COON RAPIDS, Minn. (WCCO) — Even in a gymnasium taking ground balls at shortstop, Coon Rapids infielder Logan Shore looks so smooth. He makes it look almost effortless to play the game.

That’s part of what caught the coach’s attention early on.

“When he was a freshman he led our team in hitting. He got us into the state tournament in 2010 by pitching the final couple innings against Irondale and shutting them down. He was quite the player right away,” said Coon Rapids coach Jerry Coe.

Watch him get ready to pitch and it’s the same. You get the feeling he’s been getting ready for this almost his whole life.

“My dad grew up in Kansas City playing hockey and baseball, and he got me into it playing t-ball and little league when I was five,” Shore said. “I just started loving it ever since.”

Now he’s a junior in high school, throwing 90-plus miles per hour. That gets the attention of college and professional scouts.

“He throws hard, throws probably in the mid-90s. I think he’s been clocked at 93 or 94,” said Coe. “I think what they like about him is that he can carry it over too, it’s not just for one or two innings. It’s through the fifth, sixth and seventh innings.”

“Ever since I was little I’ve just been able to throw hard. I’ve been fortunate enough just to have a good arm,” Shore said.

He has what the good ones do. Not just the ability, but the responsibility. He wants the ball in his hands to control the game.

“I like to be involved in every play. I kind of like the pressure of the game being on your shoulders, everyone looking at you and having you make stuff happen,” Shore said.

That’s what they heard when he was coming up, that he loved to play the game. He’s the type of kid you want in your program. He’s a player who wants to win all the time.

“We want to make it as far as possible. If everyone plays good, I think we have a legitimate chance at going to state, and hopefully bring home a state championship,” Shore said.


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