MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Dusty Boyer has three state Double-A tennis titles. Now he’s hoping to make it four individual titles in a row when he starts play on Thursday morning at the Baseline Tennis Center on the University of Minnesota campus.

“It’s pretty special cuz no one’s done it before, and thinking back, like, pretty hard to win my 9th grade year and sophomore year, so you got to get a little lucky, play good…it’ll be different I guess, I dunno. Make history,” said Dusty.

Dusty has served up some very impressive numbers in his career at Forest Lake High School, winning 125 matches and losing just once. He’s unbeaten this season at 26-and-0.

Forest Lake tennis coach Greg Patchin knows a special talent when he sees it.

“He has something special, in my opinion, that you don’t see. Coaches, when they get ‘em, they know it. He’s like an iceman – he never seems to be under pressure, he can hit under pressure, he always makes a shot when he needs it,” said Patchin.

Boyer’s definitely put in the time and dedication to the success he’s had in his sport.

“It’s hours a day of hitting, hours a day of stretching, and working out, so it takes quite a few hours a day…you have to be healthy, you can’t just work out all the time. You have to stretch and maintain your health,” said Dusty.

His teammates, including Zach, have learned a lot about the game by the standards Dusty has on and off the court.

“He sets a great example as to how to hit, and really just how to conduct yourself as a tennis player on the court. And he really just shows you how good you can be in high school,” said Zach.

Dusty’s younger brother Toby is hoping to follow in his big brother’s footsteps, and will be cheering him on.

“Watching Dusty will be fun to see if he can get his fourth…it’s pretty cool. You get to learn from what he does from right and wrong,” said Toby.

Dusty’s picturing that his final match will put him in the record books.

He has accepted a scholarship to play tennis at Nebraska this fall.


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