EDINA, Minn. (WCCO) — Andrew Zimmern has made living traveling around the world and eating just about anything.

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But is the host of Travel Channel’s franchise “Bizarre Foods” really that bizarre?

In the current season of “Bizarre Foods America,” Andrew Zimmern eats a raw abalone gonad, and it appears he doesn’t think twice about it. As it turns out, the famous foodie lives a fairly normal life when he’s home in Edina.

“I’m a very ordinary person with an other-than-ordinary job,” says Zimmern. “I get up with my son, make him breakfast, take him to school and head to the office until about four o’clock,” he adds.

Zimmern makes the most of his time with his wife and son, when he is home. The work is demanding. There’s the show, books, a podcast and much more. He’s on the road more than half the year.

“I have to stabilize my marriage every time I head out the door and reenergize it when I come home.  I have to explain to my child why daddy has to go away every month and I have to reconnect with him every time I come home,” said Zimmern.

The Twin Cities has been his home for more than 20 years and Zimmern has no plans of uprooting anytime soon.  His job would afford him the luxury of living anywhere, but remains in Minnesota.

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“It’s the perfect place for me to do the work that I do. I’m away all the time,” said Zimmern. “If I lived in New York or L.A., part of my work life would be easier, there would always be something to do, I could never put work away.”

Zimmern said family comes first, and given the continued success of “Bizarre Foods,” which is now in its sixth season it appears he can balance both.

“It is a sustainable franchise, tent pole show on Travel Channel, and that’s rarified air. I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world and I get to do it in Minnesota,” he said.

Wednesday on WCCO 4 New This Morning, Zimmern will open up about a severe drug and alcohol addiction that ruined his career. You’ll also hear how he came back after finding help in Minnesota.

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