MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s always been Jamie and Heather Thompson’s dream to have a big family. So when their son, Griffin, was born, they thought it was just the beginning.

But as Griffin is about to turn 5, he remains the Thompson’s only child. The couple has had four miscarriages, the last happened after Heather was pregnant for 14 weeks.

“We had just announced it to everyone, including our son,” Heather said. “It was a very, very difficult time in our life. We definitely learned we have a lot of support.”

It’s the support that kept them going and that support might turn them in a new direction. After much thought, prayer, and research, the Thompsons began looking into what is known as an “open adoption.” That’s where the birth mother remains a part of the child’s life.

Heather said an open adoption is in the best interest of the children.

“We want what’s best for them,” she said.

The Thompsons have started the traditional process with an adoption agency, but thanks to an idea from a co-worker, Heather thought Facebook could be the key to helping their family grow.

“It’s random in a unique and special way, and we thought this could work for us,” Jamie said.

Knowing that 50 percent of adoptions occur by word of mouth, Heather created a Thompson Family Adoption page on Facebook. The response was almost overwhelming.

“We launched it, and I literally had tears streaming down my face,” Heather said. “Over 100 people liked it overnight and over 40 had shared it on their web pages.”

They’ve already been contacted about a possible adoption, but they know there are no guarantees and that the process takes time. But as they wait, their Facebook page has also become a form of therapy.

The Thompsons have been able to connect with other couples who’ve experienced what they have. And even as Griffin waits to become a big brother, his family knows there is a lot of life to look forward to.

“We want to grow our family,” Heather said. “And it’s not just about us anymore. We want the right situation for the child, the expecting mother, everyone involved.”

The Thompsons said that after their family grows, they would like to help other families who have experienced infertility issues.

To check out the Thompson’s Facebook page, click here.

To see their website, click here.


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