HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO) – In just ten days, Wisconsin voters will decide if Governor Scott Walker stays in office or is replaced.

Walker is facing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the gubernatorial recall election.

The race is tight and both sides are doing what they can to get the attention of voters.

Walker brought his campaign to Hudson, Wisconsin, where he was warmly received at the packed Republican Party Victory Center on Saturday.

“We’ve got a secret weapon – the truth,” said Walker.

After two years in office, Walker said his record speaks for itself.

“We now have $154 thousand dollar budget surplus, and for the first time ever, we put money into the raining day fund for two consecutive years,” he said.

Walker faces this special election after he upset democrats and labor unions by pushing through the state legislature a law that strips public sector labor unions of a lot of their power.

“We’ve documented more than $1 billion in savings for the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin,” he said.

Some of those taxpayers, like Barrett supporter Celeste Koeberl, raised their voices against Walker.

“What we’re seeing under the Walker administration is we lead the nation not in job growth but job losses, we’ve seen the biggest cuts to public education that have ever been implemented in Wisconsin history,” said Koeberl.

Some say the election has divided the state.

“We have seen unprecedented tax cuts that benefit powerful corporations and the well to do Wisconsin, while the rest of us have raised taxes on the working poor and elderly homeowners and renters,” said Koeberl.

Walker knows all eyes are on Wisconsin and says if he does not keep his job, lawmakers in other states will be afraid to stand up and do what’s best for taxpayers.

“I think it sends a horrible message whether Republican or Democrat to shy away from making tough decisions what we’ve done repeatedly and think about the next generation,” he said.

Walker’s opponent, Tom Barrett, was on the campaign trail as well today and courted voters at the Burlington Chocolate Festival.

Many say this race is tight and counties like St. Croix could help decide who wins.

Walker and Barrett will debate next Thursday, five days before the election.


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