MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — “Never say never.” No need to “Pray” any longer. The fever that it seems will just “Never Let You Go” is returning to Target Center.

Teen pop singer Justin Bieber will be once again performing at Target Center in downtown Minneapolis this October as part of the “Believe World Tour.”

Tickets for the event will be going on sale on Wednesday at noon. Ticket prices range from $37.50 up through $87.50.

Bieber last appeared at Target Center in June 2010.

The Canadian Bieber came to fame via music videos posted on YouTube. Since then, the performer has sold platinum and whipped up his fan base into an affliction known as “Bieber Fever,” the cure for which appears to be covering one’s bedroom walls with posters of the mop-topped teen.

Bieber’s newest album — Believe — is set to be released on June 19. The lead-off single “Boyfriend” has been said to be the cause for relapse among those whose Bieber Fever had previously been cured.