ZUMBRO FALLS, Minn. (WCCO) – Scooters, smart cars, and bicycles are your garden variety forms of alternative transportation.

But one Minnesota couple is using a mule drawn wagon to take them cross country.

Warren and Mary Veien keep the wagon at their home in Zumbro Falls. Their friend suggested they try out a wagon years ago and they haven’t looked back since.

“…that’s the American flag on this side…this is the Norway flag…it looks like a rebel flag…that’s what I tell everybody that it’s a rebel flag,” said Warren.

The only thing they’re rebelling against: conventional transportation.

And they ride no ordinary wagon; it’s complete with GPS, a frontal break system, a charcoal grill, beds, and seats taken from old pick-up trucks.

“You know, it isn’t like the settlers. You know, we have a little few more modern conveniences…a Port-o-Potty!” he said.

A grand tour of the buggy features a state of the art charcoal grill, a couple of what they call comfy stowable beds right here. And often found in the passenger seat is their little dog, Rex.

“They always say a mule, if you can rub their forehead, then you can do most anything with ‘em,” he said.

The Veiens do just about anything, except go near semis. They’ve found the mules are afraid of the semis, so they now stick solely to less-traveled gravel roads.

“We had two tractors and a 4-wheeler pass us…they waved, they thought it was great!” he said.

While it takes a lot more time, they say they live the expression: life is not about the destination, but the journey.

“With this hustle and bustle today that we have, this is the ultimate in my estimation,” said Warren.

The couple does use a car as their primary mode of transportation.

Next week, they’re going on what’s called a “wagon train” – a caravan with 25 other covered wagons.

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