MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WCCO) – A Minnesota National Guardsman who appeared on a reality TV show is saying he’s sorry for embellishing some stories that have even helped pay some of his bills.

When auditioning for the show ‘America’s Got Talent’, Army Sergeant Timothy Poe said he was injured in a 2009 grenade attack in Afghanistan.

But the Minnesota National Guard says they don’t have any records of that ever happening.

“I really don’t know right now what’s reality and what’s not reality,” said Poe.

He believes he was injured in Afghanistan and Iraq. The army says he wasn’t. In fact, he was never stationed in Iraq at all.

When asked if he felt like he’d lied about something, Poe responded in a confused fashion.

“No, I don’t feel like I’ve lied. That’s what’s driving me crazy, is because I truly thought things have happened to me,” he said.

While the army has no record of him being injured while in Afghanistan, Tim believes while he was there, his brain was injured. He blames that for his confusion and his stuttering.

Donna Cranston, founder of the charity Defenders of Freedom, doesn’t buy it.

“I believe he’s a liar,” said Cranston.

Her charity hosted a golf tournament for Tim, and paid his bills for a couple of months.

She even interviewed him for her website, where he stated the following:

“I remember waking up, and I was in a helicopter, and my guys were telling me it was ok, you’ll be alright,” he said.

“He didn’t stutter at all,” said an angry Cranston. “(I’m) Not angry for me, but angry that he would slap the brothers and sisters that he served alongside in the face like he has done.”

“I want to say Donna, I am so very sorry,” said Poe.

Tim Poe did serve this country for nine years, and does have scars from a training accident in 2005.

What he can’t prove are all the other stories.

When asked if he could understand why some people would say he’s embellishing the truth, Poe responded: “Yeah, I can, but it’s the truth that I know. It’s the truth that I truly think is real…I’m sorry.”

Despite his stories, Tim has not been disqualified from the reality show.


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