MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis woman started working on her new project Wednesday, which is a house she bought for $1, but she expects to spend about $120,000 fixing up the place.

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At the same time, the restoration of 3049 3rd Avenue South will be the subject of a TV series on the Do It Yourself network.

Nicole Curtis is the star of the show, and also the new owner of this 1911 Dutch Colonial.

The house has been boarded up for four years, and was scheduled for demolition before Curtis bought it.

As daylight floods in, the effects of neglect are revealed. Four years of freezing and thawing have destroyed the foundation.

“This basement crumbling is all due to the fact that this house was boarded and not heated,” said Curtis. “We have to lift the house and put a whole new basement on it, which is just a really huge process, but the rest of the house is really structurally sound.”

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The house is within a block of Interstate 35W and Lake Street. It is an area with some history, like the restored house across the street, built in 1886.

“You come into the neighborhood from, you know, 35, you come into the neighborhood from Lake Street, you see this house sitting right on the corner with the boards, and it kind of makes the neighborhood look a little sad. This is really going to change the look of the entryway to the neighborhood,” said Kristi Johnson with the CANDO Neighborhood Association.

“When you have a house like this, there are assessments from the city, there are delinquent taxes, you know. Everything has to be brought up to code, but it’s a big red tape nightmare, that’s why most people don’t touch ’em,” said Curtis.

Still, Curtis hopes to find new owners when the restoration is complete. She hopes the rebirth of this home inspires others to fix up their houses, even in a real estate market where many have lost value.

“You know what we still have here? We still have the pride of home ownership here,” said Curtis.

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If you’d like to see the inside of the house for yourself, there will be an open house this Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.