MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hundreds of protestors could be in downtown Minneapolis Saturday with Occupy Minnesota movement expected to resume.

Last fall, about 500 demonstrators set up tents outside the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza. The anti-Wall Street and bank protestors were there for about two months before leaving for the winter.

They are expected to return, this time occupying Peavey Plaza and Loring Park.

Minneapolis Police are making preparations for their arrival.

“Basically, we are going to kind of wait and see what happens,” said Sgt. Steve McCarty of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Police have set up a camera at Peavey and several others at Loring Park. They will live-stream the protestor’s activities back to an intelligence room where officers will be watching.

“People have the right to assemble as long as it is within the correct hours. And we are just going to hope that everything is peaceful and we have law-abiding citizens,” said McCarty.

The protestors can stay at the Peavey Plaza overnight, but not at Loring Park, where Minneapolis Park Police are in charge.

Organizers say the cameras aren’t necessary.

“It’s sad. I’d like to see cameras in places where they are actually needed, like high crime areas,” said co-organizer Sam Richards.

“I’m not terribly surprised. I’m a little bit saddened. I think what we are doing here is being protected by the Constitution,” said co-organizer Ben Egerman.

Egerman said the winter weather forced protestors to leave last fall. This time, with the spring and summer ahead, he thinks hundreds could be here indefinitely. He promises a peaceful protest, as long as their rights are recognized.

“We have our first amendment rights. That’s what we are doing here. There are no curfews on it and there are no limits on it,” said Egerman.

Organizers say they expect people to start arriving at Peavey Plaza and Loring Park around noon Saturday.

They are expecting about 200 to 300 protestors initially, and they expect those numbers to grow in the coming days.

John Lauritsen

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    1. kinda funny says:

      loosers????? as in not tight…. Yeah they are loosers

      1. OWS: Go get a JOB. says:


    2. jackactionhero says:

      I’ll be down there with my Brothers & Sisters making my voice heard to the greedy bankers,corrupt politicians & white collar crooks. My partner Bruce & I are in it for the long haul. Come join us & lets empower the people!

  1. Tracy M says:

    Go OWS! Proud that Minnesotans are standing up to big greedy money bankster’s. Its a” RECESSION” when OTHER people lose there jobs and homes……………………………its a “DEPRESSION” when you lose yours.

    1. Arnie says:

      …..and a “recovery” when obama loses his

      1. Mike says:

        …and reality when you wake up in the morning of the day after the election and he is still in office.

  2. stung4ever says:

    Occupy protests tend to be high crime areas, so I’d say those cameras are in the right spot.

    1. Urbanite says:

      the area around loring park is the safest neighborhood in the city… you fail at life!

  3. Tom says:

    I like the comment about putting cameras in high crime areas. Like perhaps
    the boardrooms and CEO offices of many major corporations.

    1. Gary says:

      Or up and down Nicollet Mall where those black gangs keep beating up white people and the cops are too scared to do anything about it.

      1. Tom says:

        I take it you haven’t much experience with the Minneapolis Police Department.
        Say what you will about them, scared of law violators is something they are

        1. Gary says:

          Oh. OK. So I guess I’m supposed to blame Obama or Liberals or whoever for the seven mob beatings on whites and Asians downtown over the past two months that have resulted in only a handful of arrests — not the police not doing their jobs. Got it. Thanks, Tom!

          No, seriously, you’re right — nabbing speeders at the end of the month to hit those quotas and picking off easy targets (like OWS protesters a.k.a. college kids) is WAY more heroic.

          1. Marine 0311 says:

            Have to disagree with you Gary. It’s not the cops job to protect you, it’s your job to protect yourself. Relying on cops to keep you safe is suicidal and stupid.

      2. Urbanite says:

        Gary, your post is nothing but lies! the Minneapolis PD would never pass up a chance to beat up some black people!

  4. Protests Never Work says:

    Not very dedicated. These protesters took the mildest winter that I have ever seen off. Makes me think they are not dedicated to their cause. Which is?????? Who knows….There is one thing that I have learned from my very limited years on this planet. It is that protests do not work in MN or the US for that matter. They seem to inconvenience the general population and not so much our government.

    So here is my advice to you OWS protester. Instead of protesting try fundraising maybe for a charity. Use that energy for some good. That way your efforts will actually help someone.

    1. Arnie says:

      Or they could find a job and make something of themselves.

      But that would be expecting too much of the drug addled, mother’s basement dwelling crybabies

      1. ipmutt says:

        A clasisc example of a misdirected person who can not see his way to light. No amount of help will make this clear to him.

      2. Urbanite says:

        I have 3 jobs and I am about to leave right now to go to Peavey Plaza. I live in my own house (not my mother’s basement) and I don’t do drugs. But you probably won’t believe me because it contradicts what Bill O’Reilly told you to believe.

  5. Arnie says:

    What’s the difference between an occupy protester and a pizza?

    A pizza is able to feed a family of 4

  6. Rubble says:

    Thank You protesters. You have a whole state behind you. Do you actually think the repubs are going to get re-elected? We have a democratic Governor and we will have a Democratic legislature. I cant wait until the November election. We will get things back to normal. I call on all Repubs to buy an etch a skecht

    1. Jim says:

      What an appropriate “handle” RUBBLE. That is what Democrats tend to do with anything worthwhile that they touch or focus on, turn it into rubble.

      1. Counterpoint says:

        Funny you should mention that, considering it was democratic presidents who led America through BOTH world wars. It’s a wonder we survived as a nation through those years of crippling progress and prosperity.

        1. Mike says:

          ……….and, let’s not forget 9/11 happened under the command and leadership of a Republican.

          1. Billy says:

            Let’s not forget the Saudi’s captured Bin Laden and offered him to Bill Clinton.

            Who said ‘no thanks’.

  7. Melody says:

    Saturday is the bum opener this year.

  8. StanleyPeterson says:

    A bunch of “Cave People” coming out to get some fresh air?. Robots and Dumb bells singing the “Blues”. Go back to Mommy and Daddy, you mostly are called “Brats”!…….Ufta!

  9. sapphire says:

    Oh joy. More unbathed people, more garbage strewn all over, more stupid signs, more stupid ranting and raving, more disruption of everyone near there, and on and on and on.

    Maybe Zygi can hire all of them to “protest” in favor of a new stadium – a “People’s Stadium” with a “Peoples ‘Protest’ Plaza” right in front of it.

    1. Urbanite says:

      um… Zygi is exactly the kind of crooked businessman they are protesting against. but you have been brainwashed to believe that there is no message to the protest so I wouldn’t expect you to actually know what you are talking about.

  10. Nota Red says:

    Minneapolis,the toilet that gets flushed every year (winter). Looks like we have a few floaters popping up in the parks. At least some parents will have a little quiet whille their basement dwellers are being non-productive somplace else.

  11. they have no substance says:

    These protests have been given much more attention then their numbers deserve. The liberal mass media has inflated their significance while deliberately glossing over the disruption, vandalism, and crime that is typical during these “occupations.” It has been nearly a year and these miniscule protests have failed to produce a coherent movement or message that does anything but whine and place blame. They will be ignored and despised by the vast majority of Americans, and inevitably dry up and blow away.

  12. homeowner says:

    The economy hasn’t gotten better. There aren’t more jobs that pay a living wage. Nobody is being prosecuted for all the fraud in the Finance Industry. The bailouts only went to the banks, and now the taxpayers have to pay them back. Inflation in the things we actually have to buy, like gas, food and medical, isn’t counted in “official” inflation statistics, so people can’t figure out why they’re going under financially. Our homes are declining in value every month.

    There’s plenty to protest against. Hopefully, The Occupy Movement can keep out the corporate politics types like MoveOn.org, so they don’t get co-opted and put on a leash like the Tea Party has been turned into a wing of the Republicans.

    Until we start enforcing laws in America, there’s going to be civil unrest. All the sneering sock puppets can’t pretend America is working in the best interests of Americans.

    1. they have no substance says:

      The economic and financial problems you mention cannot be solved by protest or “civil unrest.” That is the fundamental weakness of this so called movement. It typifies a mindset of entitlement. They offer no practical solutions and merely whine in hopes that some higher power will take care of their problems for them. At the same time their lack of a coherent message or agenda makes them untouchable by any political party or sane politician. The Tea Party was mostly a figment of the liberal media imagination, but at least that so called movement had goals that could be addressed by the Republican Party. You fear co-option of the OWS “movement,” yet that is precisely what needs to take place to make them relevant. Protest and even civil disobedience are an important part of our tradition of political participation, but until the OWS movement articulates solutions that can be addressed by politicians chosen by primary and general elections, they will remain insignificant.

      1. Observer says:

        The OWS protesters are very articulate and have made their messages pretty clear. But, then you might have to listen to less biased news outlets than Faux News, or even mainstream media. And here’s an idea…actually go down and talk with the protesters. I think Counterpoint above was pretty articulate about what OWS is and does.

        1. they have no substance says:

          Counterpoint’s post actually serves to make my point. It is a mish mash of accusations and its only clear thread is the tiring and paranoid line of accusing all who disagree of being ignorant (as does yours). I have been closely watching and listening to what OWS says and does. Do not assume that because I am critical of the movement that I am necessarily in opposition or ignorant. Are you trying to promote and inclusive or exclusive movement? What I am seeing and hearing is that what OWS stands for and is trying to accomplish depends upon who is talking at the moment at each protest, and that the movement is casting about for issues to justify their continued existance. Trying to shield homeowners who cannot afford their homes from financial accountabllty for example, is not something that any politician can advocate. I find the OWS thing quite interesting, and I am waiting for them to coelesce into a viable political movement. So far in my opinion, they have failed to do so.

  13. T says:

    So uptown is moving downtown. I guess that really doesn’t bother me since I’ve never liked uptown and tend to stay away. We have a lost set of tattood, pierced, intitled hipsters. Have fun playing in the park.

  14. not quite says:

    Yep, see you there after I get up at noon, emerge from mom’s basement, and first play a little Xbox. I’ll bi_ch a little about how not enough free stuff has found its way to my front door and that people that have tried much harder than me in life are evil and greedy. If only they’d build a light rail station right at my front door.

  15. JoseCuervo says:

    Paranoid much?

    1. jimmy says:

      Not really, few people in Minnesota use the expression Uff-da. However the ones that do know how to spell it.

  16. redneck purist says:

    How do you get 20 OWS protestors into a phone booth? Throw in a hemp hoodie. How do you get em’ out? Throw in a job application. These clowns will trip over a dozen help wanted signs on the way to the protest.

  17. Kevin says:

    Lets see…hundreds of unemployed morons out of 5,344,861 residents……..way to keep this .0000005 % of the population in the news! Oh I love the sackless liberal wet dream media…….I cant wait to read about them everyday!!!!

    1. not quite says:

      Kevin, please keep the truth, logic and common sensee out of this. Also whatever you pay in taxes is not your ‘fair’ share and you are greedy.

  18. hoopla says:

    What a joke….

  19. Bob says:

    so they are going to resume being worthless bums in public as opposed to mommy and daddy’s basement, wonderful, hope they shower or bath in the river or something, geez

  20. Billy says:

    They are protesting for worker’s right’s?

    None of them has a job!!!

  21. GSL says:

    I see a lot of people (or one taking many names) who say all OWS people are jobless hippies who live at their parents homes. I for one am a supporter of the Occupy movement, I just got my first interview in a year, the whole year I was applying for work and didn’t get one call until this week.

    I will not disagree that the movement should get together and organize better. However do not judge all of them because of the few who are not hard working citizens.

    1. GSL says:

      And as for living with my parents, my mother lives in Texas and my dad lives in Iowa, and me? I live in a apartment off East River Road. So yeah no parents here.

    2. Jeff says:

      You are the exception, not the norm.

      1. GSL says:

        Thank you for that, I am just trying to show not everyone in the Occupy movement is lazy.

      2. Urbanite says:

        then there is a helluva lot of “exceptions” among the protestors. perhaps even more that those who are “norm”

  22. Jeff says:

    It amazes me how much publicity these career protesters get from the media. It is also more amazing at how little the media reports all the “questionable” activity that occurs at these things.

  23. Citizen says:

    This is a quote from within the story, “Police have set up a camera at Peavey and several others at Loring Park. They will live-stream the protestor’s activities back to an intelligence room where officers will be watching. ” If you wonder why the OWS people wear those masks, it is because of the cameras which were trained on the protesters in NY and the videos used to individually identify the protesters. For the most part, the protests have been peaceful but the U.S. is collecting plenty of intelligence data under the Patriot Act and this is an example. ‘CCO and the trolls on this website must not have liked my stating the fact that the new Utah supercomputer is going to be used to go through all the Patriot Act data being collected and retained for 5 years. This computer will be used to break encryption from financial institutions but ESPECIALLY social media sites. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision that strip searches can now be used for routine matters such as outstanding parking tickets, and in light of the data collection by the Patriot Act, the OWS protesters are brave but also prudently trying to protect their faces from the cameras and computer.

    1. JoseCuervo says:

      Paranoi will destroy Ya…

  24. keel says:

    Although I sympathize with your supposed motives, this is really more of an annoyance than anything else. While it draws attention to you, it does nothing to solve the problems on Wall Street. Go home. Find work. Take showers.

  25. Occupy Obama says:

    Those are Obama’s people: Crime, dirty, anarchy, unemployment, racism and illegal drugs.

  26. JoseCuervo says:

    Loser conference in loring park and peavey plaza…calling all losers…

  27. Mark says:


  28. SickOfPolitics says:

    The problem with the Occupy protesters isnt the protesters themselves. They have a message they want to get across and most of them are using their 1st amendment right to to do it. The problems, using their own logic, is the 1% of them that think that protesting is shoving the message in to the face of anyone they can see and violating everyone else’s right to live their everyday live free of pushy, smelly dirty and only semi commited protesters.(If you really believed in the cause you wouldn’t have taken the winter off) That 1% is the same one that does all it can to get arrested just to get arrest, which ties up more resources and accomplished nothing.