MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that requires schools that teach sex education to stress abstinence as the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The Republican bill allows sex ed teachers to ignore contraception completely. Current state law requires schools that choose to teach sex education to use a multi-faceted curriculum that includes contraception use.

Pro-Life Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Catholic Conference back the bill. Opponents say the legislation is foolish and unrealistic.

Walker, a Republican, signed the bill Thursday but announced it Friday.

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  1. MJ (a mom) says:

    So unwise. I hope that have an increase in their budget to pay for all the teenage pregnancies that will result.

    1. Don Anderson says:

      funny, thats what happened when the took abstinence out of the classroom

      1. CJ says:

        No, Don. All the medical data show that abstinence education results in more unwanted pregnancy. This is standard fair in medical school.

        1. Don Anderson says:

          then why is there lower pregnancy rates in private schools where they teach abstinence as part of their curriculum, oh maybe because they live by a higher standard of morals and that their actions have consequences that they are responsible for, not a problem for society to take care of for them.

          1. hilm says:

            Private schools = people with more money. Generally it is the lower income girls who tend to have the babies.

            1. Don Anderson says:

              good argument for school vouchers

              1. Tom says:

                @ Don

                Ah no! You want to send your child to a nutty private school you pay for it!

            2. Truth Be Told says:

              Because the rich hypocrites are aborting their children’s babies.

          2. Sam says:

            Don, instead of looking at two different types of school institutions, look state-to-state. Take a look at STD/teen pregnancy rates by state. Then look at which states teach abstinence-only and which states teach science-based, comprehensive sexual education. The ones that teach abstinence-only have the highest average of both STDs and teen pregnancies.

            I am 100% in agreement that abstinence is the best way to avoid such things, but kids are dumb and are going to make mistakes, no matter how much we tell them not to.
            It’s just like driving: We tell our kids not to do stupid things, not to speed or lane-surf or run red lights, but we also tell them to wear their seat-belts because they are going to speed, they are going to lane surf, they are going to run red lights, and we want them to come out of it okay when they make these mistakes.

      2. what says:

        yep, they preach condoms and pregnancies skyrocket – go back to abstinence.

        1. Don Anderson says:

          teach both and bring the parents into the conversation so the parents who are responsible for the kids can have conversations and be open and honest with one another. it really can happen and does in family’s where parents involve themselves in their kids lives instead of being self serving and only care about them selves and THEIR CAREERS

        2. Tom says:

          @ what

          Teaching abstinence does not work and has never worked. If you thought that would work maybe you should called in the queen of abstinence Britol Palin since it worked so well for her!

        3. Molly says:

          I agree ….abstinence is the only way to go. teach kids to have some standards and morals. good for Gov. Walker…I’m liking him more and more. Maybe if Wisc doesn’t want him we’ll take him.

      3. markH says:

        No, that’s what happened when they removed education of contraception. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending that teenagers won’t engage in intercourse isn’t a strategy against unplanned pregnancies and STD’s-it’s simply immoral and irresponsible. We now know (if we know anything) that the best defense (aside from abstinence) against pregnancy and STD’s is birth control and condoms. When we look at nations like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France we see a MUCH lower incidence of teenage pregnancy vs their USA counterparts. The difference that makes the difference is the availability of contraception and education on how it works. Teenagers have sex. We may wish they didn’t but that isn’t reality. Preventing a pregnancy is so, so easy if only the self-righteous Republicans and their conservative Christian aversion to human sexuality were left out of the conversation. Peace.

        1. Jane Swisshelm says:

          The highest rates of teen pregnancy in the US occur in the Bible Belt states. Abstinance = ignorance = more pregnant teens.

          1. Observer says:

            @Jane. And those Bible Belt states are pretty solidly GOP. Could it be the GOP needs another generation of ignorant voters?

  2. Yeller says:

    another ALEC bill

    1. Death says:

      Yup, but I bet most here don’t know what that “ALEC” is

  3. jilrubia says:

    How about we talk with kids about making the best choices for their future? How about we talk about the realities of having a child…not just a cute little baby? How about we focus on what is a healthy relationship. How to understand another’s fears and issues. How about taking responsibility for your own body…no matter what your governor or church or parents or boyfriend/girlfriend says. Does “just say no” work for adults?? Do adults always make the “correct” decision about what is best for them? Help kids make better choices with MORE information. It’s amazing to me how so many people seem to be frightened about giving people facts and letting them make decisions on their own. Wow.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      anyone teen that is thinking about having sex or unprotected sex, I would like to first introduce them to my friends 11 month old who is an endless fountain of snot and vomit. the only positive I can think of is that I’m losing weight because I lose my appetite when around this child.

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        If you hang around that kid it will end up posting an endless fountain of useless drivel on internet forums.

        Is this font of wisdom of yours meant to discourage married couples who WANT children?

        Please be specific.

      2. History Repeats Itself says:

        That’s funny because that’s what your Mom’s friend said too.

      3. J says:

        I work with adolescents. Many of them think they can’t get someone pregnant because “it has not happened.” They are very misinformed even with the education they are getting. Adolescents are impulsive and think in the moment. They have difficulty making plans two weeks out. Unfortunatly, some of them would see the 11 month old fountain of vomit and other body fluids as someone that “loves them.”

    2. dbrand11 says:

      You have my vote. Makes way more sense then any of the idiots in power now.

  4. whirly says:

    WOW, I have supported Gov Walker in the PAST. Through everything I believed we were on the same page. This however blows my mind. How deep in the sand are these people’s heads buried? Sure teach it, but to think this is a realistic goal is absolutely ridiculous.

  5. hilm says:

    Hmm, like any teenager is going to listen to abstinence speeches.

  6. angus says:

    Another attack on women by the Republicans. Wonder when they are going to cancel women’s right to vote.

    1. Don Anderson says:

      i didn’t know this article was just about women

    2. rob says:

      didn’t realize that women are the only ones affected by being taught to be abstinent. because clearly women are the only ones who have sex… I don’t believe you people…

      1. markH says:

        That sounds like casuistry to me. Do you have an actual objection to the legislation, or are you trolling?

    3. Staunch Democrat says:

      My vote is to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

  7. openminded says:

    Its just another republican ploy to keep the middle class and poor from rising in society. Its class warfare at a different level.

  8. Walker says:

    Quick, let’s get as many GOP bills signed as possible before the recall elections.

    1. Kevin says:

      Yeah, he know’s he’s toast so he’s trying to just shove through as mich as he can before he gets kicked out in hopes that they won’t get repealed.

      Pathetic loser.

  9. Right is so wrong says:

    Couples that practice abstinence, are called parents

  10. J says:

    I graduated from high school a while ago…and the school district use to literally cut out the reproduction, birth control and STD/STI chapters of the health books. We were high school students, but due to community norms, the subject was too politically charged. Though, as an adult, I am rather conservative in many ways, I feel that abstinance only is unrealistic. Adolescents live in a very sexually charged world. Until the social norms shift for adolescents, I feel we will continue to deal with pregnancy, STD/STI issues, etc. Some wisdom from my grandmother… (who would be 95)… “The first baby can come at anytime, the second one is always 9 months…” Teen pregnancy is not a new issue, but how we handle it is.

  11. But Out! says:

    If I want my kids to be brought up Catholic I will send them to a Catholic School.

  12. Darren says:

    It shouldn’t be the schools responsibility at all. The parents should be responsible for teaching sex education to their children. Let the schools teach the things I as a paremt don’t such as grammer and math.

    I waited til I was 25 and I didn’t have sex as a teenager. To say these teenagers can’t wait is unresponsible. But of course if were all animals then we should just go have sex with anything and everything because we can’t make proper decisions.

    1. jimmy says:

      “I waited til I was 25”

      How old were you when your when you tried it with a partner?

      1. Darren says:

        25 and a half. Thanks for asking.

    2. Tom says:

      @ Darren

      The parents shouldn’t teach their kids anything about sex ed, especailly if the parents are only going tell their kids certain things and not everything!

    3. Right is so wrong says:

      Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean you should legislate it to the rest of us. Making laws based on your religious view would be naive and just plain stupid. Making laws based on one religious view is how you end up with a Taliban like government. The GOP is running as fast as they can before they all get replaced next fall.

  13. AtrueChristian says:

    Abstinence only sex-ed will not work. Abstinence does NOT prevent pregnancy. Mary did not have sex with her husband. She did not have sex with any man. She was a virgin until the visit by an angel. 9 months later, Jesus was born.
    This is a FACT I know, because the bible tells me so!!!

  14. making the bacon says:

    I think that chastity belts should be required until the age of 18. The train can’t enter a tunnel if it’s blocked. Yeah, then talk abstinence all you want.

  15. Murph says:

    I bet he hopes that once he gets in prison sometime soon.That his cellmates practice it too!

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