MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Another local group is trying to get on Ellen, and they need your help.

Rhythmic Circus is a music and dance group based out of the Twin Cities, and they can rap, tap dance and sing, among other things.

They created an original song and a video to get Ellen’s attention.

Their plan is to flood Ellen’s social media with links to their videos until she gives in and flies them out to Hollywood.

The group wants to be on the show because they feel they have a lot in common with the talk show host.

The group’s artistic director, Ricci Milan, highlighted some similarities the group and Ellen have.

“Our message is positive, Ellen’s message is positive,” Milan said. “Ellen loves dance, we love dance. We feel like it’s a perfect combination, a perfect storm. Plus, who doesn’t love Ellen, you know?”

If you like what the group is laying down, share their video with friends and Ellen. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7m226FWR0&feature=youtu.be

Comments (2)
  1. BOB says:

    I pitty anyone that watches that show. She’s Gross.

    1. Angela Marie says:

      If thats how you feel why did you waste your time reading the article and making a comment? Ellen ROCKS!!! maybe you need a little love in your life to make you happy.

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