MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands will lace up on Sunday in Minneapolis to help fight multiple sclerosis with Walk MS.

But for a Shoreview family, Sunday will mean a bit more because after a decade of supporting her father, 15-year-old Emily Blosberg is walking for herself, too. She was diagnosed with MS late last year.

“My hand started to go numb and it just felt like I was wearing a glove,” Emily said. “And then that feeling spread all the way up my whole arm, and eventually covered my entire body.”

With three kids, two exchange students and house full of pets, the Blosbergs don’t slow down for much. But this news stopped them in their tracks.

Dean, Emily’s father, has battled MS since 1998 and seeing his daughter face the same struggles hit him hard.

“I’ve been working for the last 14 years, and praying, that my kids will never have a problem with it,” Dean said. “It was pretty devastating.”

MS isn’t considered a hereditary disease, so when Emily was diagnosed at such a young age, it was a shock. Emily, however, saw it as more of a speed bump.

“She’s handling it better than I did,” Dean said.

A volunteer for the MS Society since she was 2, Emily is doing more now than ever, like making a video to share her story and keeping a full schedule of fundraising events. And when things get tough, Dean provides the inspiration.

“He’s been a really great role model,” Emily said. “He hasn’t let MS get to him and so I kind of do the same.”

If you’d like to contribute to the Blosberg’s fundraising efforts, you can do that by clicking here.


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