MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Newly released records show the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s medical school disciplined 20 doctors for writing sick notes for protesters during last years’ labor demonstrations at the state Capitol.

Records obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday show 11 doctors were docked pay between the amounts of $500 and $4,001 and had to attend ethics training.

Nine others were residents, or doctors-in-training. They were given written reprimands and also had to attend ethics training.

All the doctors were warned that further violations could result in termination.

The records show most of the doctors insisted they had acted properly, saying they thought they were helping public employees under stress.

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Comments (25)
  1. Bob says:

    yeah right, “helping”, sure, it’s just Dems helping Dems, glad they got fined, just with it was more

    1. Bobknob says:

      They should loose their license. If you purposefully evade paying taxes, even though it doesn’t hurt anyone you go to jail. These idiots purposefully cross the line and should be severely punished.

    2. what says:

      i agree – they should get fired.

  2. Justice for ALL says:

    Independents wake up. Do you really want to throw your support behind the Dems and their ends justify the means tactics? Please consider your vote in the next general election carefully. Let’s bring personal accountability back in style and vote the welfare state Dems out of office.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Welfare state Dems? I don’t know where you got that crazy idea but maybe you best look at the Republican’s who keep saying they want small government. Then you find them in our bedrooms, our drugstores, our work, they tell us we don’t need healthcare, we don’t need medicare and social security as we know it. There is not a part of your personal life that is sacred. Be careful when you vote..this is bad and they can make it so much worse!!

  4. G Dog says:

    The Nazis did the same thing to doctors who altered birth certificates to misidentify Jewish babies so that they wouldn’t be killed.

    Herr Walker and his Stormtroopers are following the recipe!!!!!!!!!

  5. tom says:

    Should have pulled their medical license from them all. Unemployment with no benefits woild be good for them.

  6. G Dog says:

    Never called in sick when you weren’t eh Tom? Great idea to pull the license from a doctor who could save your life.

    What’s it like to be a saint?

  7. That Guy says:

    They should be given letters of commendation for having the courage of conviction required to stand up for what they know to be the right thing to do.

    1. liar liar pants on fire says:

      @That Guy-and the right thing to do is lie?

      1. what says:

        Yeah, that was the right thing to do, just like the representatives to ran away to hide so they wouldn’t have to vote – Right and wrong sure do have different definitions these days…

  8. Robert says:

    If the people ripping on the doctors had a tiny clue when they complained it would be beneficial. They needed up in trouble because they did not chart in their patient’s record. Had they charted there would not have been a problem. Articles here not having all of the information is not unusual. Nor are posters not knowing what they they comment about unusual.

    1. Mary says:

      Are you that stupid Robert?

    2. Matt says:

      Let a doctor explain this to you Robert. And I’ll speak slowly. Writing a note excusing someone from work because they have a medical problem, when you suspect they do not in fact have a medical problem, is unethical. Failing to write notes in their charts is unethical. The more important thing is why there weren’t any notes. If it’s unethical to write the note, or fail to write in the chart, it’s doubly unethical to skip writing the notes because you either can’t write the truth or won’t write the lie. If the doctor makes a chart entry they have to be able to defend it. If it’s a lie then they are in real trouble. If it’s the truth then they shouldn’t be writing the note. If all these doctors legitimately felt their patients were not healthy enough to work then there should not have been a problem making a chart entry. But aside from all that, if all these teachers were so sick they couldn’t go to work how the hell were they healthy enough to participate in a protest in another city? As a doctor, regardless of my personal politics, it tics me off when a patient tries to pressure me into being deceptive in an effort to help them. And they hit the bricks shortly thereafter.

      1. Robert says:

        Doctors are greedy pigs living high off the government. 5 minutes in the office and look at all the money they make. No wonder health care costs so much. Taxpayer dollars should not go to give somebody a lavish lifestyle. If Governor Walker balanced the budget by trimming medicaid reimbursements, how would you feel. Stressed and devalued?

        1. Matt says:

          Once again Robert it is time for you to get the education you are so badly in need of. My greedy nature has me giving up approximately 30% of my take home income each and every year because of the low reimbursements we get for seeing patients on public programs. You ask how I would feel if my reimbursements were reduced? It’s a stupid question Robert because they are routinely reduced, either in actual dollar amount or through denial of legitimate claims. The difference between myself and all of the liberals who talk smart about solving the communities problems is that I am the one who solves these problems on two fronts. The first by actually providing the care. The second by doing it at a reimbursement level that is a mere fraction of what it costs me to pay for rent, supplies, staff salaries, etc. I agree to work for free, and then don’t get enough reimbursement to cover my overhead. If you want to use an analogy Robert try to use one that is intellectually honest. An example would be doctors getting OVERPAID to treat public program patients, and fabricating lies about being sick to justify skipping work at the hospital so they could go to the capitol and protest lowering those payments to a normal average level. That is an example of an intellectually honest comparison to what the teachers did regarding paying for the benefits they receive. You may believe they deserve it, and you may believe it shouldn’t be changed, but you are delusional if you believe their benefits are comparable to what the rest of the workforce gets.

          1. Robert says:

            You missed my point all along in your hatred over teachers and this issue. I wish I could be as good as health care professional as you and diagnose people without seeing them. My analogy is just fine. If you think that teachers are overpaid, that is your uniformed opinion. Being a doctor does not make you either smart, empathetic, or able to think beyond yourself. I should be able to tell you that with 30 years in the medical field. Publish your name so people know to not go to you.

            1. Matt says:

              What exactly does my opinion on this issue have to do with my ability to provide health care? And how could you possibly have 30 years in health care if you are so badly misinformed about medicaid reimbursements levels for services? You are either lying about being employed in the health care field or you are incredibly uninformed about the very field you work in. I don’t hate teachers either. I just don’t believe their union is honest. And neither do many of their members. I don’t know where your comment about diagnosing people without seeing them comes from. I guess you feel it is somehow logical that a bunch of people get sick notes to skip work, but feel good enough to participate in a political rally. No one makes the argument they were actually sick Robert. We’re all grown ups here. We don’t need to perpetuate a paltry lie. It’s beneath you to lie about something so obvious, especially when the teachers themselves don’t try to defend it. It’s detrimental to your argument to expect everyone to believe what is so obviously untrue. Your position is based in a logical fallacy – that while doctors in general are evidently greedy pigs, the ones who violated basic fundamental guidelines about patient care should be the ones we support. People talk about supporting the doctors who were honest enough to stand up for what they believed in. And yet they weren’t honest at all. If they were they would have either charted what they honestly saw, written the sick notes anyways, and accepted the consequences, or they would have declined to participate in the lie. It was pathetic that the teachers put them in this position in the first place. You don’t go to a health care provider, fake being sick, and ask them to excuse you from work so you can attend a rally. The doctors responsibility was to make an accurate diagnosis, and chart their findings. They failed to do so. My God, if these doctors had faked anything else and then decided not to chart anything you’d demand they be sued, jailed, then drawn and quartered. I never said teachers were overpaid either. I said their benefits are more expensive than those provided to the rest of the private workforce. It’s a fact. It’s not uninformed.

              1. Robert says:

                Teacher total compensation for a person with a college degree is less than average, That they chose to get more benefits and less for pay through negotiation was their choice. You need to look at the whole compensation package
                While it may not be credible that everyone doctors signed the sick notes for was too stressed to work, it is possible It is possible and indeed probable that the process of targeting the teachers as the source of the problem was stressful. Rallying against the outrage would relieve the stress. in order for many (not all) to get on with their lives. Were you there to evaluate any of them, No. Did some take advantage, maybe, did all, no. The world is not black and white. If it were all that simple you would not do differential diagnosis.
                All I had to do was question your ability, motivation to be a doctor, and look at the response I got. Do I believe doctors are greedy pigs? You do not spend the time and money anymore to be a doctor for the paycheck. Do I see the health care industry as the next target for blaming budget woes, quite possible.. After they go after the public employees, what is new? Those that get paid for work through the public dollar, health care being the largest component of the budget will be targeted next. If you practice is all private patients, good for you. If you do not see the day coming where they target the income earned from reimbursements, then you fail to see the animosity shown towards those who receive money from the government
                Do I think that many of the teachers believed their work was being devalued? Yes. That you have no understanding of how that would impact their lives shows how little you have learned.

                1. Matt says:

                  You’re not making a lot of sense Robert and you keep contradicting yourself and changing your story. You are changing your story now to say that even though the teachers claimed they were sick, they were in fact stressed. Are you trying to say that the doctors diagnosed stress at work caused by the collective bargaining legislation, and the accepted treatment for this was to go march on the capitol? “Rallying against the outrage would relieve the stress?” Because up to this point it’s been about sick teachers, and no one has any business questioning what occurred. Why two different stories? Why claim sickness at first, and work stress now? It’s more honest and credible to just admit they wanted to get out of work for the rally and lied about being sick so they wouldn’t get in trouble. Being honest about it displays integrity.

  9. Brett says:

    Robert, we all know what happened. Docs were writing FAKE sick notes for idiot gov’t union LOONS, so they could “protest” on the taxpayers dime, by getting paid to trash the state capitol. The “patients” who were getting these “sick notes” are FRAUDS, and should be treated as such.

  10. Tom says:

    These doctors have done nothing to warrant forfeiture of their licenses
    tp practice medicine. All you GOP guys and gals would be calling them
    “True Patriots and defenders of freedom” if the positions were reversed.
    I say “Kudos to them, for having the cajones to stand up to those who
    serve the machine!”. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


    1. Mary says:

      @Tom, you do need medical attention. Call a shrink.

      1. Tom says:

        Yeah, right. Any who decline to share the poisonous, right wing view
        of many modern conservatives must have something wrong with them.
        You neocons would probably label Ronald Reagan a socialist were he
        alive and running for office today.

        1. what says:

          did you call your shrink yet??

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