MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Say goodbye to multiple bills for your numerous electronic devices.

Verizon Wireless announced a way those devices can share one data plan on Tuesday.

Not only is it changing the way consumers purchase wireless services, it also means no more counting minutes or text messages.

Kristen Bahner, an IT Project Manager, said she’s used to managing multiple devices.

“My work lap top, my cell phone — at home I also have an iPad,” Bahner said. “If I’ve got to have a data plan to fit with the regular plan, why wouldn’t you just package it together?”

That question is precisely why Verizon said it created the “Share Everything Plan.”

If Bahner signs up, she will only have to keep track of data.

Think of it as a bucket. The most basic monthly data plan is a one gigabyte plan at $50.

When Bahner uses all three of her devices, a bit of the data from the all-encompassing bucket goes.

Which plan is best suited for you?

If you have a basic phone, it’s a wash.

If you have a limited smart phone, your current plan is cheaper.

If you have an unlimited smart phone, the “Share Everything” is cheaper.

With virtually all other multiple line plans, the “Share Everything” wins.

And Verizon allows up to 10 devices on the plan per account.

The costs for adding the devices:

Smartphone: $40 (with unlimited calling and texting)
Non-smartphone: $30 (with unlimited calling and texting)
Laptop/USB data stick: $20
Tablet or iPad: $10
The $10 cost for the iPad is used to pay for connecting it to the Internet when you’re away from home.

“So basically, your phone is what is connecting to the network, and you download a mobile hot spot app,” Verizon spokeswoman Karen Smith said. “When you go on your settings on your iPad, the Verizon [phone] pops up.”

It’s enough to make Bahner consider a switch to Verizon.

“Any time you can make anything easy, trust me, that’s the way to go,” Bahner said.

Verizon is launching the new plan on June 28, saying it finds most people use between one to two gigabytes per month.


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