MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Diets would be a lot easier if cravings for things like ice cream, chocolate and chips didn’t get in the way. A crave can throw off your nutrition for the whole day.

You can eat well and balanced all day and then end up blowing the whole thing on a huge slice of cake.

Overall, the best ways to control cravings are to snack healthily, take a walk, drink some water. However, some recommend that you indulge just a little, as deprivation can cause you to crack and go overboard.

Here are some of the most common cravings:

Red Meat

A lot of people feel like a meal isn’t a meal unless it has a hunk of red meat. It’s the protein you’re looking for, and the key is choosing a healthier cut. Flank steak has about 700 calories, maybe more if you don’t trim the fat. A better alternative is a pork chop, which has only about 170 calories.


According to a study, almost half of American women crave chocolate on a regular basis. One theory on that crave is that it helps with mood swings. The key here is to not reach for a candy bar. Instead, have a square of high-cocoa dark chocolate. That can even be good for the heart.

Ice Cream

It’s a pretty common food to crave — sweet, creamy, cool. Well, the bad news is that a typical serving of vanilla has 230 calories. The good news is that a cup of slow-churned ice cream has less fat and half the calories.


It’s another good news/bad news situation. The Good news is that a typical slice has fiber and a serving of vegetables. The bad news is that it can have calories in the 300+ range, depending on your toppings. Make the pizza at home and use whole-wheat crust and reduced fat cheese. Then just top it with fresh veggies like tomato slices, broccoli, or whatever veggies you like.


According to a study, pasta is one of the top foods in America. The trouble is most people eat white pasta made with refined flour. And then if you add sauces, you can completely kill your diet. A large bowl of fettuccine alfredo has up to 1,200 calories. A better bet is whole grain pasta with a veggie-based sauce.

French Fries & Potato Chips

A lot of people crave salt. If you’re not getting all of the minerals you need from other foods, you may start craving it. Unfortunately, fries can be just as bad as eating a burger. A typical order of fries has 500 calories. And if you were to eat a full bag of chips, you’re looking at a whopping 1,200 calories; you might as well be having that serving of fettuccine alfredo. Your better option is a side salad or a fruit cup.


Typically this craving has more to do with a caffeine addiction. But the problem with coffee drinks is that they can be loaded with cream, sugar, syrups, whatever you take. If you order a large flavored latte or mocha, it can have more than 400 calories. A better option is non-fat or soy milk with your coffee and just skip the flavors.