MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Summer means swimming, sunshine and fun, but it can also be a risky season with families hitting the beach, the pool and the trails on bikes.

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Now, with a smartphone in your pocket, keeping everyone safe can get a little easier, thanks to some free apps designed to keep you safe.

The sun is fun, but too much sun can be dangerous. Don’t let the sun burn you when you’re on the sand or poolside. You can use the SunWise UV Index app from the Environmental Protection Agency, which gives the daily and hourly forecast for UV rays wherever you are, or are headed.

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This next app, the Suntan Watcher, can also help you avoid the burn by reminding you to turn over, reapply sunscreen or even check on the kids. The app uses alarms as notifications and costs 99 cents.

Bicycle safety is also another important thing to keep in mind during summer months. Whether you’ve got a ten-speed or training wheels, the Bike Safety app for iPhone has tips for staying safe on two wheels. It shows you the correct way to cross the road, turn at junctions and how to interpret road signs. The app costs 99 cents.

Last but not least, the S.O.S. app from the American Red Cross for Android has quick answers for immediate safety concerns ranging from bug bites to BBQ burns.

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One important thing to note is that these apps shouldn’t be used as a replacement for professional care where necessary.