MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Of all the major metro areas in the U.S., the Twin Cities was just named one of the best for women’s well-being.

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The group Measure of America looked at government data on 25 of America’s biggest cities to see where women live the longest, earn the most money and have the highest education.

Minneapolis-St. Paul came in fourth. Only Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Boston scored higher on their list.

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The category where the Twin Cities stood out above the rest was in high school education. We have 93.3 percent with at least a high school diploma. The next closest was Seattle with 91.6 percent.

Twin Cities women’s median income in 2010 was 30,241. The highest was Washington, D.C. with over $37,000.

And our life expectancy was 83.4 years. The nationwide average was just under 79 years.

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One interesting note about this study is that women’s average income in San Bernardino, Calif. was just $22,300 a year. That’s the same as the nation as a whole in the 1970s.