Someone asked the question tonight, “why do we care about the draft?”

That came after I sent out the Twins press release as “breaking news” about the Twins taking outfielder Byron Buxton as the 2nd pick in the MLB draft Monday night.

With no hesitation “Fantasy” was blurted out in the newsroom. That made sense.

Past years it would take a hometown pick like Joe Mauer to gain some attention outside of beat writers and super fans. Now, at least to me, it seems that Fantasy Baseball has made the draft much more interesting, important and essential viewing. Farm Drafts are now common place in baseball fantasy leagues. The goal is to pick players with no MLB experience and hope that they become productive major league players in the future.

Sometimes draft picks don’t work out and fans get restless. Here’s my favorite tip of the day that came into the WCCO Email Tip Box tonight regarding the Twins 1st round draft pick in 2004 from Delores in Onamia.

“I just do not understand the hype over Trevor Plouffe. He isn’t even batting 200. Then we have Denard Span who quietly goes about his business and is usually around 300. I think the media tries to sell us on a player even though they do not deserve it. He has errors–but never any mention of that. Quit with the Plouffe. “

Not selling anything here Delores. I’m a Span fan.

– Peter J. Nelson