to you? According to a some people here the answer would be yes.

    1. freeforwhom? says:

      Can you assume that unusual gifts are always connected with criminal activity and the government has the right to steal those gifts from people based on assumptions without proof? According to some people here, the answer would be yes.

    2. Dave-O says:

      It was Cash, not stolen goods. Are really that dense?

  64. Ratso Rizzo says:

    Anyone who trusts cops as a whole is naive, lying, wants to be a cop or any combination of the above.

  65. jmtlaw says:

    Quit using word you have no idea how to use. Please stop before you choke on your “legal-ese”. You have no clue what any of those terms actually mean and the stupid way you used them show as much. “fruits of the poisonous tree”?? Really? This money has nothing to do with evidence obtained that resulted from a violation of a suspects constitutional rights. Just shut up and quit trying to sound “smart”, idiot.

  66. jmtlaw says:

    Quit using words you have no idea how to use. Please stop before you choke on your “legal-ese”. You have no clue what any of those terms actually mean and the stupid way you used them show as much. “fruits of the poisonous tree”?? Really? This money has nothing to do with evidence obtained that resulted from a violation of a suspects constitutional rights. Just shut up and quit trying to sound “smart”, idiot.

    1. Macfad says:

      LOL, you googled the phrase “fruit from the poisonous tree” didn’t you? Funny how your definition of it matches Wikipedia’s.. and yet you chide others for using a legitimate legal phrase.

      1. kmrod says:

        but he was right. ratso has no idea what he’s talking about.

      2. Fred says:

        at least they tried….. More than i can say about your “Opinions”

  67. Bubba says:

    She should consider herself lucky that they didn’t strip search her.

  68. robert says:

    Heads I win, tails you lose. I declare it drug money without a shred of evidence so it’s mine, all mine.

    Anybody who turns money over to the government is a fool.

    1. Joseph Cotton says:

      I hate that we are at the point to say that but I could NOT agree more. Unless it’s a wallet with someone’s ID/license, finding any money and handing it in to the cops, government, etc. is a stupid, stupid move.

      1. robert says:

        Several years ago I found a wallet with 7 20’s and a 10, a drivers license, student ID and library card, that was it. I got in contact with the kid, my wife met his mother to pick it up, they were quite grateful. He’d just gotten paid, it was all the money he had. I’d never consider turning it over to the authorities, UNLESS I couldn’t find him. I’d work real hard to find him rather than turn it over. We know how hard they’d try.

        1. Franklin says:

          Standard practice: I find it; tell the “house” and police I found a sum of money. Should anyone report it lost and can tell me reasonably (if not exactly) how much, and when, I’ll meet them publicly to return it. If not, in 60 days it’s mine for good! I’m the only one I trust to be honest.

  69. Will says:

    Sadly, even if she wins a law suit she will have nothing left. After filing fees, attorney fees and other legal expenses she will probably owe money.

    1. Dino says:

      Hopefully, she gets granted punitive monies and legal fees to compensate.

      1. Dave-O says:

        Don’t hold your breath. That ‘Seized’ money will be all spent on new ‘Toys’ for the Gestapo. She should have her “A” kicked for calling them.

        1. James D says:

          Of course this a complete injustice. The cops have no right to the money, at all. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they pocketed the money while laughing up their sleeves at this woman. But she pretty much asked for it, didn’t she?

          She may win her case. Or not. And pay attorney’s fees, probably. But either way, she could have simply taken the money, which was hers by rights, instead of doing an idiotic thing like calling the police.

          1. Forward Observer says:

            “She pretty much asked for it” you say. Hey, enough of this flawed ‘blame the victim’ reasoning that permeates society today. The point is: No, she didn’t ask for it, she did the right thing, and the police should follow suit by doing the right thing and giving her the money she turned in and waited 90 days to collect. America is fast losing its moral conscience.

            1. ChocoCat says:

              You think the police should give some waitress drug money? Talk about a lost moral compass!!!

    2. Tom Reison says:

      Interesting observation, though its not always, accurate, legal services are often available at no cost, there is no real reason to discourage people in this way.

    3. notyranny says:

      Yep, you are right on. An excuse to steal money and invoke the transfer of wealth to the wicked (by theft) in this society.

  70. santayque says:

    I am flabbarghasted that a large portion of our prison system is privately run and if a for-profit indistry. Career criminals are made from what started out as a minor pot possesion bust. Ain’t America grand?

  71. rjm2238 says:

    Then prove it is drug money. Prove it. It is probably already gone that’s why the refusal to return it to the owner. I don’t believe this would be the first time evidence went missing. Absent proof it was ill gotten gains it goes back to the waitress. Rich in New Mexico.

  72. Mark says:

    What proof do the police have that it is drug money….other than it being cash….this is illegal search and seizure…and if this is how you launder drug money….I do not see how the drug dealers benefit…seems like the beneficiary is the woman and five kids….what better way to turn bad money to good.

    1. kmrod says:

      they don’t need proof.

      believe it or not, that’s how seizure laws work.

      watch this video. it will make you sick


      1. Demoan says:

        Was about to view, however Huffington Post? Please if there ever was a poisonous tree …

  73. Hank says:

    Some years back I read a story about a young girl who found $20 and was taken to the police by her mother to turn it in as a lesson in honesty . . . 90 days passed, and the cops wouldn’t return it (Donut money?) to the little girl until they went to the local press. The child learned a lesson – not the one intended! – just like this waitress did. To wit: sometimes the crooks carry badges.

  74. DonM says:

    No. The cops are the pet poodles of the worst gang: The lawyers. You have to hire them to defend against them.

  75. server says:

    Wonder how the cops divied it up amongst themselves…

  76. chuck norris says:

    Who trusts cops anymore hahahahahahhaha…..anybody that doesnt know by now that the real crooks are the cops, well you get what you deserve if you involve them…..

  77. Bob Smith 007 says:

    Of course the same logic could be used on the police. They’re keeping the money. It’s not like they are going to find its rightful place. Oh, and by the way, I know it seems weird but pawn shops DO get to keep the stuff sold to them illegally. Owners usually have to go through the legal process to get reimbursed from the thief, but rarely have a claim to get the actual stuff back unless it’s deemed irreplaceable like a jewelry heirloom. And even then they have to pay for it. Thank cunning lobbyists for that one.

  78. Pkpost says:

    This woman was foolish and naive. The moment she was told by the customer that the money was hers to keep, she was under no obligation to notify anyone other than the IRS when she filed her taxes at the end of the year. The last GD thing I would ever do is hand the money over to anyone.

  79. freeforall says:

    but where is the proof it is drug money???they can’t just say they think it’s drug money and declare it as so. There has to be evidence to back the allegations-INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY

    1. freeforwhom? says:

      Um… the war on drugs has made it such that property seizures require proof that seized property ISN”T involved in criminal activity, not the other way around. Essentially they accuse the property of a crime, assume it is guilty, and you have to prove its “innocence.” This is all separate from charges against you, if any, and sometimes there are none.

      It is legalized theft. It is blatantly unconstitutional and against every “American” value the drug warriors claim to represent. But that’s the way those “tough on crime” morons want it to be. Which is worse, someone getting high, or the government stealing your stuff and you having virtually zero legal recourse? The answer is obvious.

      But, if you support the drug war, you support government-committed property crime, among a host of other injustices.

  80. badcopnodonut says:

    This is the America you have built. It will only be a lot worse for your children. I think this is hell and when I die I will finally go to a better place. I hope.

    1. Alex says:

      I’m glad I have no children to leave behind in this horrible place. This isn’t the country I grew up in nor the one my father fought for in World War 2. Sadly, it’s not worth defending anymore due to the lack of genuine freedoms and respect for a person’s God-given rights.

  81. miguelito says:

    the moral of this story: if you are lucky enough to come across a boatload of cash..


  82. rjm2238 says:

    Boy, this sure sends the right message to the kids. What do you tell your children now if you find something, instead of “call the Police and report it”, now it’s “quick look around and if you cannot find the owner, hide it and run home. Don’t call the Police, don’t trust authority because authority cannot be trusted not to steal”. Well that’s it I guess, and we wonder why our society resembles a large steaming pile of excrement. This country as currently configured, stinks from the head down to the tail. Rich in New Mexico.

  83. Jeani says:

    Stupid woman should not have called the police in the first place. I guess that’s what she gets.

  84. HelpAWaitressOut says:

    I defy any one who would say that if you put used currency out in front of a dog trained to sniff drugs that they wouldn’t scent it every time! Of course the money had traces of drugs on it. But guess what? I’d venture a guess that the money in the cop’s pocket who said it was going to be confiscated would scent out for drugs tool! Does that mean that his Department gets to keep that as well?

  85. Htos1 says:

    Another one of twenty reasons that ALL drug laws MUST be repealed back to 1911 levels.I know that will never happen but don’t stop fighting for freedom!I looked and looked,but can find no crime problems related to drug use or black markets before prohibition.
    Big picture,small steps.

  86. austex99 says:

    My husband found some cash and valuables (a large amount, but not this much) in a house he had purchased and had some thought it might have been stolen by one of the house’s previous occupants sometime in the past. Despite the fact it was legally his because he had bought the house, we decided to do the right thing and try to find whoever it may have been stolen from (the stuff was old, so this was probably not a recent theft, if it was stolen). He called the police to ask if they could check for reports of a theft that matched, and they said, “Oh, yeah, sure, we will send a car over there and you can turn it in.” On second thoughts, we decided against it. There was no way to know (and no reason to believe) they would try to find the rightful owner. And we somehow knew we would never get it back, either. Sad you can’t trust the police with money nowadays.

  87. akita96th says:

    She was stupid enough to trust the cops..so be it…next time she will learn that cops are not your friends.

  88. pnop says:

    Prove it. Prove it was money derived from illegal activities or give her the money.

  89. cebes says:

    Huh? She tries to give it back and they say keep it so she turns it over to the cops? Why? So what happens? The cops keep the cash? Whose the criminal?

  90. Joe says:

    Thats what you get when you want to be Dudley Do Right she should have kept her mouth shut

  91. Izzy says:

    What good are cops? No good!

  92. Macfad says:

    rjm, go right ahead. I have nothing to fear nor nothing to hide. In fact, you’d be quite bored by the time you got through just a third of my hard drive. I have school papers, recipes, budget reports, family pictures, and other personal items that would cure any good case of insomnia.

    Let me know when you’re coming over and I’ll put on a spot of tea for ya.

    1. freeforwhom? says:

      Well aren’t you a good little lapdog for fascists and authoritarians. I hear North Korea is nice this time of year, why don’t you move there?

      1. rjm2238 says:

        Man you got that right! What a wuss. Rich in New Mexico. You can’t be nice to some people.

    2. Fred says:

      i pity your children

  93. Macfad says:

    rjm2238, go right ahead. I have nothing to fear nor nothing to hide. In fact, you’d be quite bored by the time you got through just a third of my hard drive. I have school papers, recipes, budget reports, family pictures, and other personal items that would cure any good case of insomnia.

    Let me know when you’re coming over and I’ll put on a spot of tea for ya.

  94. confused says:

    What I’m not getting is why would “the tippers” leave the money for the watress, assuming they didn’t do it just because they were loaded and liked her. Even if the money is “dirty,” how does it benefit the “tippers” from leaving it for someone else? Are the cops saying she might have been part of the conspiracy to launder the money and then give it back to them? Even then, how does a watiress launder it?

  95. cuero says:

    The mysterious woman who lef the tip was driving a rolls royce and wearing a mink coat. Her hair was gray tinted blue.
    Case closed – a tip.
    Waitresses should learn how to color a case by describing actors to their advantage.

  96. Dave says:

    So, the cops get to keep it? It was left by someone, and they told her to keep it.

  97. Ronjamin says:

    Never talk to a cop, they lie.

  98. hostdude99 says:

    Just goes to show what happens when one tries to work with the cops.

  99. Slconfidential says:

    In the real world, all our money is drug money. Get your bills tested. They will have traces of drugs on them. Give the lady the money. She took all steps required.

  100. Marty says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to see Gloria Allred or Jesse Jackson get in front of a camera for this woman? Ain’t gonna happen, of course.

  101. Mike G says:

    These donut sucking pig feces who call themselves cops should be locked up.

  102. Logical1 says:

    First there was no proof that it was drug money.
    Second, even if it was, what are the police going to do…go door to door asking each and every crack addict or dealer if it is their money?
    This is just another case of a corrupt public official trying to steal from the average citizen. Hmmm. Are any members of the obamacommie administration connected with this police dept.?

  103. Diablo says:

    This is exactly right. If I may take it a step further… I need to launder $12,000, why not give it to a waitress, she’ll call the police and wait 90 days and then when she is given the money back from the police, go to her house , tie her up, maybe even kill her, and get my money back free and clear?

    1. Just askin says:

      ROTFL, Let me see if I follow you, he launders dirty drug money to clean it up, then he has to kill somebody to get it back? Wouldn’t it still be dirty money?

  104. Anon says:

    The Moorhead Police Department may have gained $50,000 in cash, but clearly they have lost a hundred times that in community support.

  105. James says:

    somehow, someway, this is all Amy Senser’s fault

  106. Wake Up says:

    Next time I find ANYTHING I won’t be turning it into the police.

  107. Nota Red says:


  108. jld says:

    I’m hoping the money was given to her by someone who was being generous knowing she needed the money; like they had it saved for a rainy day or won it through a lottery or gambling or something not of ill-gotten gains. If that be the case, maybe that person will see this article and come forward to let the cops know it was legal and it will be the end.

    That being said, isn’t it interesting how the cops (allegedly) didn’t call it drug money until it was time to give it back to the woman? I hope she wins…either way, I hope that people who can afford to help this woman do.

  109. Brian says:

    If you provide a service and receive money for it in good faith (not knowing that it was stolen or illicitly obtained) then you have every right to keep that money.

  110. Dino says:

    She was told to keep it -thus making it a tip. It seemed a little suspect, so she called the Cops to keep on the up and up…for them to call it drug money without proof makes them the thieves. I say give her back her tip money and have the cops chip in for their own donuts!

  111. Grapot says:

    More proof cops are thieves as well as murderers!

  112. jhowa says:

    the only 2 people you ever a man should ever lie to

    1 the police
    2 your girlfriend

    guycode never call the friggin police.

  113. tubaman says:

    a tip huh!!what a joke.no body leaves a $12,000 “tip”.it should have been confiscated.

  114. living in a constitution free country says:

    I hope the waitress learned a lesson today. You don’t call the cops, just let things go. The lady said you could keep the money. Pay the taxes and move on. Think, when was the last time the when the cops showed up, did they make the situation better or worse? You learned an important lesson today.

  115. Goodmongo says:

    The IRS still wants you to pay taxes and doesn’t care if its drug money or illegally begotten. So she should keep it.

  116. BH says:

    Unless the police have evidence that it is indeed drug money, they need to return the funds. If there is no evidence any connection to drugs the police department shopuld be investigated for attempted theft.

  117. Bruce Smith says:

    Macfad, where’s the evidence that this is drug money? There is no evidence that this was drug money, the police just stole it from this woman. I know you can’t possibly fathom the concept of police being corrupt, but many are, and this is more evidence of it.This woman did the right thing by trying to return the box with the cash, and was told to keep it. Then she went above and beyond by telling the police and giving it to them to hold for 90 days. What happens when someone tries to do the right thing? The police rip her off! No evidence was given showing this money was drug money, they just declared it to be so, so that they could confiscate it for their own use. Legal thievery by our law enforcement. Stolen money by your standards are “ill-gotten goods…. fruit from the poisonous tree” In this case the only proven theft of this money is by the police, from the woman who has legal claim to it.

    1. Paul Solinger says:

      Just because the article didn’t mention evidence of it being drug money doesn’t mean there isn’t evidence. To say that “many” police is corrupt is outright lying.

      1. mique says:

        but many are corrupt. Where have you been ? Cops caught man who burglarized my home . Could not find stolen goods so let him go except he called me drunk one night , turned out to be an aquantence. He explained that he was sorry but could not return my stuff cause the arresting officers took the stuff

        1. proud to be married to an officer says:

          oh and you believe the person who tried ripped you off over the police? I am not sure who is dumber you or your acquaintance friend who ripped you off. This is so stupid and funny at the same time that I can’t stop laughing. No wonder your friend stole from you – what an easy target.

          1. Dave says:

            Of course, someone living off real Americans hard-earned labor by being married to a cop defends police theft of personal property!


            1. MadMike says:

              Go be a cop Dave, make that easy money

        2. proud to be married to an officer says:

          Oh and you believe the person who ripped you off over the police? I am not sure who is dumber you or your acquaintance friend who ripped you off. This is so stupid and funny at the same time that I can’t stop laughing. No wonder your friend stole from you – what an easy target.

          1. Sven says:

            Ask your sweet hubby about the work “Testily” How cops lie on the stand to assist the DA’s conviction record.

        3. proud to be married to an officer says:

          Mique – I have left this comment twice somehow does not go below your comment – so hopefully third time will be a charm . . . Oh and you believe the person who ripped you off over the police? I am not sure who is dumber you or your acquaintance friend who ripped you off. This is so stupid and funny at the same time that I can’t stop laughing. No wonder your friend stole from you – what an easy target.

  118. Sandy says:

    I agree Guy, she could have just taken it to feed her kids, but no, she was brought up properly and contacted the police. She waited the 90 days, now the police need to return the money to her. And “thank you” to the waitress for showing your children what is proper.

    1. Dirk says:

      I don’t see what “brought up properly” has to do with calling the police, in this case.

      Sounds more like “brainwashed conditioned drone” behavior, to me. Or else “paranoid intimidated peon living in fear of being punished for having some good luck.”

      Look what “brought up properly and called the police” got her. Aggravation, accusation, and a nice, fun law suit.

      1. William says:

        Let’s put it this way, you’re the guy none of us want to find our lost wallet.

        1. krsauls says:

          Obviously, the money was not “lost”, if the woman who left it told her to keep it.

        2. Dirk says:

          William, what does one thing have to do with another? You sniveling simpleton.

        3. Dirk says:

          Another thing, “Simple Bill,” it’s clearly THE POLICE who you don’t want finding your lost wallet. Now go back to sitting on your silly hobby-horse, “pard.”

      2. Don August says:

        Dirk: I suggest you change the “r” in your name to a “c” to show your true personna. You are really something that rhymes with “Dirk”!

        1. Dirk says:

          Gee, Don, how long did it take ya to come up with that? You’re a regular wordsmith. Give yourself a cookie and a gold star, ma’am. You earned it.

      3. Californian says:

        “Brought up properly”, in this case means that once she realized how much was in the box, she did the right thing… it could have been the case that the person didn’t realize how much was in the box or had forgotten putting so much cash in the box. The waitress likely only wanted to be sure she wasn’t getting someone else’s “life savings” by mistake.

        Most people don’t know that “found money” isn’t free. Never in a lost wallet of course, but also in a bag or box. You need to make a reasonable effort to find the legal owner and return it, or it’s simply theft. One guy “found” a bag of money on the bus. Said an elderly woman left it behind – all $8300 of it. He kept it and we caught him 4 days later. He insisted that she “abandoned” the money on the bus instead of forgetting it, so it was his. He spent four years in jail for it.

        1. Dirk says:

          Californian — you actually make a compelling argument.

          Unfortunately, it appears you cannot trust the authorities at all. This utter loss of trust is not an overnight development. There are too many very real incidents of underhanded and outright criminal acts on the part of they who think they’re “in authority.”

          Now, if there really IS evidence of this being “drug money,” then let it be brought forth and weighed for veracity.

          If the so-called “evidence” turns out to be sham, then as far as I am concerned, the so-called “authorities” are then guilty of grand larceny or grand theft (or whatever the proper terminology is), pure and simple.

          Like you said, she played by the rules, and according to those rules, the money should now be hers, fair and square, unless there’s a good reason why not.

          But we can already take a pretty good guess about the “supporting evidence.” They say “drug money” and think they have a free-and-clear excuse. How do they know it’s “drug money”? The article doesn’t say.

          And, obviously, the waitress ain’t swallowing that line, either. Good for her.

    2. BadPenny says:

      Totally agree! Give it to her! She did the right thing, the police need to stop punishing her for doing what is right!

    3. James D says:

      It’s only proper to trust the authorities when the authorities are trustworthy. This is comparatively rare in the world, and ever rarer in our country.The vast majority of human experience would indicate that the proper thing to do is to assume they cannot be trusted unless you have near ironclad proof otherwise.

  119. david7134 says:

    No good dead goes unpunished.

    Why do we have these stupid drug laws? In a free society, we should be able to buy what we want. Many countries have taken this attitude without problem.

    1. rek says:

      Because as a cash transaction, it is hard to chase down and tax, that’s why.

      1. Sean says:

        But it wouldn’t be a cash transaction if drugs were legal, which was david7134’s point.

    2. Fred says:

      Really? There are countries where all narcotics are legal and they have no problems because of it? No one steals to get their fix? No one is killed due to territory disputes? I hear this argument all the time from users.

      1. ThankfullyNotFred says:

        And yet you never bothered to look up whether it is true. Societies with decriminalized drugs have fewer problems related to drugs. It is a fact. A fact that doesn’t coincide with your misinformed notions, but hey, it’s still a fact. Countries around the world cannot legalize drugs because to do so would jeopardize treaties with the United States. You are one true ignoramus to so pompously post something so incorrect.

      2. Adam says:

        Portugal. Look it up.

      3. diraphe says:

        By that logic alcohol created Rum-Running and not prohibition. So where are the speak-easy’s?

      4. James D says:

        You are setting up a straw man argument. The point is not that there are no problems at all once these things become legal. The point is that criminalizing it does nothing to stop the drugs or their associated problems, while adding in worse elements to the mix as well.

        Would legalizing drugs make everything perfect? No. But it would solve some problems, such as the fact that criminal gangs are making scads of cash by being as ruthless as possible because of the fact that their entire business operates outside the law, and comes with huge profits from the risky nature of it. If it’s legal, it’s no longer risky, and poof!–their control of the market, along with their income, vanishes.

    3. Says it all is an idiot says:

      Do you possibly mean No good DEED goes unpunished?

  120. romulan spy says:

    Just shut-up and sit in your patrol car and eat donuts and get a back brace for that 50 lbs badge you are wearing!

  121. brian says:

    I think people have to look at the economics of the situation. The cops spent the money, they don’t want to give it back. Her filing a lawsuit to recover the money, plus damages, is the best thing that should could do.

  122. Mitch Rapp says:

    Easy enough… over 90% of paper US curreny has enough trace cocaine on it to show up on a drug test.

  123. AL Frankenblowsmonkeys says:

    Like the ballots found in a trunk that allowed stuart smalley to pose as a senator.

    Minnesota, you deserve it.

    Just keep breeding amongst yourselves.

  124. dtayls says:

    Everyone knows, or they should if they don’t, what is yours is NOT yours unless someone in a government agency says it is.

  125. Marc B says:

    This is the remnants of the Zero Tolerance laws initiated during the Reagan Administration’s War on Drugs. Carrying large sums of cash became a criminal act, and any government busy body could declare it ill-gotten gain, seize it, and than make you show a paper trail proving it was legally earned money. All cash transactions above $10,000 had to be reported to the IRS and cash in excess of $9,999 had to be reported to customs before leaving the USA.

  126. Steve in Texas says:

    My thoughts exactly…..
    Show me an open investigation where that money left at that restaurant at that time somehow ties to a case…
    Frickin’ loser cops…… THIEVES, all of them…..
    90 days are up….. GIVE HER THE MONEY…!!!!!

  127. Merlinn says:

    And the police know it’s “drug money” becasue …

  128. Badgerbyte says:

    Her first mistake was to involve government, remember they’re here to help. BS! This was given to the waitress and Minnesota stole it so I would say she has a $12,000 tax carry forward both with the State and the IRS. Obama is not directly responsible but this has become his new normal in America. How wonderful, no? Obama, you have 7 months.

    1. Chris says:

      Really? How the hell did the actions of a local police department lead you to blame Obama?

      1. Matthew says:

        I stubbed my toe this morning; welcome to Obama’s America.

        1. RioSam says:

          One Nation Under Obama
          with Poverty and Unemployment
          For All!!

      2. Dave-O says:

        Cops were croked long before the Kenyan Usurper arrived in this country.
        I’ll bet she would’ve voted for him, or did. That’s $16,000.00 in debt out of my pocket, so far!

      3. BHO says:

        EVERYTHING must be approved through me UNLESS I tell YOU differently.

    2. SwifferYourBrain says:

      I can’t believe how utterly ignorant this comment is. Really? You say that Obama made America the society full of corruption that it is?? Like it hasn’t been that way for the last 20 years?!?! You are an ignorant fool.

      1. narcissits_suck says:

        People are people and some people will cheat the system when they can.

        It takes an overreaching bureaucracy, engendered by the executive branch and encouraged by the narcissist-in-chief, to set a tone for all levels of government to trample our individual rights.

        If you can’t recognize the tyranny of this administration then it may be you that is the fool. Odds are you are, since Obama got a pluaraity of votes in 2008.

        Did he really say the Supreme court has no right to overturn a law passed by congress? Really?? Only a narcissist could take that position.

        1. Stercore enim cerebro says:


        2. Nice try says:

          If I were you, I’d take your complaint to one of the “free speech zones” – remember those? Out where no one could possibly hear them? That’s what your hero Bush created. Don’t seem to exist anymore under the current “tyrant”

      2. William says:

        Zero just made this Chicago-style behavior respectable, is all. In case you hadn’t noticed, Zero has a bit of a problem with ethics and open-mindedness — it has yet to be determined just how much of a thief he is.

  129. Slam1263 says:

    Let’s see what the Armed Revenue Collection Official’s say after this hits the news.

    ARCO’s can’t operate in the light of day.

  130. TMA1 says:

    So the Cops have become thieves. Go fig.

  131. John says:

    I think now might be a good time to share a story, about a bust I was involved in and what the police do with all that money…

    It started out easily enough when I spotted some kids in what later turned out to be a stolen vehicle. The kids took off on foot and after a brief chase were apprehended inside a hotel room where we found several other individuals involved in dealing marijuana. Aside from the baggies, scales and other paraphenelia we found about $9,000 in cash. After the police left, the room was cleaned by housekeeping and another $1,200 was found and I personally delivered it to the police.

    2 days later it was reported in the newspaper that $400 was recovered.

    I haven’t trusted the police since, and neither should this woman. The money was given to her – she thought she could trust the police and that was a mistake.

    I hope she wins – at least the money will go to her 5 children and not finance a new boat or jet-ski for some corrupt cop!

  132. Dr. Benway says:

    Let’s not jump to conclusions. If the Pan n’ Fry can produce an $80,000 bill paid for by this woman then $12,000 is a perfectly reasonable tip.

  133. gahrib says:

    Yep. That’s right, raise your kids to trust the cops. Fools.

    1. Alex says:

      Right on! And, I’m a former peace officer!

  134. judbs says:

    SCHOOL IS IN SESSION: Never involve government or police unless absolutely necessary! And also, Government will keep money, they need it for overpaid bureaucrats and to give as grants, welfare, etc for democratic votes.

  135. Dave says:

    You may think she was stupid, but she might be able to spell LOSE.

    1. Stormbringer says:

      It would be best if you put your aluminum cap back on, stay out of the sun, and do not–I repeat, do not–do anything those voices tell you to do.

      1. sixelk says:

        Now that’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are.

    2. David says:

      “Most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth.”

      Your Meds… Start taking them again.

  136. Retired Navy says:

    The Cops Spent it that is why they don’t want to return it.

  137. karra says:

    They are holding it as drug money because it’s gone missing – hope she got a receipt for it.

  138. Bob TheBuilder says:

    Uh..Gee (We Kept ii) Its definatly (we stole it from the evidence room) Drug Money, and Hey, What are these drugs doing in your car??
    Booooo! Police. Have you charged anyone wih this Drug Crime???

  139. RS says:

    The police mis-spoke.
    What they meant is that it’s now OUR money.

  140. rjm2238 says:

    Tom in VT – Hi Tom, Without reviewing the case I think I may remember it. It was a case of the government wanted his land; he wouldn’t sell so they killed him and took it. I don’t believe it was ever returned, but that’s a long time ago, I could be, probably am wrong, but I just don’t remember. I do recall being interested in the story as my home at the time was surrounded by US Forest Service land, in-holders they called us, and they did not like us being there. Nothing like this, but I will say in 2005, they re-surveyed the whole sub-division, Forest Service interface, about twenty property holders and adjusted the property lines based on a switch from chain survey technology to GPS and never told anyone or recorded any deeds or changes. Bottom line; when I retired in 2008 my home was all of a sudden 3 feet over the property line! I only found out when I had sold, or so I thought, the sale was canceled of course. They insisted I remove three feet off of my house. If I had known this I would not have retired as my house was part of my nest egg, but it was too late, so I had to sell to someone else and lost about $75000.00 on the deal. I guess they get what they want one way or another despite a mechanism for just these cases called the small tracts act of 1986. My next door neighbor was set to lose her whole cabin, all the other landowners on the south side lost twenty feet of their land. I don’t know what came of that as I moved to Florida for a year before coming back to a different part of New Mexico. Before someone labels me an anti-government zealot let me state that I spent my entire career working for the federal government, National Nuclear Security Agency, Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos New Mexico and I am a US Naval veteran who happens to still love his country. But these things still happen. There are crooks in high positions all through the government it seems. Rich in New Mexico.

  141. Centurian says:

    Just how do the police “know” this was drug money? If they can’t prove that it is then they “must” give it back. This is a slam dunk for a lawyer.

  142. boots says:

    She should have kept her mouth shut and kept the money. I would not have thought about bringing it to the cops for a second… I could use 12 grand.

  143. ILikeCopsButNotTheseMooks says:

    EXACTLY. Cops keep it as drug money and then they have a nice barbeque, um I mean “Drug awareness planning session” for the department this summer, paid for with this woman’s tip. Drug money confiscated by local yokel’s they get to keep and use for whatever they want in the drpartment. Shameful. And they’ll still come in for their free coffee at the place she works. Cops work hard but they are ALWAYS on the lookout for getting stuff “on the arm”.

    1. Dave-O says:

      No Way she should’ve reported it to anyone. It was untraceable cash, a God-send in this country. If I deposit more than $5000 cash in a bank, the IRS gets a report from the bank! Since interest rates are now artificillay low, that won’t be happenin’ much. The banks have nothing to offer.

    2. CD says:

      So it’s ok for them to “steal” I mean confiscate this woman’s tip money as long as they buy equipment with it?

      I carry a gun because the police are too heavy…

      When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

      1. TheGhettoLibertarian says:

        “I carry a gun because the police are too heavy…”

        That’s classic, CD!

      2. desert eagle .50 says:

        i saw the police monitoring a carpool ramp yesterday. Stopped a few violators. That made me feel good. I carry 99% of the time except at work because it’s simply not necessary and they’d freak. Always carry at WalMart because you never know if the circus is in town, the boat just landed, or if JAQ is having a party nearby. Maybe his friend Brodkorb will be there.

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      As the chaplain, you’re about the LAST person they’d ever tell about shenanigans. While they all certainly could be “honest and law-abiding,” you’re in no position to testify to it.

    4. Craig rubin says:

      Unfortunately too many have been robbed by police. Whether an unfair ticket where an officer lies to meet a quota or, as happened to me and this waitress, assets seized without any trial or proof being presented in court other than officers claiming drug money as if that is an excuse to steal. It makes it appear as if cops work for the real drug dealers, pharmaceutical companys.

  144. kolgoroth says:

    Remember ladies and gentlemen we are talking about American Law Enforcement Agents. These “Pinnacles of Society” think that anything over what they make in a year qualifies as drug money.

    The real question is this, whose business is it if this women was so good at her job that someone gave her a big tip. Is it the cops place to begin to determine what a persons tip is? I got a 300 dollar tip once, come arrest me you servants of justice.

  145. Iowa Proud says:

    Minnesota is one strange place. I’ve never met such ignorant people with such a high opinion of themselves.

  146. NY9Solyndra says:

    “stupid enough to LOOSE that money”

    Do you mean “stupid enough to LOSE that money?”

  147. Riley says:

    Nobody handed her the money, she found it. If it turns out that the money did belong to someone else and she took it without callin the cops, then she could be charged for something she could’ve avoided. That’s why people don’t go around “finding” money. aka, stealing.

    1. Patrick says:

      did you read it? it said the lady handed it to her.

      1. JJ Chester says:

        No it didn’t. That’s what you thought it said.

    2. DB says:

      You my friend have no idea how the law works. She has a very good shot of winning this case.

      1. Paul Solinger says:

        If the police have evidence that this money was used or earned in the commission of a crime, she will never see it.

        1. JMWinPR says:

          So if in the course of doing business, I receive funds that were once used illicitly, I don’t get to keep it? If I use it to pay taxes, does it count? Unless the waitress was involved in a drug transaction or a drug transaction occurred at her place of employment, I see no reason for her to get this money.

        2. Tim says:

          Police have no evidence. She’s already won in the court of public opinion.

  148. dawg says:

    What the heck, lets go get high with it!!

  149. mb says:

    Two Words : DONUT FUN D

  150. xlotly says:

    Does anyone still believe the police are on our side?

  151. pat hogan says:

    Go to Flint, Michigan, and call the cops to report a break-in; they’ll be there to take down info the next day…..call them to report money left behind, there in 5 minutes… sound like your friendly neighborhood police department?

  152. frank says:

    Its not stupid at all, if the woman decided to put it in her bank the IRS would have a lot of questions for her, referring to the police call and what they said to her would put her in the clear.

    1. MobyDik3 says:

      She should have just kept her mouth shut. Let this be a lesson, if you find a bunch of rolled up cash, keep your mouth shut! Same thing with winning the lottery, keep your mouth SHUT!

      1. Patrick says:

        its worse. the lady gave it to her (in a box) . and she followed her to her car to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, and the lady said to keep it.
        its a pretty small article.

      2. RioSam says:

        Ditto on both counts!

  153. Andfdaffa says:

    obviously the cops just lined their own pockets with this. What a joke.

  154. David from San Diego says:

    Is there anyone else out there besides me who is tired of living in a totalitarian country?
    The Founders of our once-great nation would weep, if they saw what we have become.
    I still PRAY for America, but I have lost all hope.

  155. Chas says:

    Guy, you are 100% correct. The cops made it “drug Money” because they are greedily planning to use it for themselves. Just another example of our declining society having more problems with crooked government trying to fleece us through taxes, fines, etc. than we have with crime.

    1. SwifferYourBrain says:

      Problem is, they’ve more than likely used it already. Can’t exactly give back something that you don’t have, eh? At least that is my opinion.

  156. Dirk says:

    So basically, sounds like the cops decided to pump the money back into the thieving bureaucracy under whatever pretext was nearest at hand.

    Sure sounds like dirty thievery to me. Such are the crooks who style themselves as “public servants” and “protectors of the peace.” Nice.

    She’d have been better off giving the money to whoever is passing for Al Capone these days.

  157. NoRomney says:

    No matter what, it surely doesn’t belong to the cops .

  158. Tyler says:

    It’s kind of suspicious that the cops just said it was drug money, but there is no background information (in this article) on why they made that claim.

  159. kh says:

    The “hungry government beast” decided it was theirs…that’s all she wrote. This waitress has no chance in hell of ever seeing this money again. She never should have called the cops.

  160. Mary Ratcliff says:

    They should just give her the money. Since it can’t be proven that it is ill gotten
    money, it belongs to the waitress. Let her keep it. If I was really very rich,
    I would do things like that too (leave a waitress a 12,000 tip). Maybe it was
    somebody who knew she had 5 kids.

  161. Cornywebb says:

    Here’s the depressing part.
    As ‘drug mooney’ the police DON’T have to even charge someone with a crime.
    The police can confiscate the money and use it for their own purposes.

    What will the police do with the money?
    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Police: Give the woman the money and quit your freaking shenanigans.

  162. mique says:

    Okay,How about most cops are thieves and bullies. I turned in a crooked cop once. I still have scars from the retribution

  163. Says it all is an idiot says:

    What is also stupid is not knowing the difference between “LOOSE” and “LOSE.”

  164. 6586585865 says:

    Even if you did not break any laws to get it, it is dangerous to possess large amounts of cash because of asset forfeiture laws.

    Trace amounts of drugs may show up on almost any cash, even if you had just withdrawn that cash from your legitimate bank account that same day.

    After police seize the cash, you will have to go through a difficult legal process to try and get it back.

  165. Dlcamp says:

    If the evidence room is like the one in our county, the money is long gone. It used to be only the criminals that lied and stole things.

  166. comprof says:

    Regardless of the source pf the money, the waitress has better need for it than the police. They will just waste it on junk or some personal perks. If they were doing their job, there would be no drug dealers.

    1. Jake V. says:

      …if the government was doing its job drugs wouldn’t illegal. A war on an idea isn’t sustainable. (war, terror, blah blah blah)

      Bush Sr. was, like Reagan, importing cocaine into the US via the CIA during the biggest push against drugs the US ever witnessed.

      Corruption pal. That’s factual information, go look it up.

  167. Alex says:

    As a former police officer, I tell people to NEVER call the police. They cause nothing but trouble and if there isn’t any, they’re sure to cause more trouble than they’re worth!

  168. mique says:

    it was close to xmas so whenever I see these officers around I wish them Merry Xmas

  169. Kerux says:

    Truth is, if it was given to her she didn’t need to call the police and let them keep it. If I recall that would be done in the case of finding money and not knowing who the owner of the money was. She did what she thought was the right thing to do, but I don’t believe she had an obligation to do that since she took it to the owner and the owner gave it to her.

    I have a hard time believing a drug dealer would just leave $12,000. Seems to me they would have said “thanks” and given her a $20. Drug dealing involves greed.

  170. Tom Reison says:

    Reminds me of a story a few years ago about a guy who found a duffel bag filled with money, then stumbled across a bale of green stuff, it was obviously dumped, by someone, in an airplane, this guy calls the police, who happily counted the contents of the bag finding 1.5 million dollars inside, the man who found the money never got one dime…

  171. ATRAIN110 says:

    someone told her to keep money, fair and square and she calls the police? Anyone from the government will steal your property any time you give them a reason to and most times when you don’t. She deserves to lose the money just as sure as if she “reported” to money to a crackhead homeless person, and then expected to get it back. The police are no better and will steal her stuff…it is a valuable lesson learned and maybe now she will wake up. SHE TOLD THE POLICE HSE HAS MONEY SO SHE DESERVES TO LOSE IT!

  172. bernieb says:

    Give it to the victims of that shooting in Fargo by ‘politically correct’ Mexicans.

  173. maltboy1 says:

    This is just more proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

  174. maltboy1 says:

    This is yet more proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

  175. james says:

    The police and other so-called “officials” always have some sort of excuse as to why they cannot give back property after the waiting period. Bottom line is don’t trust the police, you find money, keep it, all they will do is steal it from you anyway with some lame excuse.

  176. John R says:

    She is really stupid or calliing the corrupt and crooked cops

  177. jp says:

    I used to work for a Large Police Department. Most money is “drug money” at some point. But once it changes owner it changes status and is no longer considered “drug money”. If the money was in fact given to her it ceased to be drug money and became hers. Its fairly common for departments to keep funds or property under asset forfeiture laws.

    1. proud to be married to an officer says:

      that is so untrue. once drug money – always drug money. same as receiving stolen property – just because you now have it does not make it no longer stolen propery. the waitress knew something was wrong with the scenario and that is why she called the cops. if she thought it was a tip, she would have just taken it home. she did the right thing, and so did the cops. i really am disappointed by the people posting on here and all the negativity towards the police who risk their life everyday to serve and protect. obviously most of the people posting on here do not have much of an education from their word usage, etc.

      1. CD says:

        Last I checked, being a police office is a totally voluntary thing. No one is forced to risk their life by become an officer. But I wouldnt expect you to understand that since you seem to think that the police get to confiscate (steal) another person’s property.

        This is why you never tell the cops anything. You end up getting burned.

        1. proud to be married to an officer says:

          You are correct being a police officer is totally voluntary, and it is because of attitudes like yours and others that we have discouraged our son from becoming a police officer. He would make a great officer, but it is not worth the risk and shift work of covering nights and weekends and the ungrateful public opinion – so he has gone on to take a 9-5 job with no weekends. My husband loves his job and is a people person and loves to help those in need, but it can be a thankless job and many people will never understand what these men and women sacrifice to do their job and protect the public every day.

          1. confused says:

            There are good cops and bad cops, just like their are good doctors and not so good doctors, plumbers, teachers, whatever. Cops in general usually don’t have to answer to anyone other than their own so there is perhaps a little more power-trip and arrogance in that profession than some others. Also, as a culture, we’re not the same country, not the same good country, not the same Christian values country we used to be. Thus, there are fewer cops like the cops depicted in Norman Rockwells calendars today and, unfortunately, more cops with attitudes and senses of entitlement instead. Your husband may be one of the good ones. Too bad your son won’t be, sounds like he’d be a good one, too.

          2. ldentz says:

            lot of cops bring it on themselfs just because you got a badge don’t mean your honest

      2. coltster says:

        “that is so untrue. once drug money – always drug money. same as receiving stolen property ”

        WRONG! Drug money runs through Wal Marts every day of the week. High ticket items are purchased, then returned. The SAME money used to purchase items is not returned. Some other unsuspecting shopper cashes a check and ends up with some of that cash. I GUARANTEE you, it is NO longer drug money.

        This waitress also would have to have known it was part of a criminal offense to be party to receiving stolen property. Supposition is NOT good enough.

  178. James Woods says:

    The medias job is to report and bring to the public storys that are deemed of public interest. This type of reporting is what I would expect from someone in perhaps the 5th grade.

    Who is the woman? Does she have ties to any drug activity?

    Let me perhaps educate the media as to how to report on a story.

    Begin the article with “name here” found herself in an unusual situation when $$$ was left behind at table she had waited on moments before. Unsure of what to make of the money she alerted police who told her they would hold the money for 90 days and return it to her.

    The rest of the story would depend on why the police deemed the money to be drug money. Which I don’t really understand anyhow because if it is drug money the police are going to spend it anyhow so what’s the difference. If she can’t be arrested for anything give her the cash.

  179. Mcc says:

    Never call the cops for anything!

  180. Brutus says:

    That’ll buy them a lot of donuts and toys so they can play paramilitary games.

  181. peterdragon says:

    never trust police

  182. Harry Ballsack says:

    Cops spent it on drugs…and other party toys… Some bad cops out there…they are there to serve and protect themselves… All you bad cops out there.. your day of reckoning will come..

  183. Kuta says:

    Of course it’s drug money.
    For the cops.

  184. notyranny says:

    What do you honestly expect from these genocidal Nazi SS thugs? According to them she should be lucky she was not murdered because she had drug money and that means she deserves to be shot.

  185. giovanni says:

    I love it. Turn in the money. Rule 1 – wait 90 days, no talk, its yours. 90 days later, no talk, its not yours, we now have rule 2. Have the police in this town in Minnesota really thought this through? Never trust them again. Sue their pants off.

  186. Rod says:

    If you carry. Too much cash through the airport, the “POLICE” can seize it as drug money! Fact! Why else would one carry a large amount of cash?

    Never trust the government with your money!Found, given, or otherwise obtained!

  187. Kuta says:

    It IS drug money.
    For the cops.

  188. s says:

    What evidence do the cops have that it was drug money? For all they know this was a random act of kindness by a cooky philanthropist., Give the poor lady the $$$$$.

  189. JimmyNashville says:

    The pertinent question is, ‘did the police investigate it as a possible association to a drug crime or just strategiize as to how they could keep the money. Whatever objective right the woman has to the money this could nip it in the bud if it proves that they didn’t even investigate.

  190. Sven says:

    Cops will always have there hand out for freebies. They do not deserve any free meals coffee etc. Sure you folks will say that it is a tough job blah blah. If I understand there jobs they volunteer and filled in an application to do this job. If they are so naive that they thought this job was a game of beanbags.
    Stop the free hand outs they create a strange dynamics.

  191. Daniel says:

    Why in the world would anyone ever call the police??? LOL I just don’t get it. They are nothing more than corrupt revenue collection thugs for the state.

  192. Sven says:

    Cops that have there hand out have no moral barometer so they are very ready to take bribes. Yes a free cup of coffee is a bribe. Quid Pro Quo. It is a union workers attitude. So, all cops need to cleaner than driven snow they uphold the law and not hold up the taxpayers.


  193. elevenhundred says:

    Police are merely robbers and pirates with government funding and a non legal responsibility to help people.

  194. Bob says:

    Same thing happened to me about 10yrs ago in key west. I found a cigar box on the bar with cash ($3000). I turned it in to the office and then the kw police. I checked back 90 days later and they said I was S.O.L. This is what happens sometimes when you do the right thing. Ah the stories-memories I have from those years could fill ten books! Good times!!!

  195. snailmailtrucker says:

    No good deed goes unpunished….
    Welcome to ObamaWorld !

  196. Donnyboy says:

    Sounds like its unconstitutional to me to just confiscate someone’s property just on suspicion.

  197. Rick O'Shea says:

    She must had a lapse in judgement to call the cops. How many of you think it could have happened differently? So, what evidence did the cops have that it was drug money? They now have a them and us mentality and we aren’t us.They should return the money, pay her damages and attorney fees.

  198. Dan says:

    If the woman knows what’s in the box, and she tells you to keep the box, you do what she says. You don’t hand it over to someone else. How naive of her to give it to someone whom she SHOULD know will never give it back.

  199. coltster says:

    @ proud. Some of the negative comments on here are 100% accurate. As a retired cop, I’ve seen fellow cops I would have loved to punch. Too many have become arrogant, badge heavy a s s e s . Some are indeed crooked as well.

    Conversely, there are many fine, dedicated officers still around. I will not defend bad cops, nor should anyone else. Should you need the assistance of a cop, pray you get a decent one and not one of the jerks.

  200. christina says:

    i was a police dispatcher for 12 years. this guy found a duffel bag in a hotel parking lot that had $30,000 cash in it. he turned it in, waited the 90 days, then wanted to claim it. do you think the department i worked for turned it over? absolutely not! people think they are doing the right thing.. but they are s.o.l at the end of the day. my dad (retired cop), said the guy should have called the pd, said he found a duffelbag with money in it (but to NOT disclose the amount). if anyone calls you.. here’s my #. if they can provide precise, exact details, i’ll turn it over.

  201. kenvolk says:

    Cops are liars, too. I had a cop arrest me for assaulting a woman, even stated it in a police report. It cost me $tens of thousands for legal costs, plus the risk of incarceration. He only changed his tune after learning there was video evidence showing that the woman had actually assaulted me. Was he punished? No. Was she charged with either assault or perjury? No. The entire system is biased and corrupt, including judges and legislators.

  202. JM in San Diego CA says:

    There’s a charity foot race every spring in the Western desert. It’s called the “Baker-to-Vegas Relay” and it’s held over a weekend.

    My wife and I were driving home from Vegas on the day after the race. We were passed at dangerously high speeds by dozens of official cars and vans displaying banners for the race. Cops are immune from traffic tickets and they know it.

    Not all the people on here with negative comments have personal problems, starting with me. I did 21 years in the USN and certainly could have been a cop if I had chosen to go in that direction.

    They’re not angels … and some of them are far from it.

  203. Names Have Been Changed says:

    My cousin is a LAPD cop and he’s always giving members of our family (especially femaie relatives) free handguns and pepper spray he confiscates from miscreants on the street or from car searches. These are all unregistered “throwdowns” that he never logs into the departmental inventory and doesn’t reference them on any reports when he lets the miscreants go without an arrest. My mom got a nice 9mm Browning pistol for free from him and he gave my sister a free .380 Lorcin.

  204. Archie Bunker says:

    Yea, that 12 grand will buy a s**tload of doughnuts in the coming week or two….they’ll eat’em up that fast 🙂

  205. Jeff says:

    That will teach her to call the cops. And hopefully it will teach everyone who reads this story. Never, ever, for any reason call the cops unless absolutely necessary. I would have taken that money straight home and just use the cash for grocery shopping or other everyday expenses that can be paid for in cash with no questions. She could have slowly spent it over a few years. But she wanted to get cute and call the cops LOL dumb move.

  206. robert miers says:

    If the waitress is clean. If she does not know the tipper or the messenger, and the police does not have marks or identifying numbers. It is the police who are the thieves.Large amounts of money do not in fact indicate illegal activities. Many years ago, in dallas, three black men were trying to purchase three new cadillacs. They were treated terribly by the management until the accompanying older lady pulled out the cash from a cigar box.
    Turns out that they were Harlem Globe Trotters and when they left, they told the cadillac people if they cam to the performance that night, they would make sure they were treated better than they had been treated. Black gentlemen, methinks, not what you see on TV today

  207. Charles1014 says:

    What a bunch of PIGs!!!

  208. Diego Roswell says:

    The moral of this story is: never tell anyone when you find money, it does not pay to be honest in this society anymore. Back in the 1950’s perhaps, but now that the police are corrupt along with all of the other bankrupt city and state offices, you are not going to get to keep it.

    1. MN Fan says:

      You hit the nail on the head!!!! I would have just taken the money and run. You CAN”T TRUST anybody with the least bit of authority anymore.

  209. ericoidx says:

    I Agree. The police have been abusing this for decades. You want to believe they’ll do the right thing but they often don’t and abuse is rampant.

  210. jasonn13 says:

    LIfe is tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.

  211. Mark in E.G.F Minnesota. says:

    Cops…aka state sponsored thugs. Or what was known as the S.S. back in Nazi Germany during Hitler’s heyday. History has a way of repeating itself when we forget the lessons of our forefathers.

  212. rayburke1 says:

    Best advice. Minimize any contact with police as much as possible. While they usually serve a useful purpose they can’t be trusted. Many of them are nothing more than criminals in uniform and can be very dangerous and untrustworthy. They are also notorious liars. Sad but true.

  213. BP says:

    Dumb broad should`ve took the money and ran…

  214. Dan says:

    Land of the fee.

    Home of the slave.

  215. Barak Obama says:

    I blame George Bush!!

    1. MN Fan says:

      What does this have to do with politics???!?!?!??????

  216. richmondtommy says:

    This was an important lesson for this waitress. If you call a cop when you get a windfall like this you are most likely gonna lose it.

  217. Rufftouch says:

    Give the lady her tip back! Unless the cops has proof that the money was a sting money and the serial numbers were recorded PREVIOUSLY or other evidence that said the money was dirty she should get it. The burden of proof is on the cops to show that the money is dirty! If not, there should be an internal investigation on how this money was handled. I can see another “gang force” history repeating itself. Then we would have the cops pleading the 5th and poof…NO CASE!

  218. dryden01 says:

    It was probably meant to be a donation to the Obama campaign and the donor decided to help the waitress pay for Obama level gas prices instead.

  219. cjmartel says:

    Don’t you just love the forfeiture laws? Gives the cops the excuse to rob, steal, and plunder!! Of course it was drug money, do you honestly think the cops are going to lie? In a New York second. We are a nation of laws, unfortunately for this waitress, she lives by the law, while those that run the country flaunt the law!! Give the woman back her tip you jerks!!!

  220. cjmartel says:

    Poor waitress, she’s a law abiding citizen living in an increasingly lawless nation!! Drug money my ass, the cops are just using that excuse to rob her blind!!! Do your self a favor, DON’T call the police in a situation like this, they cannot be trusted, dirty thieves!! Give the lady back her money!!!

  221. TimeToEndThisCriimminalGovernment says:

    My mother’s house burned. I found her wallet with two 50 dollar bills in it that were damaged but you could make out the serial #. I sent it into the mint like I was supposed to to have them replaced. Never got any money back.

    Once the government gets your money, you will NEVER see it again, no matter how legitimate it is!

  222. mrouterlimit says:

    Why would anyone invite organized crime into their lives?

  223. Tim says:

    Get Real
    Police Officers are nothing but Revenue Collection Agents now days.
    It use to be that Officers were there to protect you.
    Now they are mostly there to collect money
    Traffic Speed Cams serve no public safety interest, just collecting money.
    Red Light Cams were proven to cause more serious accidents in a seven year study in the State of Virginia. They were all turned off, but several cities and County’s turned them back on, why ? they needed the money.

    Money matters. If Police find a dope user at Taco Bell, they will plea bargain with them that they will reduce their charges to dis-orderly conduct if they sign three affidavits of whom they know sells drugs. If you are named as a suspected drug dealer Police will raid your house and take everything you own. Even if they find nothing, you will lose your home, cars (they raid complete with tow trucks) and your bank account will be seized. All your assets will be frozen. Even if they find no evidence that you did anything, and you are not convicted of the crime you will not get your stuff back. Most States forfeiture laws states “if you are charged” not convicted.
    This is why the street dealer is allowed by Drug Task Forces go after people with assets calling everything they have “drug money related”. Now you have nothing to fight trumped up charges with, you are broke without a conviction.

    Police have become nothing but Government Collections Agents as their agency gets a cut of the assets they steal from the citizens. Then they get more toys to do their jobs with.

  224. Tim says:

    oops,, for the grammer police this is what I meant to say.

    This is why the street dealer is allowed continue while the Drug Task Forces go after people with assets calling everything they have “drug money related”. Now you have nothing to fight trumped up charges with, you are broke without a conviction.

    Police have become nothing but Government Collections Agents as their agency gets a cut of the assets they steal from the citizens. Then they get more toys to do their jobs with.

    How did they determine it was drug related ? Most money has trace chemical residue on it.

  225. Thomas says:

    Of course the police labeled it as Drug Money, this gives them the power to keep it. Blatant corruption. When I first heard the police gave themselves the power to seize money and cars and boats, etc. I knew we were headed down an extremely dangerous path. This gives them the incentive to MAKE criminals out of the citizenry in order to make themselves wealthy. You can argue all you want against this, but its a fact and I have seen it transpire over the latter part of my life. The world is a much uglier place than it was 30 years ago. The police state we have become was inconceivable then.

  226. W D says:

    When are people going to learn that you never associate with the police in any situation? Don’t talk to them, don”t answer thier stupid questions and above all never never never offer any information. They will always turn it against you, every time. Police exist for one purpose & one purpose only, to assist the government in it’s extortion racked being used to fleece the population and confiscate as much of our wealth, property & pessessions as possible.

  227. Andy says:

    I can’t believe all of these messages that say, “Don’t trust the cops”, or, “Don’t call the cops”. This story is NOT a complete story! We are missing one huge chunk of it. Why is this drug money? How did they determine that? Who are the suspects? Is it department policy (or state law) to keep drug money as evidence? My guess is that the police are only doing their job. They are not “out to get” the waitress. Come on now!

  228. Russ says:

    “All you cops are criminals, and all you sinners saints”.

  229. Russ says:

    “All you cops are criminals and all you sinners Saints”.

  230. Mike says:

    Hold it for 90 days if someone lost that much moey it will be in the paper or the local news then you can turn it in to the rightful owner.

    Never turn money into the police or the IRS, cops take it and the IRS will tax it..

  231. jimmie says:

    Trust the cops, government with money?….you’ve got to be kidding. Look the money was spent before the day was out.

  232. fivebunnies says:

    Me want to know if Tenbears knows value of money.

  233. Jon says:

    It’s a gift: NO TAX to pay. The cops should be jailed for stealing it. Attention SHEEPLE, the cops work for The State, YOU are not The State, YOU are the livestock.

  234. anti says:

    Drug money???????????????? I say prove ut Mr. Crooked cop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. kcsparky says:

    This really puts a hard tarnish on the motto “To Serve, And Protect!” This is just pathetic!

  236. Booga says:

    Never trust the Police. Anymore they are nothing but thieves bullies and thugs that work for the crooked courts to excise payments from citizens. The whole Criminal inJustice and Law enFarcement system needs to be locked up and gassed. The whole nation will be rid of the worst criminals in society and people can go back to Policing themselves and we will all be much better off.

  237. Ganbrinus says:

    A new word to be included in civics curriculums:
    KLEPTOCRACY, “alternatively cleptocracy or kleptarchy, (from Greek: κλέπτης – kleptēs, “thief”[1] and κράτος – kratos, “power, rule”,[2] hence “rule by thieves”) is a form of political and government corruption where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class at the expense of the wider population, often without pretense of honest service” -wikipedia

  238. ramicio says:

    This just goes to show you to listen to what your mama told you, and don’t be a snitch.

  239. Lickerface says:

    Rule #1 of USA Club: DO NOT talk to the police.
    Rule #2 of USA Club: DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE.
    Rule #3 of USA Club: do not call police unless you have become a victim of a crime.
    Rule #4 of USA Club: if you see policemen, act normal but do nothing unusual. Just get away from them as soon as possible.

  240. Your all in trouble says:

    I know an IRS agent who will be in touch with all of you.

  241. Bob says:

    Remember the great Gang task force debacle, same thing, cops stealing…..

  242. Ranger01 says:

    I am sick of Government Bullies! Let the waitress keep the money. The Police cannot prove this is drug money. The lady was honest and tried to return the money. The Money does not belong to the city, or the police. Give this gal a break!

  243. thunderbolt says:

    How do the cops know it is drug money?

  244. John says:

    They look at the cash as theirs, They call it drug money so they can take it and pay themselves.

  245. crypticguise says:

    The biggest criminals in our country are in the Federal Government. These are the bast**ds responsible for taxing YOU to death and writing laws which do not affect them. If you have cash do no ever report it as income to the Federal or State Government. Why? They will take a large chunk of it and waste it in redistributing it to the dregs of society and their own salaries and pensiions will gain. You are better off spending the money on your family, friends, YOUR charities. Do not let the government continue to steal your money.

  246. Joey S. says:

    Another case of the government using the so called “Drug Wars” to deprive a person of property or liberty without due process.

  247. steve5150 says:

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why this women called the police. A customer gave her $12,000 dol;ars. She should have taken it home and put it iunder her mattress.

  248. gabadab says:

    The Democrats have a lot to learn here: Whenever you have a problem, don’t let the government get involved.

  249. Krazy.bill says:

    Everyone arguing over how to launder this money. Nobody pointing out that this happened in a state that gave this country Al Frankin as a senator. No wonder the cops are thieves.

  250. SharingNews says:

    Cops “disappeared” it into their own bank accounts.

  251. Larry says:

    Just a point I have never seen brought up. According to the US constitution regulation of Interstate Commerce is a Federal Power. That is how the Federal govt. gets the power to regulate illegal drugs. Through the commerce clauses. But states do not have that power constitutionally. So I would point out that the states regulation of the illegal drug trade is unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment. They are abusing a federal power. And the state seizing that “drug money” is a civil rights violation.

  252. ShouldConsider says:

    If she is given the $12,000, it becomes a wonderful process to launder money.

    1. Get $$ illegally
    2. Say it was a tip
    3. Wait 90 days
    4. The money is yours to keep!

    1. BigTip says:

      A friend, eBay, and a classic 1970s imaginary car and you’re in business. I don’t understand how a waitress with five children would have enough guilt left to call the po-po. What a sweetheart.

  253. Benjamin says:

    ~Something wonderful just happened to me, I better call the police.~ ???

  254. Cashless in Seattle says:

    One should realize the police believe EVERYTHING is related to criminal activity.

    The police will be keeping that money, you can bank on that.

    So remember kids, NEVER EVER turn money over to the police.

  255. glenp says:

    CALLED THE COPS???? no wonder she’s POOR!!! she’s STUPID!!!!

  256. JR says:

    Calling the cops was a stupid, stupid thing to do. Now that money will be divied up amongst senior members of the police dept. that responded to this call and that waitress will never see a dime of it.

  257. LeChat says:

    Understand that the police are not your friends. Cultivate invisibility. Be just another face in the crowd. This is not your father’s United States anymore.

  258. MadMike says:

    Somehow I just don’t believe the “followed the woman to her car but she told her to keep it” part

  259. Robert MacDonald says:

    With the great rates these days there is no reason to put any cash in the bank. I’d trust my cash more with a loan shark than I would with the cops or the government.

  260. Jeff says:

    If they don’t have evidence to keep it, they’re just stealing it from the woman. The article should be titled “police steal $12,000 from poor mother.

  261. shooter42 says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s don’t invite the man into yours…….

  262. Paul says:

    Pigs suck. Another example of why the majority of americans dont trust the oinkers with a badge…

  263. Richie says:

    $12,000 would be easy to hide – use different banks, stretch out the deposits, etc. The real problem is that the government wants the money. This will go to help fund the obscene pensions government workers get or their higher than private industry pay. The government is NOT your friend. They are no longer “public servants”, the taxpayer is the servant now.

  264. LeaveMeAlone says:

    She should have never called the police. Chances are she will never see that money again. She should have just kept it at home and used it over the course of a couple of years to pay small expenses with cash.

    For similar reasons if you ever have to shoot someone in self-defense, you should run away (if you can) and not call the cops. Let them find the dead body.

    And if someone breaks into your house and you shoot them, wait a couple hours to see if any neighbors call the cops. If not, then stuff the guy in some garbage bags and dump him in some other part of the town.

    This will save you a lot of hassle, lawyer fees and the risk of Jesse Jackson coming to town and calling you a racist.

  265. kingofchatalot says:

    The cops are the crooks…………never trust the cops………..

  266. Steve says:

    Wow there are a lot of dumb paranoid people here. She found have easily put the money in the bank. That reporting requirement only triggers an investigation if her name happened to be tied to criminal or terrorist organizations. I have made crazy deposits and withdrawals all the time and have never had a government agency knock on my door. Carrying the money as cash doesn’t mean illegal activity either. Yes it Is unusual but unusual doesn’t mean illegal. Why she called the police is beyond me. She doesn’t really have burden of proof to make she isn’t receiving stolen money. The police have no way on knowing that it is drug money so they will lose this case.

  267. Todd says:

    I wonder how much each cop got? That money is long gone.

    Keep it in a safe place, buy groceries, clothes, etc. with cash for a couple of years. She has 5 kids, $12k isn’t going to last that long.

  268. mattphall says:

    All money has traces of drugs on it. Money changes hands frequently. The police are probably using the drug money claim to simply confiscate it for their own use.

  269. Curtis says:

    Unless the people leaving the money are arrested at that time on suspicion of drug dealing, how can they say they need to hold it in case it is drug money?

    So what the police are saying is they could simply “trail” any suspected drug user and every time they buy something (no matter how much), they walk up an confiscate the money? What about if the suspects pay their light bill? can the police take that money.

    Hell no, they need to arrest the suspects first as they are innocent until proven guilty. In this case, they have not even attempted to arrest the people.

    If I were the waitress, I would be concerned the suspects may change their mind and want the money back later (or expect the waitress to pay them back with some yet unforeseen favor).

  270. Luke says:

    wow 520 comments

  271. Carlton says:

    MOORHEAD, Minn.run by Democrats which means you won’t get YOUR money back.

  272. Pouteria says:

    OUTRAGEOUS! Where is the EVIDENCE its drug money? There are any number of explanations including stolen money.

  273. Donnie says:

    The STRIB is reporting that the waitress is being allowed to keep the tip.

  274. Herezabigtipfoya says:

    A friend, eBay, and a classic 1970s imaginary car and you’re in business. But I don’t understand how a waitress who is a mother of five had any guilt left to call the coppers. What a sweetheart.

  275. scrogginsd says:

    If all money in most of our communities was sniffed by a police dope dog, there would be little of it left! The State would take it all…. Come on get off it, people smoke…. So money is going to smell. Hold on… money could smell like sex, does that mean it was part of a sex crime? and so on and on, you get the point.

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  277. asdf says:

    Even if it WAS drug money, guess what? ALL money in the U.S. has been involved in one sort of drug transaction at one point or another – what do you call pharmaceuticals? But I digress.

    Even if it WAS drug money, it was NO LONGER drug money once the woman gave the money to the restaurant worker – possession is nine tenths of the law.

    Suck that, thieves. CBS, you should be ashamed. Yellow journalism is becoming all the rage these days, I know, but just because MSNBC and ABC jump off a bridge into a burning pile of poo, does that mean you have to follow too?

  278. GFV says:

    The basis to this story is very simple, $12,000 was left at the counter.. The waitress called the police. The police said that after 90 days if nobody claimed it it was hers. after 90 days she was forced to hire an attorney who’s fee could be from 33
    % to 40% The waitress did everything correct. However when it came to the police.totally uncalled for. Public servants or self serving ?

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