MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Authorities are investigating after a University Of Minnesota student told police she needed to leave her Minneapolis apartment to get away from an aggressive stalker.

According to police, the victim began receiving threatening text messages on Jan. 28, 2012. The messages accused her of sleeping with suspect’s “man” and state, “I am gonna f— you up when I see you..”

Over the next month, the suspect continued to send the victim messages, which identified where the victim went to class, which buses she rides, where she lives, who she’s with, what time she arrives home, what time her apartment lights go off at night, where she is dining with friends, and even where the victim moved to once she was too afraid to live in Minneapolis, police said.

A summary of the stalking and harassment include:

• Victim receives threatening texts from “susan.phillips586@yahoo.com”
• Victim’s license plates stolen from her car
• Victim’s friend’s car damaged in a hit and run near her apartment
• The suspect(s) find the victim at restaurant and follow her home
• Victim calls 911 to report text message that claims the suspect is outside her apartment
• Threatening texts resume from new email: trishajames56@yahoo.com
• After relocating, victim told by suspect(s) they are waiting near her new residence
• Victim’s ex-boyfriend’s car tire slashed, later assaulted

Police say the events have cause tremendous fear and intimidation in the victim. She has changed her cell phone number and has had all of her personal information at the University “locked down so tightly that University Police could not even look her up on their system,” police said.

Police are investigating and have issued a search warrant to discover the identity behind the emails sent to the victim.


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