MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In the driveway of his suburban home, Nate Beck’s $6,000 hot dog cart is cold and empty. The stainless steel, custom built trailer is bent and broken — the result of a careless hit and run.

“I’m more bummed than anything and I’m hoping I can keep the cart running because this is my full-time livelihood,” said Beck.

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It was around noon on Saturday when Beck was attempting to make a left turn along North Lyndale Avenue, just north of Broadway in North Minneapolis. He’d just pulled out of a gas station when a driver ran smack dab into the back of the hotdog trailer. Instead of stopping to exchange insurance information, the unidentified driver simply sped away.

Strangely, Beck says he’s not furious at the hit and run driver, but feels sorry for the guy.

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“How bad was his day, whether he did this intentionally or not, that he had to take off and be so afraid or so angry that he wouldn’t care?” Beck said. “He needs a hotdog. He needs to relax a little bit, yes.”

Open for just a little over a year, “Natedogs” are popular with the lunch crowd and those seeking to quench their noontime hunger. The organic dogs are often lathered in a special mustard that Beck makes and bottles himself. The worst part for Nate is that he’s missing out on Monday’s busy lunch rush along the Nicollet Mall.

It all happened so quickly Beck said he didn’t get a license number or a very good description of the vehicle – other than it was a dark colored two-door sedan, possibly a Cadillac. Anyone with information is asked to contact Minneapolis Police.

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Beck hasn’t received an estimate just yet, but he’s hoping no more than a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, the cart still functions and the LP lines weren’t ruptured. Albeit bent up, Beck said he’ll be back in business Wednesday downtown St. Paul.