WEB EXTRA: Special Election Results

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Voters in Wisconsin will head to the polls on Tuesday for a very big recall election.

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It all comes after the state’s governor stripped many union bargaining rights from public workers. Gov. Scott Walker said he expects a tight race Tuesday and plans to campaign non-stop until the vote.

Walker served up eggs Sunday in De Pere, Wis. and so did his Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett. They came within 100 feet of each other at the same event, the Brown County Dairy Breakfast.

Some political experts told WCCO-TV that the outcome of the Wisconsin recall will be an indicator of what’s to come in November’s presidential race.

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Last year, Walker pushed through a plan to limit collective bargaining for most public employee unions and slash spending.  Unions put a lot of time and energy into getting this recall race. They’ve essentially framed the recall to be the indicator of the future of unions in the country.

Political analyst Larry Jacobs said if Walker wins and stays in office, it would really impact unions.

“They have framed this in such catalytic terms of either we survive or die. Now they may actually be defeated in terms of the recall effort, plus they have put so much time and energy and capital behind this it’s going to be a big blow if in fact Walker wins this recount,” Jacobs said.

One thing is for sure: Whether Scott Walker keeps his job or not at the end of Tuesday, the political battle over unions is far from over. But there’s a lot at stake tomorrow in Wisconsin.

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Pat Kessler will be in Madison, Wis., to cover the recall elections, so stay with WCCO-TV and wcco.com for all latest coverage on the recall election.