MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many have a soft spot when it comes to vinyl.

Saturday is the day to celebrate as it’s Record Store Day across the nation. Customers waited outside the Electric Fetus Saturday morning to get their first dibs on their favorite records.

This is really the one day that independently owned record stores across the country get together with artists to celebrate music. We went inside the store to show you why to many it’s also not just about the music.

Most of us have stacks of vinyl in our basement. The records might not be worth much, but they mean something.

That’s the feeling that has shoppers coming back.

Downloading music might be more convenient, but many argue it’s just not as expressive.

Saturday, record stores like the Electric Fetus will be able to release exclusive rare albums in limited quantities. It’s taking an old art form and making it new to a wider audience.

There are rules to record store day: You can only buy one title copy and 10 items total. It’s to eliminate fraud.

Doors will opened at 9 a.m. at the Electric Fetus, but don’t expect to get in right away. They’ll likely let in three to four people at a time.

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