ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Just two days after a Minnesota House Committee killed a new Minnesota Vikings stadium package, Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s still hoping to get a vote on it.

In fact, the governor says he’d even consider a special session. The Vikings stadium was dealt a serious blow Monday night when Democrats refused to vote for it, even though it is perhaps Dayton’s top priority.

But the Gov. Dayton said the game is not over yet. Responding to reporter’s questions, he said he’d consider the idea of a special session but hasn’t given it a lot of thought.

He’s also renewed his call for a vote by the entire House and Senate.

“I share their sense of urgency.  We’re so close now and it ought to at least go to the Senate and House floors for a vote so the legislature is on the record. If the legislature turns it down, then so be it,” said Dayton. “I’ve seen this pulled out, rabbits pulled out of hats before. Where there is a will, there’s a way.”

Meanwhile late Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Dayton spoke on the phone about the current Vikings stadium situation with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. In that conversation, Goodell said inaction by the Minnesota legislature has “serious consequences for the Vikings and the NFL.”

Ramsey County officials also re-launched their bid to have the new stadium at Arden Hills. Their packaged included a two percent food and beverage tax in Ramsey County as well as user fees. Gov. Dayton previously said the financing package wasn’t feasible.

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