MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 43-year-old Pierz, Minn. woman was arrested after police say she tried to hire someone to kill her ex-husband.

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According to a criminal complaint, Nancy Leona Meyer sent a woman text messages, asking for help to kill Fisk on April 10. The woman who received the texts then told police about the arrangement two days later.

The text messages said Meyer had a new knife and asked the woman not to tell anyone. She also texted, “you please help me kill him please,” according to the complaint.

Police say Meyer texted the woman with her ex-husband’s address and his work hours.

“Kinda dumbfounded when they actually told me that my ex-wife had put a hit out on me,” said Jeff Fisk, of Morrison County. “(There were) exact details how to get in my house, where my bedroom was, what time that she wanted me dead by, I am still in shock.”

Court records say the woman placed a phone call to Meyer, with police recording the conversation, asking how much she would be paid. Meyer responded that they could start with $200.

Meyer told the woman she didn’t want her children involved. She also asked to be called once her ex-husband was dead.

“She had bought a new knife and didn’t want anyone to know about it. And I was supposed to be killed with a gun with a silencer on the end of it,” said Fisk.

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Meyer was located near her place of employment and arrested by police. At the Morrison County Jail, police told Meyer she was arrested for trying to have her ex-husband killed. Meyer said if he would’ve let her see her children, none of this would have happened.

“The kids are of legal age I have told them many times they can visit her anytime they want and they absolutely refuse to,” said Fisk.

His son, Chris and daughter, Stephanie, told WCCO they chose to end their relationship with their mother years ago.

“We both don’t want to see our mother because she’s a bad influence,” said Chris Fisk, age 21.

Court records show Meyer has had past criminal charges involving several DWIs.
“All the things I’ve been through with her, I don’t want to deal with it, just not worth it,” said Stephanie Fisk, age 18.

Fisk says he is thankful his ex-wife’s potential hitwoman instead saved his life.

“Kinda my savior. Someone is looking out for me for a change,” said Fisk. “I feel a little safer, but what happens in 5 or 10 years when she gets out, am I going to have to go through this again? It’s hard to close a book when it keeps popping open constantly, but eventually it will get closed, I hope.”

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Meyer could face 20 years in prison.