MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minneapolis woman thought she’d already had the best surprise of her life when she found out she was pregnant. What she wasn’t expecting at five months along was to hear from one of her heroes – Ellen DeGeneres.

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“You can be having the worst day, so many things go wrong, turn Ellen on, and I will be sitting there crying because I am laughing so hard,” said 28-year-old Christine Sampair, of Minneapolis, who said she is one of Ellen’s most devoted fans.

You may have seen Sampair on Ellen Thursday.

Ellen announced she received 10,000 emails from viewers expecting their first child, who wanted to be a part of her Mother’s Day show, and Christine’s email stood out from the rest. While Christine didn’t get a ticket to the show, Ellen had another prize up her sleeve — a lifelong memory for the Sampairs’ and their baby girl.

Ellen read Christine’s letter to her audience, describing her struggle to conceive. Christine underwent surgery for endometriosis, a condition that often causes infertility.

“I am adopted. My mom couldn’t have babies, her sister couldn’t have babies. So when I learned there was a possibility of not being able to have babies, it was really hard,” she said.

But, when her lifelong dream of motherhood became a miracle earlier this year, she shared her story with the Ellen show. Yesterday, she thought the producers wanted to learn more over Skype.

“But when the picture pops up, it’s going to be me,” said Ellen.

“Immediately there was no question about it, I knew it was Ellen and I said Ellen!?” said Sampair, who burst into tears.

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“Never in a million years would I think that would be something that would happen to us. I had a million things to thank her for and say to her and tell her how much she moves me and inspires me and all these things, I didn’t say any of them,” she said.

But Ellen knew exactly what to say, telling Sampair she would receive $8,000 dollars’ worth of giveaways on the Mother’s Day show, Friday, May 11.

Sampair recently started a business, Twin Cities Nanny, a nanny placement service, and says the surprise really helps during the struggles of trying to get a business off the ground.

“She said, only if we name her Ellen,” laughed her husband Dave, who said one of the top names for their baby girl is Nelle, which is Ellen spelled backwards.

No question, Ellen brought the couple joy before they receive the greatest prize of all.

“We will remember it for the rest of our lives, that’s for sure,” they said.

Watch the full video on Ellen.

Read Christine’s letter she sent to Ellen:

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I am so excited to have an opportunity to share my story. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in September. In June we will have been married 2 years. Since I can remember, I always knew I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up. And now that I am pregnant I know that it is exactly what I am supposed to be doing with my life. Last spring we learned that I have Endometriosis. This is a painful “lady” disease that causes abnormal tissue growth in the reproductive parts. As a result, many women have fertility issues, and for many like my Mom and Aunt (I am adopted), infertility. When the doctor told me that my growth could potentially cause infertility, I was very worried and confused. FORTUNATELY, I had a successful surgery in July and six month later we conceived (ON OUR FIRST TRY)! So miracles do happen and everything happens for a reason. I also started a company in September 2010, called Twin Cities Nanny, LLC. We help families find the best nannies and babysitters for their little ones. Starting a business is hard and financially challenging. Come August, we will determine if I will be able to keep the business open, or need to return to corporate position after baby is born. Like, I sad, everything happens for a reason so wish us luck. I just have to keep trusting the universe and be grateful for all the blessings that do turn out, like our baby. THANKS FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME GIGGLE & SPREADING LOVE! CSamps