WEB EXTRA: Special Election Results

PRESCOTT, Wis. (WCCO) — On the surface, the beautiful river town of Prescott looks peaceful and pristine. But with the recall election just one day away, you can feel the tension.

Those on both sides have strong opinions, like Don Vogl and Walter Weisbeck.

“I think Gov. Scott Walker should be recalled. What he’s done is unfair to workers,” Vogl said.

Walter Weisbeck has a completely different take.

“I support our Governor,” he said.

Some experts say if Tuesday’s election is close, it will be the voters in western Wisconsin who decide the outcome, which has divided the small town.

Shelly Johnson is going door-to-door for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. She stopped and talked to another resident about the election.

“Well tomorrow’s the election, and what would you say are your main concerns?” Johnson asked.

The woman said what was most important to her — whether or not the politician was telling the truth.

Others had a more light-hearted view of the recall.

“I think they should recall Santa, because I didn’t get what I want for Christmas,” said Neal Riley, who manages the Gun Shop in Prescott.

This is the third recall election of a governor in U.S. History.